22 Victorian-Inspired Bedroom Ideas That Feel Classic Yet Modern

Bedroom with floral wallpaper

The Garth Home

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and it should make you feel like royalty every night. While you may not be able to marry into the royal family, embracing elements of Victorian style can definitely make you feel like you are a queen. While Victorian style is definitely lavish and ornate, it's easy to embrace this late 1800s style in a very modern way.

For those who love the extravagant, Victorian style can be a great way to go a little over the top without creating a garish bedroom. But if you're into a more minimal look? You can still borrow from many Victorian elements to create a royal bedroom.

If it's time to take your bedroom to the next level, take a look at these Victorian-inspired ideas. Whether you want to add a few embellishments or create a more period-accurate room, these 22 ideas are perfect for your next royal makeover.

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Keep it Classic

Black and white bedroom

Brianne Bishop Design

The best thing about modern Victorian style is that it will never feel too trendy or outdated. So many of the elements are rooted in historical design that your bedroom will always feel classic and elevated. Pick a subtle, muted color scheme such as gray, black, and white to keep it traditional.

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Try Wallpaper

Bedroom with floral wallpaper

The Garth Home

If you are looking for a way to make a statement in your bedroom, try a patterned wallpaper. A classic Victorian pattern such as floral is a great way to add a royal look and feel to your room and bring in color to an otherwise muted space.

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Show off the Fireplace

Fireplace in a bedroom

Victoria Summer

Most Victorian bedrooms had a working fireplace. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom (even if it is not working), make it the focal point of the space. Add a statement mirror so the eye is drawn to the fireplace as soon as you walk in.

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Bring in Color

Green walls in a bedroom

Ty Victorian House

Victorian bedrooms often had very rich, stately colors such as royal purple or deep green. Don't be afraid to play with color in your Victorian bedroom. We love the rich green walls that pair beautifully with the baroque floral pillows in this space.

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Add a Chandelier

Bedroom with pink walls

Home at Seven

Many Victorian bedrooms featured a chandelier centerpiece. You can opt for a more traditional period piece, or bring in something a little more unique and modern to contrast with the other Victorian elements in your space.

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Go for Calming Colors

Bedroom with a vintage fireplace

Holly's Home

Pink is not only a great Victorian-era color, but it's also a wonderful choice for a bedroom. It's calming and tranquil but still adds depth to your space.

Pick a soft, muted pink or go bolder with a rich, medium pink to create a more dramatic look.

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Head to the Flea Market

Victorian style bedroom

Beetroot and Black

One great way to embrace that Victorian feel in your bedroom is to swap modern pieces for vintage furniture. Head to your local flea market or antique shop and find a few pieces that can play well in a modern space but still give your room a timeless feel.

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Opt for Wide Plank Floors

Bedroom with wide plank floors

Our Home in the Stow

We love Victorian style bedrooms that have character and eye-catching features. If you are renovating a bedroom, consider opting for wide plank wood floors for a classic, 19th century feel in your room.

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Add Sconces

Bedroom with black walls

The Leopard Lounge Emporium

There is just something incredibly elevated and chic about vintage sconces. Frame your fireplace or the sides of your bed with delicate sconces featuring Victorian embellishments such as glass or jewels.

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Add Statement Art

Bedroom with large piece of art

Chateau Simps

Victorian spaces did not lack artwork. Even if you aren't into 19th century paintings, consider adding a piece of statement wall art to your bedroom to create a sophisticated and elevated feel.

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Pair it Down

Bedroom with moody walls

Savage Interiors

While Victorian style definitely lends itself to a luxurious and maximalist bedroom, you can still embrace the style without going overboard. Pick a few elements to focus on such as a side chair or your headboard, and keep the rest of the space simple for a clean look.

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Wallpaper a Fireplace

Fireplace with wallpaper

The Garth Home

Instead of painting over that fireplace, consider wallpapering it. This is a great way to add a statement wall in your room and bring more attention to that Victorian fireplace you absolutely have to show off.

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Hang Vintage Art

Green bedroom

Nido_uk Hayley

Whether you opt for a simple black and white silhouette or scour the antique malls for a few oil paintings, consider pulling in some Victorian-style artwork to your space to fill empty walls and add dimension.

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Hang Ornate Mirrors

Bedroom with mirrors on the wall

Ropers Barn House

Even if you don't fill an entire wall, this room featuring a lot of ornate mirrors is a wonderful motivation to hang a few mirrors in your bedroom.

These chic accents not only lend a Victorian feel to your space, but can also open up the room and make it appear wider and larger.

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Go Big With the Mirror

Bedroom with oversized mirror

Our Damp Victorian Terrace

If small decorative mirrors aren't your thing, this oversized statement mirror may be just the ticket. This massive mirror not only catches your eye as soon as you enter the space, but it also expands the room and lets more natural light to filter through the space.

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Pick Brass Accents

Bedroom with large gold mirror

The Elms Renovation

Instead of chrome or silver, pick brass or gold accents in your space to give your room that royal feel.

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Display Dried Flowers

Vintage dresser in a bedroom

Harnham House

Dried floral arrangements are a great way to bring in fresh flowers that will last for a long time. Decorate the top of a secretary desk or a dresser with a bouquet of dried herbs or flowers for a French Victorian look.

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Embrace Your Built-Ins

Green wall and dresser

Form and Balance

Whether you already have them or you install them, built-ins make a bedroom feel incredibly fancy and elevated.

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Make a (Faux) Fire

Marble fireplace

The Whalehouse Airbnb

Don't have a working fireplace? You can always set up a vintage mantle against the wall and fill it with birch logs to give your space the same feel without the fire hazard.

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Go for Royal Colors

Green bedroom

Little Terraced House on the Hill

Royal colors such as purple can give your space a very rich and sophisticated feel that still looks modern and playful. Pick a single color as a dominate hue and pair a few other royal colors alongside it.

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Hang Heavy Curtains

Blue bedroom with chandelier

The Girl With the Pantry Ladder

Not only will heavy curtains help regular the temperature in your room, but they also feel incredibly Victorian without looking outdated. Hang them close the ceiling to make your walls appear taller and more open.

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Opt for Natural Materials

Bedroom with long curtains and chair

Moore House Stuff

When decorating a Victorian-style bedroom, opt for real materials such as wood or marble instead of faux options that can seem too modern.