21 Bedrooms That Prove Rustic Style Is Still Trending

A light-filled bedroom with wood-paneled ceilings and floors

Tyler Karu Design

There are tons of ways to curate a cozy bedroom. But one of the simplest? Fill your room with rustic flair. Rustic bedrooms tend to be textured and traditional—the kind of thing you’d find in a cabin and want to snuggle up in immediately. Thick linens, wood furniture, and fireplaces abound. But thanks to innovative decorators, bolder and more contemporary pieces can feel at home in a rustic decor scheme, too.

Over the years, the rustic bedroom has seen a range of interpretations—leaving us with plenty of warm, inviting, and engaging rustic bedroom inspo to sift through.

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Pattern Play

A wood-paneled bedroom with a plaid bed

Design: Jersey Ice Cream Company, Photo: Nicole Franzen

Rustic spaces tend to feel pretty minimalist. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. By blending prints, patterns, and textures within the same color family, you can curate a space that’s dynamic but cohesive—and totally cozy.

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Big, Bold Furniture

A white bed on a solid bedframe

Katie Hackworth

A sturdy bed frame can instantly transform a room into a rustic paradise. Opt for something bold and commanding—like a solid wood frame. And pair it with textured linens. A fluffy pillow that might usually skew modern can feel totally rustic when paired with the right pieces.

A large wooden bedframe
Soho Home Carved Bed $945.00
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Classic Pairs

Two twin beds with plaid bedspreads

Erin Williamson Design

Pairing plaid and wood is a surefire way to leave your space feeling cabin-worthy. Keep things traditional by opting for washed-out wood pieces and more neutral plaids. Or add a contemporary spin to your room by choosing decor that’s a little more saturated. Either way, you’ll have a space worth snuggling up in.

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Layers of Wood

A wood-paneled bedroom with a wood-paneled bed

Arbor & Co.

There’s no such thing as too much wood—especially if you’re crafting a rustic interior. Layer wood panels over your wall, and stock up on wood furniture. Nightstands, desks, and bed frames are excellent places to invest in a little timber. And since wood tends to be pretty neutral, you can mix and match finishes to your heart’s content. (Brown is always going to match brown.)

A live-edge wood side table in a decorated room
Urban Outfitters Akina Live Edge Side Table $149.00
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Pops of Color

A red bed with a plaid blanket

Katie Hackworth

Bright colors and other vibrant accents can definitely feel at home in a rustic decor scheme. Just choose them thoughtfully, use them sparingly, and let rustic accents—like thick, plaid linens—ground them in coziness.

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Nature Views

A wood-paneled room with a bed and a fireplace

Kendall Wilkinson Design

Since we tend to equate coziness with darkness, many rustic decorators go all in on curtains. But there’s no need to block out a stunning nature view. If you’re gifted with massive windows and beautiful surroundings, let the light on in. A mountain-filled landscape can make your space feel like a cozy getaway. And even a couple trees can go a long way.

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Classic Accents

A bedroom with a small painting of a horse

Studio Tack

Never underestimate the power of an accent piece—especially a thoughtfully chosen one. Even a single work of art can establish the energy of a room. Take this teeny-tiny horse painting, for instance. Though small, the piece sets the tone for the rest of the space; you don’t even need to see a zoomed-out picture of the room to know what it would feel like to spend time there.

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Floor-to-Ceiling Wood

A light-filled bedroom with wood-paneled ceilings and floors

Tyler Karu Design

An easy way to transform a light-filled space into a cozy, rustic paradise? Load up on wood. Cover your floor with wood paneling, and line your ceiling to match. By decorating from top-to-bottom, you’ll leave your space feeling warm, cozy, and cabin-worthy—even when the sun is pouring in.

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Cozy Palettes

A bedroom with blue blankets, walls, and art

Katie Martinez

You can fill a room with sleek pieces without sacrificing its rustic appeal—especially if you keep your palette cozy. Pair a mid-century bed frame with thick, textured linens, and render both in cabin-worthy colors. Browns and grays will ground your space, while navy blues will add a touch of low-key color.

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Antique Finds

A bedroom with antique furniture

Julian Porcino

Antique pieces have a way of making any space feel more rustic and traditional. Look for sturdy, solid pieces crafted from wood or metal—and don’t be scared of a little wear and tear. Chipped paint can add a dose of visual texture to your space, and it’ll fit right in with your other rustic pieces.

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New but Old

A wood-paneled bedroom with white linens

Ashley Montgomery Design

Rustic doesn’t have to mean old-fashioned. So feel free to juxtapose your most cabin-worthy relics with more contemporary pieces. Pair that antique lighting fixture with a shiny metal bed frame. Layer tasseled pillows over your thickest linens. And cover your wood-paneled walls with modern art or photographs. The most interesting, dynamic spaces combine a range of eras—and that’s true whether you’re dealing with a rustic cabin or a contemporary townhouse.

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Welcome Simplicity

A dark bedroom with two beds in it

Studio Tack

There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, especially when you’re curating a cozy space. Dark, textured walls can establish the aesthetic of your space. Thick, heavy quilts can ground your room in coziness. And traditional white bed sheets can round out the decor scheme. Add a sturdy nightstand and a lamp that feels a little antique, and you’ve got a cozy, rustic space on your hand. And you managed to throw it together in five simple steps.

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Vintage Statement Pieces

An antique wooden bed

Rikki Snyder

Often, we decide what we want a room to look like, then we find furniture that fits the bill. But sometimes, we stumble upon a find so stunning we simply have to build a room around it. If you come across a truly magnificent piece, snag it instead of shying away from it. Remember, there’s room for statement pieces in any aesthetic—even rustic, cozy ones.

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Faux Fur Accents

A bedroom with wood-paneled walls and faux fur pillows

Latham Interior Design

Fur and wood make a seriously cozy combination—one that’ll make you feel like you’re at a ski lodge, even if you’re just hanging out in your apartment. So don’t shy away from faux fur accents. Keep your palette neutral and your textures varied, and you’ll end up with a decor scheme that feels more rustic than glam.

Two faux fur throws hung over a pole
West Elm Faux Fur Ombre Throws $70,140.00
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Rustic Florals

A rustic bedroom with floral linens

Katie Martinez

Florals are one of the most traditional prints around. So while they may not seem obviously rustic, they can still have a place in your incredibly cozy home. Opt for a floral that’s simple and not too colorful. And look for a print that feels more classic than modern—if it seems like the thing your grandma might buy, you’re probably on the right track.

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Textured Linens

A bedroom with plaid blankets and leather pillows

Erin Williamson Design

Sight isn’t the only sense that matters in a space—touch matters a lot, too. So be thoughtful when picking out tactile pieces, like linens and pillows. Try to imagine what a rustic room should feel like. Is it textured, cozy, a little bit rough? Then, stock up on pieces that (quite literally) feel right.

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Vintage Prints

A room filled with a combination of rustic and modern furniture

Tyler Karu Design

Say the words “rustic bedroom,” and many of us imagine faux furs and plaids. But take a trip to the Catskill Mountains, and you’ll find a different aesthetic—one filled with antique pieces and vintage prints. These spaces may be daintier than what you’d find Wyoming ski lodge, but they’re still veritably cozy. So if you find yourself drawn to them, embrace the fact that “rustic” doesn’t have to have a one-size-fits-all definition.

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All Dark Everything

A wood-paneled bedroom with a wooden bed and printed linens

Design: Jersey Ice Cream Company, Photo: Nicole Franzen

Dark colors can be intimidating, especially if you’re covering your walls with them. But trust that they’ll leave your space feeling cozier and more inviting. Opt for a couple shades you love, and feel free to play around with different prints—you’re unlikely to create overwhelm with a palette so dark.

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Bold but Balanced

A canopy bed with vibrant linens

Erin Williamson Design

Can vibrant colors and bold prints feel at home in a rustic bedroom? They can—so long as you take care to balance them out. Use traditional pieces, like framed paintings of desert landscapes, to ground your space in rustic appeal. They can hold their own against vivid throw pillows, bright blankets, and more.

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Traditional Touches

A bedroom with rustic accents

Amy Bartlam

A couple traditional pieces can leave your space feeling rustic, even if the rest of your furniture suggests a different aesthetic. Exposed wood beams can make your room feel a little more like a cabin. Faux fur throws can add a touch of rustic appeal to any armchair. And plaid blankets—especially those rendered in a neutral palette—can ground your room in rustic coziness.

An olive green and beige plaid blanket
Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Fringed Throw $149.00
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Pops of Paneling

A bed in a wood-paneled bedroom

Design: Jersey Ice Cream Company, Photo: Heidi's Bridge

Wood is a core element of any rustic interior, and there are plenty of ways to stock up on the stuff. Classic options include lining your floors with hardwoods or decorating with solid wood furniture. But you can also take a more creative approach. Why not nail a few pieces of wood together and lean it against your wall like a tall work of art? It’ll look great behind your headboard—or anywhere else that could use a little cozy flair.