Whether you're new to plant parenthood or you've been taking care of houseplants for years, our care guides and plant round-ups will help you feel confident bringing new greenery to your home. With the help of our expert gardeners, you can breathe new life into your space.
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closeup of dark purple petunia flower with white spots like stars on its petals
How to Grow and Care for Night Sky Petunia
This Purple Flower Is the Prettiest We've Seen
bushy green monstera adansonii (swiss cheese) plant in pot on wooden shelf with other houseplants
How to Grow and Care for a Swiss Cheese Plant
Keep this cheesy plant flourishing!
A dining room decorated with a woven pendant light and several hanging plants
How to Hang Plants From Your Ceiling in 5 Simple Steps
All you need to do is follow 5 simple steps.
Potted Jasmine Plant Indoors on Windowsill
How to Grow and Care for Jasmine
The best-smelling plant ever.
closeup image of small red flowers and buds against succulent green leaves
How to Grow and Care for Kalanchoe
Foliage and flowers, too.
Boho Scandi living room filled with plants.
The Difference Between Direct and Indirect Sunlight, Explained
An essential part of plant parenting.
bonsai tree
How to Grow and Care for a Bonsai Tree
This one's for experienced green thumbs.
eucalyptus tree
How to Grow and Care for a Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
For fresh eucalyptus springs all year round.
crown of thorn plant
How to Grow and Care for a Crown of Thorns Plant
Green thumb not necessary.
House of Chais
11 Reasons to Gift a Plant Over Cut Flowers This Valentine's Day
Say hello to a new green friend.
Boho bedroom with hanging plants.
6 Houseplant Trends You'll See Everywhere in 2022
Let's get growing.
pink houseplant
16 Types of Pink Houseplants
Get ready to bring a pop of pink into your home.
panda plant in a pink pot
How to Grow and Care For a Panda Plant
Learn more about this soft succulent.
Boho bedroom with plants
8 Spaces That Prove Decorating With Plants Will Never Go Out of Style
Adding greenery to your home is an easy way to bring the outdoors in
diy plant chandelier
How to DIY a Lush Plant Chandelier, According to an Expert
Spruce up your place with living décor.
neon pothos
21 Gorgeous Green Houseplants That Are So Easy to Grow
Pick these up immediately.
Lipstick plant.
This Houseplant Boasts Burgundy Buds Shaped Like Lipstick Tubes
We're seeing red.
Full goldfish plant.
We're Currently Coveting This Adorable Plant With Goldfish-Shaped Blooms
Add some color to your plant collection.
green wall
Attention Plant Parents: Here's How to Grow a Green Wall Indoors or Outdoors
Things are looking up.
chandelier plant
Learn All About How to Grow a Chandelier Plant
And all the baby plants it will produce.
The Norfolk Pine Is Perfect in Your Home Year-Round: Here's How to Care for It
For those who just love the smell of a Christmas tree.
How to Grow Eucalyptus in Your Home or Garden
Bring this spa-worthy tree to life.
large plant
11 Best Large Indoor Plants That Make a Big Statement
Sometimes, bigger is better.
ficus tineke
How to Grow Ficus Tineke
Look at those leaves!
ficus audrey
How to Grow Ficus Audrey
Easy and beautiful.
ciara benko
Dispatches From "The Jungle Upstairs:" 5 Essential Watering Tips Every Plant Parent Should Know
23 of the Most Beautiful Indoor Plants to Add to Your Collection
We're talking showstoppers.
15 of the Most Popular Houseplants to Pick Up ASAP
Some might surprise you.
Whale fine plants on a hearth
These 40 Cool Indoor Plants Will Create an At-Home Jungle
Guests will be green with envy.
These 10 Plants Will Thrive in Your Bathroom—Even With Little Light
And, no, snake plant is not on the list.
Boho living room filled with plants.
15 Apartment Houseplants That Will Thrive in Your Rental
Meet your new roommates.
cheap plants dracaena
14 Affordable Houseplants That Won't Break Your Budget
Becoming a plant parent doesn't mean going broke.
Living room with neutral accents and plants.
My College Gardening Class Taught Me How to Save Dying Plants
The simplest things make a world of difference.
heart leaf philodendron
These 25 Common Houseplants Are Must-Haves for Plant Parents
The more, the merrier.
Indoor cacti next to shelves.
10 Cactus Plants to Add to Your Indoor Collection
These picks are sharp.
jungle upstairs
Dispatches From "The Jungle Upstairs:" The Thrill of Spring Plants
"To put it bluntly, winter is a plant parent’s nightmare."
The Best Tips for Buying Plants at IKEA, According to an Expert
Move over, Billy bookcase.
iving room plants
15 Gorgeous Houseplants That Will Thrive in Your Living Room
Go green.
kitchen herb garden afro bohemian living
How to Establish a Flourishing Herb Garden in Your Kitchen
Like houseplants, but tastier.
Kristin Gambaccini
16 DIY Plant Stand Ideas to Proudly Display Your Favorite Houseplants
Spoiler alert: it's easier than you think.
boho chic interior with banana tree plant and monstera plant, baskets, and record player
How to Grow and Care for Banana Leaf Plants
So trendy, so tropical.
Chocolate mint leaves growing in pot outdoors
How to Grow Chocolate Mint
Make your space smell minty fresh.
jungle upstairs
Dispatches From "The Jungle Upstairs:" How I Went From Plant Blind to Pro Plant Mom
Now, I treat each of my 70+ houseplants as individuals.
Bedroom with philodendron plant.
The New “It Plants” You Need to Know, According to Experts
Meet your new favorite houseplants.
desert rose bonsai with pink flowers in pot in front of marble stairs
How to Grow and Care for Desert Rose Bonsai
We can't get over these blooms.
Painted terracotta pots.
How to Paint a Terracotta Pot That Your Plant Baby Will Love
All it takes is five easy steps
Snake Plant
These 10 Houseplants Are the Easiest to Grow—We Promise
Get growing.
Two mature ponytail palms (Beaucarnea recurvata) growing indoors
How to Grow Ponytail Palms
The perfect addition to your space.
Open shelving next to fiddle leaf fig.
9 Rooms That Prove Houseplants Belong in the Kitchen
Basking in the sun.
A bohemian living room filled with plants.
PSA: These Are the 15 Best Indoor Trees to Add to Your Home
Add to cart.
How to Grow and Care for Aralia Plant
So spiky.
golden pothos
How to Grow and Care for Golden Pothos
It's the perfect choice for hanging planters.
Bamboo palms growing indoors in pots
How to Grow Bamboo Palms
This tropical species can thrive indoors anywhere.
Eat-in kitchen filled with plants.
The Indoor Plants Your Home Needs, According to a Landscape Designer
A very good place to start.
philodendron brasil trailing down high shelf with tchotchkes against white wall
12 Varieties of the Trendy Philodendron Plant You Should Know
Trailing and gorgeous.
Bright white kitchen with palm leaf decoration.
How to Style Palm Leaves Like a Top Designer
Allison Crawford shares her top tips.
laptop and houseplants on white desk with black furniture in white room
11 Plants That Will Add a Little Life to Your Desk and Office Space
Our new favorite co-workers.
dark green kangaroo fern in blue pot on black and white tablecloth in front of yellow couch
How to Grow and Care for Kangaroo Paw Fern
From our friends down under.
gloxinia houseplant with red and white flowers and green leaves on table
How to Grow and Care for Gloxinia
Brighten up your home with these unique blooms.
Tradescantia nanouk with pink, green, and white leaves in gray pot in white macrame hanger against white background
How to Grow and Care for Tradescantia Nanouk
Cute, colorful, and easy to grow.