Sit Back and Relax: We're Sharing 10 Beautiful Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas


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There's something so chic about a bedroom sitting area—it's equal parts function and luxury. You get a private spot for reading, relaxing, and, yes occasional clothes storage. But, it also is a very practical way to maximize space.

You also don't have to have an extra-large bedroom to add a chic seating area: with a little creativity, even the smallest bedroom can have a little sitting area of its own. Here are some of our favorite ways to make a bedroom sitting area of your very own, no matter your space.

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Carry Over Colors

Bedroom sitting area.

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To make your sitting area flow with the rest of your space, incorporate colors from your existing décor. A calm white palette, from the bedspread to coffee table and curtains, makes this bedroom feel like a spa retreat. It also helps the room feel open rather than overcrowded.

If white feels like too bold a choice, consider calming blues or natural tans and browns with pops of color.

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Make a Bold Choice

Bedroom Sitting Area

Erin Williamson

A smaller sitting area is also a great spot to incorporate fun pieces that may be impractical elsewhere. A curvy, retro couch, for example, may not be great as a living room sofa. But in a bedroom, it's a slightly more petite seat perfect for a more intimate space. The fun footstool is another great example of a piece with lots of personalities but perhaps not best suited to a higher-trafficked den or living room.

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Rethink the End-of-Bed Bench


Devon Grace Interiors 

A bench or stool at the foot of the bed often seems like an obvious go-to for adding more seating to your bedroom. And while they can often offer a nice perch for tying on shoes or even additional storage, we like this more creative take as well.

By replacing the end-of-bed bench with two minimalist armchairs, you get seating you'll actually want to hang around in. A slender side table also provides a spot for storing your latest favorite reads.

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Use Every Corner

Bedroom dresser and chair

Erin Williamson Design 

Even smaller bedrooms can carve out a small "sitting area." Here, a vintage dining chair between the dresser and door makes use of an otherwise hard-to-utilize space. A picture over the chair also helps make it feel like its own zone in the room, no matter how small. This is also a great way to use thrifted or one-of-a-kind pieces: as a standalone chair, you don't have to worry about matching it.

To tie it into the rest of the room, DIY or buy a cushion that incorporates existing colors.

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Keep It Simple


Bespoke Only

Sometimes, less is more. With rooms that have lots of interesting architectural details, like this one, an understated chair can still have a big impact. Instead of focusing on the decor, we are instead drawn to the ceiling, fireplace, and oversized windows. And you don't have to live in a pre-war brownstone or Parisian apartment to pull it off, either. A statement piece, like a unique headboard or oversized piece of art, can be the focus of the room.

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Mix Muted Hues


Katie Martinez Design 

Making everything feel cohesive can sometimes be a challenge. While carrying color through a room is one way to do it, we also like this room that mixes muted neutrals and cool tones. The softer tones also give the room's textures, from the woven chair to the sumptuous throw, a chance to shine.

Keeping other design elements, like wall art, to a minimum also helps keep things harmonious. It's a testament to the well-balanced design that dusty pink and lavender feel at one with the natural world outside, rather than out of place.

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Keep It Classic


Interior Impressions

While there are endless ways to make a bedroom sitting area feel modern, there's something undeniably classic about it. If your vibe is monogrammed hand towels and family china, going with a coordinated set is probably already a no-brainer. Carrying through similar materials, like brown wood, makes everything feel like a set.

But traditional also doesn't have to mean stuffy: light cream colors, as well as a fabric chair that matches the striped wallpaper, still helps the room feel updated. Subtle pops of purple also catch the eye without overwhelming it.

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Be Strategic


arbor & co

This pied-a-terre proves even a tiny room can have a sitting area. By forgoing a bedside table, the small nook can have a loveseat. Keeping everything on the same rug also helps group the three pieces of furniture into a distinct area in a studio or loft.

The longer loveseat, instead of an armchair, also elongates the room rather than filling it up with shorter, blockier items. Using a light cream palette throughout also helps the smaller space feel open rather than overcrowded.

It may cost you a bedside table, but a small basket or magazine holder between the bed and sitting area can provide an out-of-the-way solution.

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Look Up


Britt Design Studio

An unexpected small space solution, a hanging chair keeps the floor open while still providing a spot to sit and hang out. (Pun intended.) It takes a little installation, but the ultimate result is an unforgettable design element that's equal parts conversation piece and hang-out spot.

For a more relaxed option, look for a hammock or fabric chairs. Rattan, while more structured, still offers a timeless and durable look. Tie it into the rest of the space with a coordinating throw pillow and you're good to go. A small footstool, like in this room, also acts as another spot to sit or just throw up your feet as you swing.

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Hit the Benches


Katie Hodges Design

A built-in bench often serves two useful purposes in a bedroom: a spot to sit, and a place to store out-of-season clothes or linens. It's also about as space-efficient as you can get: the whole seating area is completely flush against the wall.

Here, a jewel-toned cushion draws from the blue in the area rug to bring it into the rest of the space. A sconce provides light for reading, and an additional woven chair offers even more options for sitting.