20 Loft Bed Ideas That Feel All Grown-Up

loft bed ideas


Since childhood, nothing reached the epitome of cool quite like the elusive loft bed. With a high profile that created a hide-out feel and left endless floor space for everything from homework to play, there was truly no better design element that maximized a room better. And the same goes now, well into adulthood.

If you're looking to create a modern-looking bedroom or studio apartment, double your floor space, and do it in a way that feels sophisticated, we have the inspiration you need. Ahead, 20 loft bed ideas that will bring your childhood dreams to life without feeling the least bit childish.

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Build on Vertical Space

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When you're strapped for square footage, a custom build overhead makes for a cozy place to sleep and a stylish addition to your living area. Hang plants for your structure and work your décor into the build for a one-of-a-kind look and lived-in feel that merges your sleep and play areas without feeling cramped.

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Maximize All Sizes

loft bed ideas


Even the smallest mattress size can take up valuable real estate in your room. Don't underestimate the power of an elevated bed to maximize floor space. Even if it creates just enough of an area to create a reading nook, consider this a redecorating success.

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Up Your Storage Space

loft bed ideas


If additional storage is at the top of your list, an elevated loft bed base can double as endless storage. While this modern design may look unassuming (although beautiful), it actually houses countless drawers and cabinets, perfect for hiding everything from clothes to books.

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Make It Stylish

loft bed ideas


A loft bed is nothing if it isn't stylish and this setup doesn't skimp on an ounce of style from the gilded railing and statement chair, to the printed wallpaper and luxe-feeling textiles. This is definitely a space we can see ourselves working remote from.

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Make It Feel at Home

loft bed ideas


If you're working in a studio-style space, the best approach you can take is subtle and takes your surroundings into consideration. Working your bed into your current space in a way that feels inconspicuous will help the space flow and make it feel less cluttered.

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Build Guest Barracks

loft bed ideas


If you're a regular hostess with the mostest, chances are you're constantly housing guests overnight and scrambling for accommodations. A series of loft beds in a basement, attic, or guest bedroom makes for the perfect sleeping arrangement, not to mention, a stylish solution.

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Go Neutral

loft bed ideas


If you're looking to step away from the kid-friendly bunk bed look, swap bright colors with a neutral color palette of black, white, and tans. This studio apartment looks grown-up and chic.

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Put Your Stairs to Work

loft bed ideas


If there's anything this world needs more of, it's storage. When you're strapped for space, storage solutions are key, and this stair setup that doubles as cubby storage is everything you can need in one. You can recreate this loft access with strong wood crates stacked in a stair configuration. Just be sure to secure them well to avoid any accidents.

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Make It a Hangout

loft bed ideas


The best part of a loft-style build is it provides a structure to hang items from, including a seated hammock. This serene setup is the perfect hangout for off-duty hours.

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Bring in a Bench

loft bed ideas


If you're looking to create a seating area under your loft (because why wouldn't you), consider adding a bench on either side to encourage entertaining. We love how sophisticated the matching railing used on the top and bottom of the structure looks in this bedroom.

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Carve Out Space in Unexpected Areas

loft bed ideas


Whether you're looking to carve out a bedroom in a studio space, create a nook for afternoon naps, or create space for a guest bed in a tight layout, this kitchen-loft combo is proof anything is possible. This high vault creates the perfect area to build an overhead structure and slide in a mattress.

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Go Low-Profile

loft bed ideas


When it comes to custom-built loft beds, the best part is you can decide how high or low you want it. This setup is a good mid-height that allows for storage below (as opposed to living space) and doesn't require a major hike into bed.

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Create a Color Story

loft bed ideas


Whether you're creating a loft or not, a cohesive color scheme is always the best way to execute any design. We love how this bedroom uses wallpaper to tie in the green color of the loft structure and brown accents throughout the space.

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Create a Winding Staircase

loft bed ideas


Why go with a regular staircase when you can create an eye-catching winding version. This cylindrical access feels modern and adds tons of visual drama in a small space.

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Mind Your Lighting

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While the underside of most loft-style beds are the same and boast very little function, this modern room utilizes this area to provide overhead light in the living space below. Install recess lighting on the base for a well-lit and polished look.

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Keep Things Understated

loft bed ideas


The truth is loft beds are cool on their own and rarely do they need all the bells and whistles. When in doubt, a neutral, sunny space with minimal décor is all you need to feel comfortable in your duo-level space.

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Carve Out a Center Entry

loft bed ideas


When it comes to most double loft beds, there's usually a ladder or stairs on either side that take up twice as much space. However, this setup with a shared stair entry centered in the middle saves space and provides access for both lofts. And possibly the best part is it creates separation between both work spaces positioned below.

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Create a Cutout

loft bed ideas


While most loft-style beds provide an open concept design, this built-in pod-like structure creates a subtle hideaway for reading, napping, and mid-day downtime.

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Make It Nautical

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The next best thing to a beach house is a coastal-themed loft bed with an airy vibe. The neutral base with light blues woven throughout and whale motif wallpaper transforms this bedroom into a seaside escape.

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Paint Your Frame

loft bed ideas


While most dwellers tend to overlook the bed frame, this room puts it on display with a poppy shade of coral. Rather than hide it, put it on display with a color that ties in the colors from around your room.