17 Ways to Decorate With Light Blue in a Bedroom

Layered blue bed

White Sands

Blue isn't exactly an unexpected color in a bedroom, but in the age of neutral white spaces, cool, bold colors are becoming rarer. But if you want to add a soothing, calm feel to your bedroom space, there are few colors that work better than blue. This crisp, cool shade is airy and light but still adds enough personality to your space to give it depth.

And while there are endless shades of blue, there's something incredibly appealing about a soft, light blue. Just enough color to saturate the space, but not quite a navy or royal blue that feels moody and dramatic.

From accent pieces such as throw pillows or bedding to wallpapered walls, we've rounded up our favorite ways to use light blue in the bedroom. Read on for some of the best inspiration.

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Keep it Cool (and Neutral)

Light blue bed frame

Marie Flanigan Interiors

When pairing lighter colors with blue, opt for white or gray shades that have cool undertones. Blue is a cheery, cool tone that requires an equally cool shade to accompany it. Here, a crisp teal bed pairs beautifully with the super light greige paint and soft white furniture.

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Look to the Ceiling

Blue ceiling

Erin Williamson Design

If you think light blue can't be risky, consider taking it to the fifth wall. Paint your ceiling a sky blue to give your space a refreshing feel. Not only is this an unexpected design choice, but it also helps make your walls appear taller and your room larger.

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Pair Various Shades of Blue

Light blue wallpaper in bedroom

JLA Designs

Don't be afraid to pull in various shares of light and medium blue to create a holistic, curated space. Layer the blue shares and pull in another accent color so your room doesn't feel overwhelmingly blue.

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Pull in Patterns

Blue headboard

Kate Marker Interiors

A simple light blue can sometimes feel a little too juvenile, but when it's used in a sophisticated pattern, it instantly elevates the whole space. From throw pillows to an entire upholstered bed, look for patterns with light to medium-light blue accents.

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Tie the Floor and Curtains Together

Bedroom with blue rug

LeeAnn Baker Interiors LTD

You don't need to paint your walls to give your room a complete blue theme. Weave the color throughout the floor, bedding, and curtains to set the mood for the entire room.

You don't have to match everything (in fact, we think it can be a little too much when everything matches), but try to stay within the same few shades of light blue to keep the look cohesive.

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Try a Gray Blue

Light blue bedroom

Kacie Cope Interiors

Gray is another chilly, cool color that works very well in a bedroom. But if you can't decide between the two, look for a light blue with strong gray undertones to get the best of both worlds.

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Add Wainscoting

Light blue bedroom

Emily Henderson

Wainscoting can transform a bedroom and we love it when a simple crisp white wainscoting is paired with a soft sky blue paint. Add a few light blue accessories to pull the whole look together.

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Hang New Curtains

Medium blue curtains

M Starr Design

A simple way to pull light blue into your bedroom is to swap your curtains. Change out those simple white curtains for a pair of light or medium blue curtains to pull a touch of color into your bedroom without a full makeover.

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Try a New Nightstand

Blue nightstand

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Instead of buying a whole new bed, consider a light blue nightstand to add a pop of color to your bedroom. A colorful nightstand is a bit unexpected, but opting for a soft light blue hue remains neutral enough that it won't feel overly trendy in a few years.

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Hang Wallpaper

Blue wallpaper in bedroom

Michelle Gage

Wallpaper in the bedroom instantly creates a cozy, elevated vibe. Pick a soft blue and opt for a pattern that feels mature enough to keep your bedroom sophisticated and classic.

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Pick a Barely-There Blue

Light blue walls

Sabrina Albanese

A light blue doesn't have to feel overly powerful or colorful. You can still get that neutral vibe in a bedroom with a very soft blue paint that appears almost white in certain lights.

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Add a Throw Pillow

Blue and white bedroom

Pure Salt Interiors

Even a small bit of light blue is enough to transform a bedroom and add color when you need it. Keep it simple and throw a few soft blue pillows onto your bed to add a pop of color that won't clash with the rest of your neutral space.

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Add Darker Blue, Too

Bedroom with blue and white

Emily Henderson

Light blue is a great way to give your bedroom an airy, tranquil feel, but it also plays well with richer, deep blues, too. Consider layering the shades of blue and adding light, medium and dark blue colors throughout your space for a monochrome look.

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Pair With Pink

Light blue bedroom

Tina Ramchandani

Pairing various soft shades of blue with other light, muted colors such as yellow or blue can give your bedroom a feminine, soft feel. Make sure your furniture is heavy enough so that the light, pastel colors don't feel too juvenile.

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Go for Teal

Light blue bedding

Tyler Karu Design

A light blue with green undertones can give your bedroom that soft, soothing feel while channeling a bit of the great outdoors. Light teal works well with many colors and feels a little bit surprising and unique in any bedroom.

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Embrace Farmhouse Vibes

Layered blue bed

White Sands

A modern farmhouse bedroom can work in any style of home, and we love decorating with soft blue in this HGTV-inspired decor style. Blue farmhouse style is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine so it works well in a gender-neutral bedroom.

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Update a Teen's Room

Bedroom with blue ceiling

Rikki Snyder

If you want a bedroom idea that's perfect for a teenager (but chic enough you will want to steal it, too) here it is. This trendy bedroom features a bold light teal ceiling that makes the room pop and expands the small space.

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Try a Graphic Print

Light blue wallpaper

Morse Design

Sometimes an overly graphic print in the bedroom can be jarring, but when you use a light blue, it really softens the entire look. You can pull other shades of blue throughout the room or keep it simple with mostly white accents.

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Pair White and Blue

Light blue bedding

Taryn Whiteaker Designs

One of the most classic color combos out there is blue and white. And while you typically see it done with navy, we love pairing a super light blue with a crisp, cool white to lend an breezy, fresh feel in the bedroom.