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White on white bedroom with dramatic slider door

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door knobs
This Simple Swap Brought Back My Home's Classic Charm
It’s the small details that can make or break or space.
living room with curved sofa
Following This One Rule Ensures All of My Rooms Stay Stylish
It helps me stay focused, on-budget, and true to what a room should be.
Iman Stewart designer intuition
Why Iman Stewart Trusts Designer's Intuition Over Established Rules
Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken.
home store
Why I'll Never Stop Shopping For Décor Like My Mom
My mom is a major believer that older furniture was just constructed better.
modern home
When It Comes to Your Home, How Smart Is Too Smart?
Our spaces are getting smarter by the day.
Moody navy blue kitchen with navy appliances.
My Parents Took a Chance on Colored Kitchen Appliances—Here's How They Feel 3 Years Later
Appliances just want to have fun.
ciara benko
Dispatches From "The Jungle Upstairs:" 5 Essential Watering Tips Every Plant Parent Should Know
Midcentury dining set in kitchen.
My Grandmother's Midcentury Design Pieces Made Me Fall in Love with Vintage
Good as new.
Winter bedding in modern bedroom.
Why I Always Swap My Bedding When the Seasons Change
'Tis the season.
Soft neutral bedroom with pieces of decor on shelf.
Facebook's Genius Buy Nothing Group Helped Me Downsize Before My Move
One's trash is another's treasure.
Living room with neutral accents and plants.
My College Gardening Class Taught Me How to Save Dying Plants
The simplest things make a world of difference.
Bedroom with accent wall
The Best Decorating Tip I Ever Learned From My Interior Designer Mom
Learning from the best.
jungle upstairs
Dispatches From "The Jungle Upstairs:" How I Went From Plant Blind to Pro Plant Mom
Now, I treat each of my 70+ houseplants as individuals.
Corner with plant and vintage gallery wall.
Forget Gallery Walls, I'm All About Gallery Corners Now
The perfect fit.
cheap furniture
I've Scored Some Major Furniture Deals on Craigslist—Here's How You Can Too
It's all about the thrill of the hunt.
easy diy dry erase board for working from home
This Easy Office DIY Totally Changed the Way I Work From Home
And it couldn't be easier to make.
Monogramed pillow on white bed.
Monogramed Décor Is the Design Trend I’ll Never Be Able to Get Behind
What’s in a name?
Styled vintage mantle and dresser.
The 5 Home Products I Recommend to My Friends Over and Over Again
Never going out of style.
White and clean bathroom with tub and stools.
Stop Procrastinating and Toss These 4 Things From Your Bathroom Today
Clean up time.
Large gallery wall of vintage art.
4 of the Best Decorating Tips I Learned From My Grandma
Wisdom comes with age.
Living room with brass coffee table.
True Story: I Regret Selling My Brass Coffee Table
You are dearly missed.
Soft bedroom with gauzy comforter and neutral decor.
I Made My Bed Every Day for 2 Weeks—Here's What Happened
The instant calm I needed.
Stephanie Watkins, Casa Watkins Living
How the COVID-19 Pandemic Brought One Design Blogger Back to Bedside Nursing
"I felt a calling."
Colorful living room space.
11 Creatives On Why They Love Living Alone
Alone doesn't always mean lonely.
Living room with gray couch and lots of plants.
I Have 37 Plants in My Small Apartment and I Swear It Boosts My Creativity
Happier and less stressed, too.
Dollhouse entryway
My Latest Design Obsession? Modern Dollhouses on Instagram
They may be pint-sized, but they’re serving up major real-life inspiration.
coffee table
You'll Never Guess Where I Purchased Some of My Favorite Home Décor
You won't want to shop in-store again.
bedroom with mauve linen sheets on the bed
I'm Low-Key Obsessed With My Linen Sheets (Yes, Even During Winter)
Beauty sleep has never looked (or felt) so good.
Colorful Christmas stockings.
This Little Habit Makes My Holiday Gift Giving So Much Easier
And easier on my wallet.
Bar cart with black and white mushroom lamp.
The Lighting Trend I Still Love a Year After Its Big Resurgence
Pleated and perfect.
Sitting room with lucite coffee table.
After Years of Being a Fan of This Home Trend, I'm Officially Over It
Out with the old.
Bar area with pink wine glasses, greenery, and art.
How One Simple Purchase Made My At-Home Happy Hours So Much Better
Cheers to this.
Books of matches in a glass bowl on a cane tray.
This is One of My Favorite Design Tricks—and It's Completely Free
Cherish the little things.
Pink velvet sofa.
I Tried Out the Velvet Sofa Trend and it Just Wasn't for Me
What glitters isn't always gold.
Blue velvet comforter on bed.
Move Over, Duvets—Here's Why I Prefer Using a Comforter
There's so much to love.
Woven bags hanging from bamboo rack.
The New Home Trend I Stole From My Own Closet
I'm majorly crushing on this material.
Sitting room with decorative objects on shelves.
No Matter What the Rules Say, I'll Never Part With These Items
Tried and true.
round mirror with attached garland sitting on top of a dresser
The Holiday Decorating Idea I Stole From Instagram
It makes an ordinary piece look super festive.
Dining room
Redecorating Has Been a Constant In My Life—From Childhood to Now
It evokes an invigorating sense of creativity sprinkled with challenge.
unmade bed with coffee cup on it
I Just Can't Get Behind These 4 Instagram-Famous Home Trends
They're just not for me.
living room
I've Always Been a Fan of Redecorating, But 2020 Made Me Love it Even More
cartoon of a woman packing up her apartment
After 5+ Years in My West Village Apartment, I Had to Say Goodbye
But the homes we’ve loved and eventually leave can still always be ours.
Wreath with eucalyptus and berries.
You’ll Never Find My Home Without This One Simple Item
The decorative possibilities are endless.
living room with built in bookcase
I Don't Even Know How Many Coffee Table Books I Own, But I Won't Stop Collecting Them
For a few good reasons.
Watercolor art on shelf.
I Simply Can't Stop Buying Watercolor Figure Art for My Home
Going with the flow has never looked better.
Woman with gift card.
Gift Cards May Seem Impersonal, But They Actually Make Great Presents
As long as you put a little thought into the buying process.
buffet in entryway
This One Small Change Made My Apartment Feel Brand New
And it only took an afternoon.
studio apartment
What I Learned From Living in a 280-Square-Foot Apartment for a Year
Yes, it's possible
boho dining room
How Moving From NYC to the West Coast Changed My Design Aesthetic
Spoiler alert: I’m totally embracing those cool Cali vibes.
The ONE Thing I Always Buy From IKEA (It Starts at $6)
And how to style it.
kitchen rug
I Used to Hate the Kitchen Rug Trend, Now I Can't Live Without Mine
This mat will turn any rug skeptic into a believer.
Decorating ideas—Sacha Strebe apartment
I Bought These Pieces to Make My Space Look Expensive—and They're All Under $100
That perfect* finishing touch awaits.
a woman sitting cross-legged
Why I Traded My Spacious L.A. Abode for an 88-Square-Foot NYC Bedroom
Weighing the pros and cons
Reese Witherspoon
This Is How Reese Witherspoon Spends a Weekend in Nashville
Three words: fried bologna sandwiches.