20 Welcoming Midcentury Modern Entryway Ideas You'll Love

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Some things are just ahead of their time. For example, the idea for video calls came from the Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, smartwatches from The Jetsons, and hoverboards from Back To The Future. But in home décor speak, design elements like clean lines, muted tones, graphic shapes, functionality, open floor plans—which are incidentally, all key elements of midcentury modern design—remain just as cool today as they were in the '50s and '60s.

If you're looking to refresh your entryway, it only makes good sense to go with a design style that has been proven to stand the test of time decade after decade. Ahead, 20 midcentury entryways sure to stun for at least 70 more years. 

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Incorporate Midcentury-Inspired Furniture

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The best part about the resurgence of midcentury design is there are plenty of shoppable pieces available at most price points. Look for pieces that boast classic silhouettes, like tapered furniture legs and organic shapes (like in this mirror).

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Stick With Symmetry

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Symmetry is a key element in recreating the original spirit of midcentury modern décor. If you place one chair on the side of your foyer console table, be sure to place one on the other side as well. When it comes to the items on top of the console, try to create a balance with taller items on the outside and shorter items in the middle.

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Create a Style Fusion

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The beauty of any style resurgence is it presents the opportunity to personalize it, including fusing it with other design styles. We love how the clean lines and geometric shapes in this midcentury modern entryway work while combining elements of bohemian décor.

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Light It Up

midcentury modern entryways

Ann Living 

Since a dark entryway is anything but inviting, it would be a bright idea to add a fixture in your foyer that not only adds light, but goes with the midcentury theme you're creating. A fixture that boasts geometric shapes, simple lines and a space-age feel, like this Sputnik-inspired one, feels unapologetically midcentury modern.

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Elongate Your Entryway

midcentury modern entryways

House Sprucing

Who doesn't want an entryway that feels tall and airy? But if your foyer remains vertically challenged, a few design decisions can make all the difference in the look and and feel of your current space. Choose items that are taller and draw the eye up, like this oversized oval-shaped mirror and set of tall lamps.

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Get Artsy With It

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There's no quicker way to exude a timeless feel than with vintage-inspired black and white photos. Tip: Imagery of classic midcentury destinations, like Palm Springs, always help tie your midcentury pieces together.

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Work With Wood

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Dark, rich tones of wood are synonymous with midcentury modern design, and this entryway console really hits the mark. Choose large pieces that feel on-theme and embellish your space with personal items for an entryway that looks midcentury and still feels like you.

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Ace Geometry

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Geometric shapes are prevalent in mid-century modern design and there are plenty of ways to incorporate them in your entryway décor. Mix squared and rectangular frames with rounded accessories and swap plain drawer pulls for geo ones like these rectangular pulls.

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Go for the Green

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Plants are an important element in any interior design project, but they're especially essential in midcentury modern setting. A touch of greenery livens things up and makes it feel more on theme. To stay true to the spirit of midcentury, look for specific plants like Fiddle-leaf Figs, Monstera Deliciosa, and the popular Snake Plant.

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Keep a Low Profile

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Low-profile furniture, like this black leather backless bench, is indicative of midcentury modern décor. Adding something like this in your entryway makes for a beautiful and inviting space, but also creates a convenient area to put on and remove shoes at the beginning and end of your day.

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Things Are Looking Up

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The atomic sunburst motif is as midcentury modern as it gets. And while wall decor and decorative pieces are a great way to show off that element, a more creative approach is sure to have an even bigger impact. The ceiling mural in this entryway is so midcentury modern and makes for a fun first impression of your home.

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Pick Pastels

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A walk in a Palm Springs neighborhood will prove that no color is more midcentury than a pastel mint green. Incorporate it into your entryway STAT via a fresh coat of paint on your front door.

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Make It Minimal

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Mid century modern and minimalism make an easy partnership because each embrace simple lines and lift furniture up on legs to present a more open and airy feel. Continue that throughout your design with minimal decoration. 

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Function Over Form

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In midcentury modern design, no piece is without a purpose. This attention to functionality also explains why vintage pieces from this era are still circulating today—they were made to last. This foyer catchall area is sure to be the place you unload at the end of the day for years to come.

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Minimal Ornamentation

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Statement pieces are more common in midcentury modern design, whereas small trinkets or collections are generally not on display. An on-theme entryway focuses on just a few pieces to complete the look, like a statement bench and some neutral art on the wall without a stitch of clutter in sight.

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Incorporate Contradicting Textures and Materials

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The midcentury movement brought about its fair share of experimentation with other materials that were new to the era like plastic, formica, and acrylic. To create a stunning midcentury entryway, mix and match organic and synthetic materials to create a midcentury modern look.

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Marry Neutrals

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A House In The Hills

Neutrals never go out of style, and such is the case with midcentury modern design. Traditionally, the midcentury palette ranged from bright hues in the '50s to warmer, earthy tones in the '60s. For a modern touch, use neutral tones with occasional splashes of color, like in pillows or rugs.

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Open It Up

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Open floor plans were all the rage in original midcentury modern home design. If you currently have a single wall separating your entryway from your living room, for example, a simple wall knock-down can open your space and make it feel much more true to the design style.

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Ace the Achromatic Look

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While warmer tones and the occasional pastel shade is the epitome of midcentury modern, the style is also accompanied by a generous use of graphic black and white. This colorless entryway screams midcentury in a more subtle approach.

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Think Sleek

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The furnishings best suited in midcentury modern spaces are clean and sleek, with minimal ornamentation. A sleek bench and simple planter is all you need to dress your foyer in an on-theme way.