These 8 Home Trends Aren't Going Anywhere, According to Designers


Photo: Amy Bartlam/Design: Kate Lester Interiors

Every year there's a new set of home décor trends hitting the market. Whether it's millennial pink everything or terrazzo flooring, it can be a struggle to keep our homes fresh and on trend without overcommitting to what's hot now. We all went a little overboard with the chevron accents back in 2010, or witnessed our parents and grandparents rue the day they bought a full set of avocado green appliances in the '70's. Hey, it happens.

Since we're all still learning from our mistakes (my hot pink and lime green childhood bedroom is one that comes to mind), we turned to the pros for help, polling these eight talented design experts from across the country to see which trends they think will stick around for good. Scroll down to see which fads these designers are most excited about, so you can feel good about your next home decor purchase. They promise it will work in your decor forever.

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Vintage Pieces

"When it comes to accessorizing, we've been seeing a huge resurgence in incorporating vintage finds. Obviously, this thrills me since I have always believed that adding found, reclaimed, or vintage objects adds character and depth to a room. Your local flea market, thrift shop, and estate sale will be flush with Turkish rugs, books, wooden stools, mid-century art, and vintage pottery. These items look great with almost any design style. I always say that when it comes to decor...weird, funky and imperfect is much more interesting!"

- Kate Lester of Los Angeles-based Kate Lester Interiors

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Lots of Bright Color

"This is a trend that can stand the test of time. Sure, the colors we choose and the way in which we use them will evolve, but the recent surge in colorful bravery is exciting, refreshing, and inspiring! For proof, look to the work of icons from various eras such as Elsie de Wolfe, Dorothy Draper, and Steven Gambrel."

- Mel Bean of Tulsa-based Mel Bean Interiors

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Local Craftsmanship

"People are now going back to spending a little more on something that matters to them and that is made locally. I firmly believe this trend will be here for years to come as we invest more in our environment and clients are in touch with what matters most to them in their homes. This photo shows a custom breakfast table made by a local furniture maker in the Berkshires for our client."

Jess Cooney of New England-based Jess Cooney Interiors

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Natural Fibers

"Natural fiber rugs have recently made their way back into the design world and I'm loving it! They will be a timeless mainstay for years to come. Not only are they natural and sustainable, but they are also a great foundation piece to layer on with another top rug, for a great timeless look. Additionally, they are easy to maintain, work well in high traffic areas, and provide a good natural base and anchor to any room."

- Tammy Price of Los Angeles-based Fragments Identity 

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Mixed Materials

"While a uniform kitchen is standard, we think mixing up the design of the kitchen island from the surrounding cabinetry is here to stay awhile. We’ve seen that people are mixing up materials a lot more and we are here for it—forever. We love using a different countertop (or even changing the thickness of the island or counters) and changing the cabinetry material so it’s not all so matchy-matchy. We want the island to feel like a separate furniture piece that speaks to the rest of the kitchen."

- Shea McGee of Utah-based Studio McGee

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Upgraded Workrooms

"Utilitarian spaces like mudrooms and laundry rooms used to be considered the workhorses of the house and not a place to exert design time or influence. Recently we've designed several colorful, customized mudrooms and laundry rooms, and clients are loving it. Folks spend so much time in these spaces that having them represent specific household needs in a personalized style makes a huge daily impact. We've added hidden litter boxes and dog food bowls into custom cabinetry, painted walls joyful kelly green, and included art and project display walls."

- Emilie Munroe of San Francisco-based Studio Munroe

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Bold Tile

"Lately we’re finding that more and more people are willing to take big risks to add character to their home. One of the easiest ways to do that? Patterned tile! Whether in a bathroom, mudroom, or kitchen backsplash, a patterned tile is a great way to incorporate color, texture, and personality into your space. We recommend choosing a ceramic tile as it is the most durable and will hold up for years and years to come."

- Bria Hammel of Minnesota-based Bria Hammel Interiors

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Invisible Hardware

"A new trend that I have used in many of my projects and believe will be a mainstay is invisible hardware or push open/close features in the kitchen for a sleek, clean look. It's a minimalist approach to the design, ensuring less visual clutter, and helps pull focus on the beauty of the cabinetry and surfaces. Who doesn't love the look of a clean kitchen?"

- Nina Magon of Houston-based Nina Magon Studio