14 Brilliant Jewelry Storage Ideas to Stay Organized

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If you're the jewelry type, your jewelry collection is probably one of your most prized possessions. But so often, a beautiful selection of heirloom pieces and vintage finds can end up tangled in an untangle-able mess, lost in the back of a drawer or broken in a cramped cupboard.

However, this can be prevented entirely with a smart jewelry storage system. Jewelry storage is far more than the utilitarian storage you may be imagining. Instead, jewelry storage is often adaptable and dynamic, and it not only protects your jewelry, but shows it off too. Keep reading for some of our favorite examples.

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Keep It Elevated

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Neat By Meg

To really make your jewelry stand out, elevate it. Use a clear acrylic rod or jewelry holder that attaches to the inside of a cabinet or closet. This works especially well with shorter jewelry, like bracelets or bangles, and ensures any delicate beading isn't crushed or tangled.

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Use Your Drawers For More Than Jewelry

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For just a few pieces of jewelry, combine your jewelry storage with other accessory storage, like sunglasses and wallets. Not only is this a space-saver, but it's convenient too. Instead of reaching for a necklace in the bathroom and then rushing by the front door and forgetting your sunnies, grab them both at once.

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Spin It Around

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Have a tight corner that needs to fit tons of jewelry? Use a lazy Susan. Being able to spin your storage will ensure that no tricky corners are wasted and that you won't have to haphazardly reach over your earring collection to find the perfect necklace.

When storing your jewelry, place like pieces together in like-sized containers. For example: use a ring dish for earrings or rings, a medium-sized jewelry holder for bracelets, and a necklace stand for necklaces.

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Keep Similar Colors Together

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Laura Cattano Organizational Design

If your jewelry collection features plenty of silver and gold pieces (or other bold colors), make a stylish storage statement by storing similarly-colored pieces together. This can give your jewelry storage a bold and fun look, and it will ensure you always know where your favorite silver drop necklace is.

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Start Small

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Breathing Room Organization

Even if you only have a few treasured pieces of jewelry, a jewelry storage solution is still something for you. In fact, a minimalist approach to storage (even if it's not intentional) can look elegant and understated. For the best look, select a slim jewelry holder that won't look too big for your pieces and space the jewelry out within the holder.

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Put It on Display

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You don't always need to hide your jewelry away—you can show it off too. Use an extra-pretty jewelry holder to display a few of your favorite pieces on your vanity or dresser. Have too many you love? Switch out your jewelry collection every few weeks to make sure all your bracelets, bangles, and beads see the light of day.

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Add It to the Bulletin

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Not sure if you want to spend your hard-earned money on a fancy jewelry holder? We've got you. For an easy DIY option (both skill-wise and budget-wise), create a small bulletin board to hang your pieces upon. Add a thin layer of cork to a favorite frame, then cover it in a piece of fabric for an eye-pleasing effect. Add some pins and you're good to go.

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Make A Stand

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Another great way to show off your jewelry is by using a folding tabletop stand. You'll be able to fit more jewelry on your dressing table or vanity, and you can fold it up when it needs to be out of the way. Additionally, a folding jewelry stand means it's easily transportable, and you can bring it with you wherever life takes you.

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Find Storage In Unexpected Spaces

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Simply Spaces

More often than not, you barely have enough bathroom and closet storage, never mind an excess of it. So, if you're looking for space to store and organize your jewelry, you may have to think outside the box.

Consider using extra drawer space you may have in your bedroom (think nightstands or dressers) for jewelry storage that doesn't take up valuable closet space while still being accessible.

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Clear It Up

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For a jewelry storage option that doesn't detract from the beauty of your pieces (or add any more clutter to your space), use a see-through jewelry holder or rack. This provides function without sacrificing form, and it's any easy upgrade you can give to your jewelry organization. Bonus: from afar, it may even look like your jewelry is floating.

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Make It Moody

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Another fantastic way to show off your jewelry is by storing them in a container with a color that contrasts the hues of your collection. If your jewelry has a lot of whites and creams, store them in gray or black organizers. Likewise, if your jewelry has a lot of dark or jewel tones, keep them in lighter-colored storage.

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Repurpose and Reuse

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For a truly unique jewelry storage solution, repurpose a vintage wall hanging or frame. You can use something you already have, or find something fun at your local thrift store. To make it functional, add small hooks and pins throughout the piece to hang your jewelry upon. Want to get really creative? Build your own, like these makers did.

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Bring In Storage Solutions From Other Spaces

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A Fresh Space

You don't have to only use storage or containers meant for jewelry—you can think outside of the box too. Consider bringing in storage that's built for the garage, especially if you don't mind a touch of an industrial vibe. Garage storage typically includes hooks and wall racks that can easily hold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

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Keep It on the Down-Low

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Despite how good it can look, your jewelry storage doesn't need to be massive or showy either. For a sweet and simple approach, use a small jewelry rack in a convenient spot that can fit your entire collection (or the most important parts of it). Sometimes, something subtle is all you really need.