16 Pastel Accents to Make Your Space Fun and Stylish

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pastel pink room with decorative pastel accents

Michelle Boudreau Design

Pastel colors add a soft touch to any space without being over the top. And if you tend to decorate with neutrals, but you still want to liven up your space, pastels can be a great option. From tabletop décor to wall art and even furniture, add a pop of pastel with these accent pieces

Seasons Aero SM Nebulizing Diffuser

Nordstrom Seasons Aero SM Diffuser


This two-in-one piece will allow you to diffuse your favorite essential oils to help you wind down, while also being the quaintest décor in your room. The minimal shape and soft color will add a dreamy component to your space, and it's easy to move around with its attachable handles.

Coming Soon Bedside Carafe

pastel bedside carafe

We can all agree that getting out of bed once you're comfortable is no easy feat. Avoid having to make numerous water trips with this glass bedside carafe, which can be filled up and kept on a bedside table as décor when not being used. The cover will protect your water from being out in the open and can be flipped to be used as a cup.

Urban Outffiters Middle Kingdom x Foekje Fleur Porcelain Laundry Vase

urban outfitters Middle Kingdom x Foekje Fleur Porcelain Laundry Vase

A vase can be just as important as the flowers that are being placed in it. A burst of yellow will cheer up any room and grab the attention of your guests even when it's not being used, thanks to its chic matte details.

Echo Neon Lune LED Floor Lamp

Echo Neon LED Floor Lamp

Lamps are often placed on top of surfaces, but it's time for that to change. The Echo Neon Lune lamp comes in three pieces—two colored acrylic sheets and a round LED lamp which can be playfully arranged depending on the design you're looking for. Once the whole look comes together, the lamp will illuminate your space with a soft glow that is supposed to mimic the moon's gleam.

Cold Picnic Out In Palm Springs

Cold Picnic rug

Although rugs are commonly known to be placed flat on the floor, Cold Picnic's tufted rugs can also be hung on the wall as a piece of art. This gives you the option to use it in different ways while also bringing a whimsical and colorful piece into your space.

Urban Stems Tutu Dried Bouquet

Urban stems dried bouqet

Even the smallest addition can be an impactful one. Dried bouquets are not only a great alternative to regular floral arrangements (if you're not much of a plant person), but they also last a longer time and add texture to your space. They come in the most vibrant colors, so you can pick and choose what fits your room and preference.

Coming Soon Ceramic Tall Table Lamp

Coming soon desk lamp

The Coming Soon table lamp comes in six colors and will make you want to read or complete some work by it. With its quirky design and brass details, it's truly one-of-a-kind and will make your space into a pastel dream.

Urban Outfitters Mambo Art Studio Green Aura Art Print

Mambo Art Studio Green Aura Art Print

You can buy art prints already framed, or you can print them yourself. In this case, you have the option to choose the wooden color of the frame and have it delivered in one piece, so you can just focus on finding an ideal spot to hang it up. The aura art print has various blended colors that will bring dimension and attention.

HAY Recycled Colour Crate



Use different colored pastel crates to organize your room by category, so it's easier for you to find what you need faster in the long-run. These plastic crates are stackable and collapsible, so you can arrange them in any way that fits your space.

Gustaf Westman Objects Green Curvy Mini Mirror


A mirror that speaks volumes will surely turn your guests' heads when they come over. The Gustaf Westman curvy mirror will bring your room to life with its curvy structure and color. With a statement piece like this, it's guaranteed to make a design impact.

Urban Outfitters Ombre Taper Candle Set

Urban Outfitters Ombre Taper Candle Set

These ombre candles are the perfect décor piece for a window sill or a table arrangement for a dinner party. They give off a colorful, soft glow that will surely set the ambiance for an intimate dinner.

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

Open Spaces Entryway Rack

Saks Fifth Avenue

The entryway is often overlooked even though it's the first area your guests see when they come over. Make an impression with this pastel entryway rack that can either be used as a place to store shoes or as a display for decorative pieces like a stack of books—or even a disco ball if you're feeling groovy.

If you're unsure about adding color to your space, try adding something smaller like a decorative book to see if you like it first. There's no big commitment and it can be swapped out frequently with different books depending on your mood or the season.

The Sill Succulent Assortment with Planters

the sill succulent planter assortment

If you want to combine your love for plants and pastel colors, this one's for you. Using pastel planters allows you to have the best of both worlds while also using it as a decorative way to add pops of colors throughout your space. The best part about this succulent assortment is that they're small enough to be scattered throughout and placed in any corner that seems a bit dull.

Urban Outfitters Daisy Indoor/Outdoor Ceramic Side Table

Urban Outfitters Daisy Indoor/Outdoor Ceramic Side Table

If you don't have much space to work with and need your furniture to be functional and attractive, consider this daisy side table that will do both. When it's not being used as a bedside table for your books or beverages, it can be moved outside when you're lounging since it's outdoor-safe.

Pottery Barn Flower Velvet Pillow

Pottery Barn Flower Velvet Pillow

If your room mainly follows a neutral palette, add some colorful throw pillows to your bed or couch to elevate its look. Not only is this super easy, but it gives your room some pizzazz with its flower design and soft color.