These Are the Most Popular Home Décor Trends, According to Instagram

Living Room with a House Plant

Sara Tramp; DESIGN: Emily Henderson Design

It's no secret that Instagram is a veritable treasure trove of inspiration—from fashion to interior design. If you know who to follow, you can passively be introduced to the next big thing while simply scrolling through your feed. That's why we love to follow top interior designers, home influencers, and fashion girls to stay privy to what trends are on the horizon and worthy of your attention.

Thanks to hashtags, it's also incredibly easy to actually measure what's trending in real-time. If you don't have time to meticulously pick out trends based on the number of posts and hashtags a certain design idea has garnered, fret not. UK-based company Compare My Move has already done the leg work for you.

With the mission of allowing people to discover how "Instagrammable" their home really is, the company took to the social media site to analyze the latest style and home décor mentions. Using data from June of 2019, they narrowed down the vast number of trending styles posted on Instagram to the most-mentioned home décor trends ranked by the number of hashtag mentions.

Keep reading to learn what the top 10 most popular interior design trends are, according to Instagram. They might surprise you.

House Plants

The number one most popular décor trend according to data found by Compare My Move on Instagram is house plants. With well over two million posts containing the hashtag #houseplants, the vibrant décor is clearly resonating with those who have a penchant for design.

Gallery Walls

Coming in at number two with 917,058 posts are gallery walls. The artistic wall décor element is far from new; however, this data proves that the style is timeless. Create one of your own by hanging a variety of framed art pieces on a wall in a random or well-organized pattern.

Neon Signs

No longer reserved for hotel vacancy notifications or kitschy dive bars, neon signs are making waves in interior design. According to the data, #neonsign was used in over 650,000 Instagram posts. From chic coffee shops to eclectic homes, the bright lights continue to make a statement wherever they're hung.

Upcycled Furniture

In a society continuously interested in being more environmentally conscious, it's no surprise that upcycled furniture and vintage pieces are popular design choices. Whether you love a piece with an aged patina or are passionate about making sustainable choices, you're not alone. As of June 2019, more than 320,000 Instagram posts contained the hashtag #upcycledfurniture.


Simple and classic, shutters were the featured home décor element in 327,776 Instagram posts, according to Compare My Move's data. Think striking exteriors featuring colorful wooden pieces and modern interiors displaying shutters in innovative ways. It seems like the farmhouse chic look isn't going anywhere.

Kitchen Islands

Kitchens both big and small can benefit from island countertops—and more than 300,000 Instagram users seem to agree. They're great for extra counter space or for additional barstool seating.

Pallet Furniture

For the uninitiated, pallet furniture involves exposed wood pieces often handcrafted for DIY home décor projects from actual pallet boxes, although you can find professionally made items featuring the rustic style too. Again, that pastoral, traditional style seems to continue to resonate, as nearly 200,000 Instagram posts contain the hashtag #palletfurniture.

Feature Walls

For those who find painting all four walls of a room the same color to be a bit overdone, the feature wall makes for a playful, eclectic design element. Whether it's an accent wall coated in wallpaper, a contrasting color of paint, or an entirely new material, feature walls are sure to make a statement. If you need some convincing, look through the 183K Instagram posts featuring the style.

Macrame Plant Hangers

Attention all boho enthusiasts—macrame plant hangers remain one of the most popular décor trends on Instagram. More than 150,000 people have posted images of the relaxed, tropical style on the 'Gram and they're clearly the perfect accessory for the millions of people sharing snaps of their house plants on the app.

Log Burners

For that cozy, rustic style, many Instagram users are turning to log burners to set the mood just right in their homes. In fact, over 146K Instagram posts contain the hashtag #logburner, which suggests a rising prevalence in this rather under-the-radar trend.

In addition to these top 10 home décor trends, the data also names string lights, Eames chairs, bar carts, Edison bulbs, floating shelves, hairpin legs, open shelving, marble countertops, bi-fold doors, freestanding bathtubs, metro tiles, pink chairs, walk-in showers, Victorian tiles, and velvet cushions as some of the most popular design styles on Instagram.

If you're curious to see how your home holds up against these trending elements, head Compare My Move to take their quiz to find out just how "Instagrammable" your space really is.

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