39 Ways to Create the Large Bedroom of Your Dreams

large bedroom ideas

Louis Duncan-He Designs

Having a large bedroom is certainly a luxury, but it also poses a tricky design dilemma. When all you really need is a bed, a few sturdy yet stylish nightstands, and potentially a dresser in your sleeping chambers, what do you do with the extra square footage? Is there ever such a thing as having too much space? As Sierra Fallon, interior designer at Rumor Designs in Steamboat Springs, Colorado notes, “Tall ceilings and spacious bedrooms can feel cavernous rather than luxurious if the space isn't utilized properly."

When it comes to decorating a large bedroom (whether it’s your primary bedroom, a guest room, or your child’s room) there’s a delicate balance. Too much decor can end up causing the space to feel cluttered, but too little ends up feeling cold and uninviting. That’s why we tapped interior designers for their best advice on maximizing your big bedroom so that it’s cozy, homey, and relaxing.

For proof that large bedrooms can serve as the ultimate at-home retreat, check out these design ideas, backed by the pros. 

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Install Drapery

Cathy Hong large bedroom

Cathy Hong Interiors

Try panel drapes to help fill void wall space and add texture in the form of textiles. Drapery will also help the space feel cozy and finished.

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Create Zones

Forbes masters large neutral bedroom

Forbes Masters

A word of advice from Florida-based interior designer Jill Shelvin? Create zones in the bedroom for specific activities. Depending on how much space you have, add some comfortable chairs or a small couch at the foot of the bed with a small table. This functions as a place to have your morning coffee put on your shoes, or just sit and relax.

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Warm It Up With Wallpaper

gray large bedroom

Interior Impressions

Fallon loves encouraging clients to use wallpaper. According to her, "Wallpaper has the effect of warming up a space and making it feel more intimate. We like to put wallpaper on either the headboard wall, all walls, or even the ceiling of a master suite."

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Go for a Unique Headboard Wall

wood accent large bedroom

Ashley Webb Interiors

Another way to add warmth to a plain white bedroom is to forgo the traditional headboard and go grander with a floor-to-ceiling headboard wall. This breaks up the white space and sets the stage for your bed.

A wooden headboard like this looks impressive but could be a weekend DIY project with some savvy measuring and a trip to your local hardware store.

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Opt for a Large Area Rug

large bedroom

Casa Watkins Living

"Opt for a large area rug to help define the space," suggests Sara Queen, senior designer at Lisa Queen Design. This acts as a nice base layer for the rest of the room. Then, add a character piece like an antique armoire for some charm.

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Mix Patterns and Textures

gray and beige large bedroom

Charbonneau Interiors

Part of the fun of decorating a large bedroom is having both the space and freedom to mix different patterns and textures. Here, the color palette remains neutral, so the patterns on the drapes, bedding, and rug don't compete for the eye—instead, they complement one another for a cozy yet cohesive look.

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Create a Focal Point with Decorative Wall Molding

brown large bedroom

Decorilla Affordable Interior Design

Our experts are in agreement that one of the easiest ways to create depth in a large bedroom is to make a focal point wall behind your bed. This earth-toned space feels grounded by the decorative molding, which ultimately frames the bed.

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Find a Fun Upholstered Bench

beachy large bedroom

Chelius House of Design

If your room isn't quite big enough for chairs at the foot of your bed, try an upholstered bench. Find one in a fun color or pattern to act as a grounding point in the space. Not only is it a great place to put on your shoes, but you can also place accent pillows here while you're sleeping instead of placing them on the floor.

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Add a Large-Scale Mirror

large mirror in bedroom

Brexton Cole Interiors

Not every bedroom can accommodate a stunning, large-scale antique mirror, which is why if your room allows, go for it. A standing floor mirror like this one adds tons of character to the space. Flank it with two wall sconces to make it look intentional.

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Make a "Getting Ready" Space

pink and white large bedroom

Will Brown Interiors

"We love to create one or two different areas in a large bedroom to be used for something other than sleeping," says Fallon. "That way, the room doesn't swallow the bed and make it seem small."

A vanity or "getting ready" area is a nice option for homes that are big on bedroom square footage but may be lacking in bathroom space.

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Swap Regular Nightstands for Chests of Drawers

large bedroom

Whittney Parkinson Design

"Try using large chests of drawers as nightstands for their size and function," says Shelvin. These will ground the space more than small, open nightstands that may look tiny in a large bedroom.

Especially if you have a king-sized bed, look for ones that are on the wider side to balance out the bed size.

"A large room requires furniture to scale, so don’t put small furniture in a large room or it will end up looking even smaller," says Jill Shelvin.

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Keep it Minimal

minimalist large bedroom

Post Company

Just because your bedroom is big does not mean you have to clutter it with lots of color, patterns, and decor. Sometimes, there is beauty in simplicity. By keeping the palette here natural and placing the bed in the middle of the room, the space exemplifies a zen oasis.

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Mix and Match

blue and white large bedroom

Studio KT

Even if you choose to keep to a somewhat monochromatic color scheme in the room, don't be afraid to mix and match shades, patterns, and textures. Layering these different design elements adds depth and visual interest to the room, making it feel complete and cohesive rather than large and imposing.

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Have a Seat

large beige bedroom

M Wilcox Design

If the space allows, there's no reason you can't have multiple seating areas in your bedroom. They make for the perfect place to relax and unwind. The key here is to make sure they don't interfere with any walkways and still allow the space to feel open and inviting.

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Change the Bed Orientation

large blue bedroom

M Wilcox Design

Sure, most bedrooms have the bed either in the center of the room or up against a wall, but what about re-thinking your bed placement to fill up more space? Here, interior designer Monica Wilcox placed the bed caddy corner, making it the first thing you see when you enter the room.

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Go Glam With Finishes

large glamorous bedroom

M Wilcox Design

Large bedrooms have the benefit of being able to pull off lots of glam accents without feeling overwhelming or gaudy. Satin bedding, crystal lighting, and metallic nightstands are all fair game.

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Embrace Black

neutral large bedroom

Michelle Berwick Design

Craft a cozy yet pared-down bedroom by using matte black accents to define the space and draw the eye in.

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Add an Artistic Pop

large blue and white bedroom

Maite Granda

A large, all-white bedroom can quickly feel cold but if you love the crisp look of white, try setting it off with blue and white tile accents or a funky mural wall.

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Try a Four-Poster Bed

large blue bedroom

Mary Patton Design

"Poster beds are a great way to fill up a large room," says Shelvin, who notes that those with large bedrooms should pay extra attention to the size and scale of their furniture. Especially if you have high ceilings, these really make the room look full.

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Try a Canopy Bed

large bedroom with canopy bed

Mary Patton Design

Another option to consider is a canopy bed. These luxurious, sometimes elaborate beds feature fabric draped over the top and on all sides—instantly becoming the focal point of the room.

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Stick to a Color Palette

large blue bedroom

Louis Duncan-He Designs

As is the case with any design project, it's always a good idea to select a color palette for your large bedroom as an easy way to tie everything together. Here, natural hues of brown and gray are accented by pops of teal and navy, giving the space a beachy, surfside vibe.

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Add Plants

large blue and white bedroom

LeeAnn Baker Interiors Ltd.

Plants are a great way to bring the outdoors in, and the benefit of having a big bedroom is being able to bring in larger plant varieties.

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Layer Different Textures

large brown bedroom

LA Designer Affair

For smaller rooms, layering too many competing textures can overpower the space, but with larger ones, the sky's the limit. Here, tactile textures from a plush rug, luxurious velvet headboard, and sherpa throw pillows all work together to capitalize on coziness.

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Use Natural Finishes and Materials

large round bedroom

House Nine

Natural materials always instantly warm up a space. Play with natural wood furniture and finishes in your large bedroom for an earthier feel.

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Keep things Cool-Toned

large gray bedroom

JLA Designs

Keeping a neutral, cool-toned palette in your large bedroom will give the space a hotel-like look. Try keeping the majority of the pieces in the same gray-white color scheme, but add in a few subtle pops of color, like JLA Designs did here.

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Select a Statement-Making Bed

large bedroom with velvet headboard

JLA Designs

Fallon loves using an upholstered bed to warm up large bedrooms. Especially if you're graced with high ceilings, a headboard with maximum height acts as both a cozy place to rest your head, as well as a built-in focal point. Large, upholstered headboards also absorb sound well, so your large bedroom will be less echoey.

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Add a Chandelier

large bedroom with chandelier

JK Interior Living

Lighting can totally transform your space. "Add a chandelier to create a center of the room that breaks the areas visually but also grounds the room," suggests Shelvin. Take note of the way JK Interior Living set off this stunning chandelier with a painted ceiling accent for even more of a wow factor.

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Carve Out Your Sleeping Space

large navy bedroom

Jules Interiors

If your space is very wide, you may have to get creative about the best way to utilize your large bedroom floor plan. Here, Jules Interiors carved out a cozy sleeping nook by building an oversized, wrap-around headboard that sections off the sleeping area.

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Swap Lamps for Bedside Pendants

large white and blue bedroom

Katherine Carter

"Ceiling light fixtures tend to bring the height of the ceiling down and tie the room together, so by adding bedside pendants or a chandelier we are adding more layers that tie the room together," says Fallon.

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Mind Your Bed Height

large bedroom

Katherine Carter

While smaller rooms often opt for low beds since they have the ability to make a room look bigger, large rooms with higher ceilings may be more suited to a bed with more height.

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Create a Functional Workspace

large bedroom

Katherine Carter

If you work from home, or just want a desk area for taking care of bills and correspondence, maximize your bedroom square footage by creating a functional workspace off to the side of your sleeping area. A small desk and chair make the room multifunctional.

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Layer Your Linens

large beige bedroom

Katie Hodges Design

"To make your room feel cozier, layer your bedding, sheets, blankets, duvet, and pillows," says Shelvin.

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Choose a Bold Paint Color

large bedroom dark walls

Laquita Tate

Dark paint colors tend to absorb more light than lighter and brighter colors, but if you have a large bedroom, you can play with deeper shades without making the room feel claustrophobic. Here, Designer Laquita Tate of Laquita Tate Interior Styling and Designs went for matte black paint, then set it off with accents of burnt orange and bright teal.

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Pile Up the Throw Pillows

four post bed in large bedroom

Rebecca Rollins Interiors

You can never have too many pillows, Make your large bedroom feel inviting by strategically layering multiple euro shams, back pillows, and throw pillows on the bed.

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Lay Low

large bedroom with mirror

Jessica Nelson Design

A low-profile bed epitomizes boho-chic style and really lets the size of your space shine.

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Play with Patterned Drapes

large bedroom

Reena Sotropa

Floor-to-ceiling drapes create volume, dimension, and softness. If the rest of your room favors neutrals, go for drapes in an eye-catching pattern to frame and define the space.

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Select Striking Art for Above the Bed

large bedroom ideas

Sarah Fultz interiors

We love a good gallery wall, but sometimes, selecting a single, striking piece of art can really anchor a large room. Go for one that complements—rather than matches—the room's color scheme.

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Make It Monochrome

large monocrhome bedroom

Tara Kantor

Transform your large bedroom into a true cocoon by sticking to a sleek, monochrome palette. To do this, use similar fabrics and finishes in the same shades throughout.

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Pick a Patterned Bedspread

airy large bedroom

Bespoke Only

We love a crisp, white duvet just as much as the next person, but big bedrooms can definitely pull off more patterns when it comes to bedding. Play with contrast by picking something with a striking design.