20 Beautiful Midcentury Modern Bedrooms

Midcentury blend bedroom

Alvin Wayne / Instagram

One of the most exciting and—let's be real—confusing things about midcentury modern style is how blurry its parameters are and how all-encompassing its description is. What else would you expect from a design style that spans nearly three eras?

When you run through a checklist of musts in a midcentury modern bedroom, you'll tick off obvious details: angled legs on furniture and plenty of wood. But beyond that, midcentury encompasses the bright colors of the rainbow, a mix of mismatched textures, and even cane and rattan furniture. And lucky for you, we rounded up examples of midcentury modern bedrooms that undoubtedly include some of these iconic design features.

Midcentury modern fanatics live for their unparalleled characteristics, and while traditionalists might faint, interior design was never meant to follow a strict set of rules.

So, compile ideas for the perfect midcentury modern bedroom by browsing through these bits of eye candy.

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Muted Midcentury

Gray bedroom

House on Hillside Lane / Instagram

Clean, open, and bright, this bedroom is the perfect tranquil space for unwinding after long days. It has plenty of style, but because the tones are subdued, it feels utterly relaxing, as opposed to rooms with busier prints and colors.

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Beige Midcentury

Beige midcentury bedroom

Nile Johnson / Instagram

Sandy colors, a Sputnik-style chandelier, and a light wooden coffee table infuse a little bit of magic into this bedroom, which strikes an immaculate balance between midcentury modern and a minimalist's dreamy palette. This room is proof that these so-called "boring" colors are too good to pass up.

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Splash of Boho

Colorful bedroom

Mocha Girl Place / Instagram

If you adore color, you're in luck. Midcentury modern rooms often featured bright, bold hues, so it's only fitting that rooms incorporating these influences use colors that revive and energize. Try it in the form of a painted mural or standout curtains, as seen here.

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Pops of Color

Midcentury modern bedroom

Amy Bartlam / Instagram

Of course, an ideal happy design medium is a neutral room that works in a splash of color here and there—it's a win-win for everyone.

Here, the wooden dresser, mustard-colored pillows, and modish planter are pretty nods to midcentury modern, and yet they feel perfectly suitable for a space in this day and age.

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Touch of Rattan

Rattan bed in bedroom

Desiree Burns Interiors

At the very tail end of the midcentury modern era came heavy use of rattan. Its natural vibe lent itself perfectly to the sleek lines and bold shapes of the style that came before it.

While rattan made way for more boho-style rooms, the period of overlap between the two makes for some serious inspiration, as shown above.

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Classic Midcentury

Gray midcentury modern bedroom

Dwell Aware / Instagram

Tapered legs on both this dresser and bed frame—as well as an aptly named midcentury modern planter—make this space fitting for fanatics who want to really embrace the style. The choice of neutral colors means it'll stay timeless for years to come—no shifting for quick fads needed.

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Farmhouse Meets Midcentury

Midcentury bedroom

Gray Space Interiors / Instagram

The tapered legs and moody tones of the space are ultra-chic and very midcentury modern, but the designer didn't stop there. Courtesy of a 4D accent wall and a vintage vase, there's also an air of farmhouse lounging around. It's the perfect solution when you can't decide on just one style.

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Balanced Blend

Midcentury blend bedroom

Alvin Wayne / Instagram

The designer describes this space as a midcentury mix, and we couldn't put it more perfectly. The wooden bedside table, angular lighting, and deeper tones of mustard and forest green could be pulled from a room decades back.

If you want to jazz up a room to make it more playful and fun, throw in spunky patterns and artsy accents.

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Pretty in Pink

Pastel bedroom

Domm Dot Com / Instagram

For minimalists, midcentury modern can be enticing, but not quite cut out for a low-key room in terms of the color palette.

If you'd rather say "no thank you" to bold hues, pull inspiration from this bedroom, which keeps things neutral and open and incorporates hints of the style, like a mushroom lamp and lots of wood accents.

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Serene Escape

Pink and light bedroom

True Home / Instagram

The best part of styling your own home is the ability to take bits and pieces from any eras or styles you like and put them all together. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, a gorgeous and elegant space that's faintly Parisian chic, but has touches of midcentury. Just zero in on that chunky, rounded bedside table.

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Jewel Tones

Midcentury modern bedroom

Design: Katie Hackworth / Photo: Belathée Photography

Jewel tones fit perfectly with the moodier end of the midcentury spectrum. If sophisticated and elevated spaces are your jam, you'll want to take notes from this bedroom.

It's difficult to list everything this space got right, but the many things include modern lighting, a cushy headboard, and all the right colors—it's très chic.

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'60s Dream

Bright blue bedroom

Dazey Den / Instagram

Midcentury modern passed through the '60s, hence the ultra-bright patterns and color schemes that are sometimes seen in bedrooms replicating the style. Like the fashion of the times, the interiors were equally as groovy, and it's hard not to obsess over this bedroom, which works in a mix of colors.

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Melded Textures

Classic midcentury modern bedroom

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Clean and simplistic—but far from boring—this bedroom takes midcentury up a notch by incorporating patterns and textiles that catch the eye but don't feel too busy.

Start with the basics, then layer in blankets, rugs, and throws to give your bedroom a cozy, yet modern appeal.

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Old and New

Black and brown bedroom

Design: Cathie Hong / Photo: Christy Q Photography

The bed frame and quilt provide a bit of a vintage vibe in this bedroom, both of which are pretty complements to the more modern wall-mounted lamps and midcentury bedside tables. If you have a penchant for things old and new, this is certainly one style that'll cater to you.

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Desert Oasis

Desert-inspired bedroom

COTTAGE + SEA / Instagram

Desert and midcentury modern styles always seem to go hand in hand. In a way, it makes sense—natural textures, minimal landscapes, and relaxed layouts just mix well together.

Spruce up a bedroom that's emulating this look with succulents and cacti, which provide the perfect pop of color.

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Tinge of Southwestern

Western-style bedroom

House of Hanes / Instagram

Hairpin legs—another midcentury staple—and angular shapes tick off the right boxes for this bedroom. But the focus is really more on the cool Southwestern touches that twist the style, thanks to a pair of horns and a chevron headboard that make things feel a little more rustic.

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Bright and Cheery

Colorful midcentury modern bedroom

Margaret Wright / Instagram

While the foundation of this bedroom is obviously midcentury, it skews away from the more common serious and edgy renditions of the style. A mix of rainbow colors makes the space uplifting and cheerful—and anyone can appreciate that.

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All Hail Sputnik

Bedroom with Sputnik-style lamp

Brexton Cole Interiors / Instagram

Named after the first orbiting satellite, this lighting trend blew up during the latter decades of the midcentury modern movement. Its spiky yet friendly nature makes it a fan favorite, no matter your style.

Here, a crossover between a Sputnik-style pendant and a boho sunburst is super symbolic of how easy it is to mix your styles—and to do so successfully.

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Dreamy Blues

Blue themed bedroom

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

Warm tones, earthy neutrals, and ultra-bright colors all graced midcentury modern style at one point or another. But if none of these three palettes feel right to you, why not rework the rules a little bit?

This blue-accented bedroom is a lovely example. The cobalt accessories are making us reconsider our neutral spaces.

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Crisp and Clean

Green and black accented bedroom

Rush Me Home / Instagram

The modern sconce, rounded bedside table, and emerald green curtains give this bedroom a hint of midcentury modern. It feels luxe and lavish, but doesn't look sterile—and who wouldn't want to curl up in that cloud-like bed?