21 Decorating Tips for Creating a Dreamy, Romantic Bedroom

A neutral bed with abstract art above.

Design: Earthen Co Designs; Photo: Emily Johnson

If we learned anything in the past year, it's that creating a sanctuary within our homes is a necessity. In our bedrooms, where we spend at least a third of our days resting and relaxing, making a space that's calm and inviting is especially important. Thankfully, romantic styles are coming back—without the frills and dated furniture.

A romantic bedroom is one that creates an experience that not only looks but feels warm, welcoming, and tranquil. While many of us may picture regal bedrooms filled to the brim with metallic accents and heavy drapes, innovative decorators have found a way to ensure soft, airy elements fit into a romantic scheme, too.

We've seen plenty of variations of romantic bedrooms, and we're sharing lots of inspiration for you to create a modern, elegant space in your own bedroom.

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Add Soft Textures

Soft linens create a warm and inviting bedroom.

JC Designs

Bedding with plush, natural textures offer a lived-in look that practically calls you to crawl back into bed. Fabrics like linen and cotton are great for the summer, and heavy knits, like the fabric on these throw pillows, are a great addition during colder months.

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Set the Mood with Lighting

A bedroom with two pendant lights on either side of the bed.

If Walls Could Talk

Lighting can definitely change the way a room feels, and soft, subtle lighting from beside sconces or lamps can add an air of romance to a rather simple bedroom. The light is softer than a regular ceiling fixture, creating a soothing atmosphere.

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Add Fresh Florals

Bedroom with flowers on the side table.

Domm Dot Com

There's nothing more romantic than a beautiful bouquet of flowers, right? Not only do they smell amazing, but they can also add some life to an empty nightstand.

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Choose Calming Colors

A bed with neutral pillows and soft light.

Design: Earthen Co Designs; Photo: Emily Johnson

Pink and red may be some of the first hues that come to mind when mentioning a romantic setting, but sometimes, a neutral color palette can create a more welcoming room. Soft whites, creams, and rose-toned hues can create an idyllic space that feels like an escape.

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Get Drapey

Pink drapes hang near the ceiling in a bedroom.

The Grit and Polish

Dramatic drapes can add height and privacy to any room. If you've kept the color scheme neutral, try a pop of color in your drapery. Or, go bold with a luxurious fabric like velvet instead.

Red curtains in a room
CB2 Velvet Copper Curtain Panel $139.00
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Pile on the Pillows

A bed piled with pillows.

KJ Design Mortar and Styling

You might not use all of them, but having an abundance of pillows is never a problem. By stacking up pillows of varying shapes, sizes, and textures, you can add depth and dimension to your space—all while upping the cozy factor.

Love the plush pillow look, but have no space for them once they come off of your bed? Keep a bedside box or basket as a catch-all for your decorative pillows.

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Make it Modern

A modern bedroom with pink accents.

Will Brown Interiors

If you want to stick to a more modern romantic look, aim for furniture pieces with clean lines and minimal details. Gold accents, like the ones on the knobs and lamps in the photo, add a bit of glam to an otherwise minimal bedroom.

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Keep it Clean and Simple

A neutral bedroom with a modern globe pendant light.

Studio KT

Sometimes, less is more. Clear your mind and go for neutral for a serene and romantic space. Going monochrome with soft whites, creams, and beiges decreases visual clutter and sets the perfect mood to unwind.

To add some texture, consider a patterned wallpaper or upholstered headboard.

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Source Vintage Pieces

Ornate mirror sits on dresser across from bed.

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

One special piece can be all it takes to elevate a room to the next level. Vintage pieces, like gold-framed mirrors or ornate picture frames, can add a bit of charm in the bedroom.

Think: delicate trinkets and elegant mirrors, like the ever-popular Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose mirror trimmed with metallic adornments. Talk about love at first sight.

Gleaming Primrose Mirror
Anthropologie Gleaming Primrose Mirror $500.00
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Embrace Traditional Elements

Bedroom with crystal chandelier and large leaning mirror.

Brexton Cole Interiors

Don't be afraid to lean into vintage décor and decorating elements—moulding can take builder's-grade walls and turn them into something straight out of a palace. Go all in with a crystal chandelier and vintage sconces to finish off the aesthetic.

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Create Contrast

Minimal room with sconces on either side of the bed.

Bespoke Only

Incorporating elements that create contrast, like light bedding with a dark headboard, can be the touch of romantic drama you need. Not only does it create a focal point in your room, but it also pave the way to incorporate accent colors in pillows and throws to tie the theme together.

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Go Monochrome

Bedroom with sun coming in through curtains.

Afro Bohemian Living

Don't be afraid to lean into one color to make things sweet and romantic. Go for a neutral if you want to keep things light and airy, or try a color like green and vary the hues throughout the room too keep things from looking too matchy-matchy.

Keep your color story simple and let other details, like lighting and décor, set a romantic mood.

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Try a Classic Style

Romantic bedroom with gold and pink accents.

Dekay and Tate Interiors

For a regal touch, try a canopy bed. No need to look for one that has heavy drapes or ruffled curtains—sleek, modern versions are available so you can avoid something that looks like it came out of an old fairytale, unless that's what you're after.

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Layer Rugs for a Cozy Vibe

Room with vintage rug.

Emily Everyday

To add warmth to your room, try layering rugs of differing patterns and weights. Plus, if you want to cover more floor space, you can even layer rugs at an angle instead of directly on top of each other.

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Lean into French-Inspired Pieces

Neutral bedroom with dog bed and crystal chandelier.

Photo: Dreamy Whites

No one does romance like the French. Imagine you're in the French countryside with breezy linens and shiplap accents. Add some vintage décor, like a crystal pendant light or leaning mirror to complete the look.

Villette Crystal Pendant Light
Lamps Plus Villette Crystal Pendant Light $500.00
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Get Moody

Dark bedroom with canopy bed.

Devon Grace Interiors

If color is more your thing to set a romantic mood, consider going with a dark color on the walls to create an intimate, moody environment.

Be sure to add light accents, like art and bedding, to keep the room from feeling claustrophobic.

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Layer on Blankets

Monochrome bedroom with midcentury furniture.

Blue Copper Design

Don't be afraid to pile on the blankets. A knitted throw blanket creates texture over a linen duvet, and it also adds to the cozy factor. We'd lounge all day in this plush bed shown above.

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Incorporate Bohemian Décor

Bohemian bedroom with matching side tables.

Blue Copper Design

If you're one of a pair residing in a bedroom, it's important to mix styles and create a space that reflects both of you. After all, there's nothing more romantic than compromise.

If your style leans more bohemian, it's easy to incorporate this into any bedroom design by adding some boho-inspired pieces, like mud-cloth pillows and vintage-style rugs. Natural textures like wood and dried florals also make great décor pieces.

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Make a Reading Nook

Room with ceiling medallion and original fireplace.

Bespoke Only

Sometimes, our spaces have to serve double-duty, especially in recent. Create a relaxing reading nook in the corner of your room to not only separate the space, but for a nice place to sit and take in the view.

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Be Bold with Rich Textures and Colors

A bedroom with velvet bedding and forest green walls.

Alvin Wayne

Soft and luxurious fabrics like velvet add a regal touch to your bedroom. For the ultimate statement, opt for opulent jewel tones like emerald or amber.

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Style Your Nightstand

A dark bedroom with a luxurious velvet bed frame.

Photo: Lisa Russman for Gail Davis Designs

Consider adding some flowers or sculptural elements to your bedside table alongside your usual reading materials for a romantic touch. If you don't have much space, a ceramic lamp with a statement shade can also do the trick.