I've Slept on This Pillow for Four Years Now, and I'm Never Turning Back

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NIGHT pillow review.

Photo: NIGHT; Graphic: MyDomaine

When I first began to hear influencers talking about the NIGHT pillow back in 2018 or so, I wasn't totally sure how a sleeping pillow could change someone's life that much. In all honesty, I had been prioritizing decorative throw pillows over the pillows I laid my head on. As a design lover, I'm obviously all about aesthetics, but I've always been a big sleeper—and napper—and wouldn't that merit me paying a little more attention to my everyday pillows?

Later that year, I was gifted my first NIGHT pillow, and I've since purchased three more—I'm not kidding. I have two on my bed at home, while one is on the twin bed in my childhood bedroom (which is where I sleep every time I go home to see family). My mom uses another one of the pillows, which I gave her as a Christmas present a couple of years back. So yes, it's safe to say I went from a pillow skeptic to a major pillow enthusiast.

It's safe to say I went from a pillow skeptic to a major pillow enthusiast.

NIGHT Pillow

NIGHT Pillow


What is so great about this pillow, you may be wondering? Well, for one thing, I love their firmness. Prior to owning the NIGHT pillow, I always slept with two regular pillows stacked up. I can't stand the feeling of laying down and really sinking into a pillow without any type of elevation. Honestly, I still find that most hotel pillows aren't very firm, and while I formerly loved hotel beds, I'm not always so enthused about sleeping somewhere new anymore for this reason.

Another factor that I appreciate about the NIGHT pillows is that they're cooling. Say goodbye to turning your pillow over and over as you attempt to drift off. The NIGHT pillow stays a pleasant temperature and makes even the most sleepless of nights a bit more comfortable.

If you're still not feeling convinced, let me also note that because the NIGHT pillow is made of silk, it's designed to prevent bedhead and is naturally hypoallergenic—win-win. This pillow comes in both standard/queen and king sizes, and you can opt to purchase it solo or with an extra pillowcase included. There is also the option of choosing between two types of memory foam.

These days, when I stay at fancy hotels for work, I honestly miss my NIGHT pillows. If you want to majorly up your sleeping game, definitely scoop one up...you can thank me later.