15 Hidden Bed Ideas You Can Pull Off in Your Home

A living room with a white futon that is being used as a couch

Cuter Tudor

Having an extra bed is almost always a good idea. When you’re entertaining guests, hosting visiting family members, or providing an impromptu crash pad during late-night hangouts, having a cozy place for guests to sleep goes a long way. And while an air mattress will do in a pinch, nothing is quite as luxurious as a full-blown bed.

The only problem? If you don’t have a guest bedroom, there’s no obvious place to put an extra bed. If you want to expand your sleeping set-up without transforming your space, you’ll have to find clever ways to sneak hidden beds into your home. Thankfully, hidden bed ideas are surprisingly abundant—and most of them are easy to pull off.

Whether you’re trying to add one extra bed to your space or stock up on a bunch, rest assured (pun intended) there’s a cute way to do it.

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Let Your Daybed Double as a Couch

A daybed disguised as a couch, tucked into the corner of a bedroom

Post Company

Need to fill empty space in your bedroom? Skip the classic couch, and snag a daybed instead. The daybed will do the work of a couch, giving you the extra seating you’re looking for. But since it’s designed to double as a bed, it will give your houseguests a plush place to sleep every time they lie down to rest.

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Conceal Bunk Beds Behind Barn Doors

A set of bunk beds hidden behind a sliding barn door

Devon Grace Interiors

Finding a discreet place to put bunk beds is no simple feat, but barn doors make it a lot easier: simply designate a place for your bunk beds to live, and hide them behind barn doors. Slide the barn doors open to reveal the hidden bedroom, and close them any time you want the beds out of sight.

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Sneak a Murphy Bed Into Your Family Room

A Murphy bed tucked inside a lofted sitting room

NEAT Method

Murphy beds are some of the sneakiest hidden beds around. Whereas other beds hide in plain sight, Murphy beds fold up—becoming part of the wall behind them. This makes them particularly easy to sneak into bed-less rooms, like family rooms. Just build a Murphy bed into your storage set-up, and unveil it any time you need an extra place to sleep.

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Build Beds Into Your Walls

A small room with a small bed tucked inside each wall

Design: Jeff Balmer and Renae Balmer of Lands End Development, Photo: Rick Hammer

One ultra-sneaky place to put an extra bed? Inside the wall. This won’t work in every room (some walls are thicker than others). But, if your walls are deep enough to house a bed, carve a bedroom nook into your wall.

Finish things off with a set of short curtains that you can use for discretion or privacy.

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Hang a Swinging Bed in Your Living Room

A contemporary living room with a hanging bench that doubles as a bed

Design: Foley Fiore Architecture, Build: Jake Ducharme, Photo: Ellen McDermott

Take your hidden bed set-up to the next level by hanging a bed in your living room. Sure, the addition won’t be very discreet, but since the bed will make such a fun statement in the room, it will contribute to your décor scheme instead of feeling out of place.

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Invest in a Cozy Pull-Out Couch

a living room with a leather pull-out couch and two armchairs

Elevation Architects

A pull-out couch is one of the most classic hidden beds around. The key is to find a couch you actually like looking at, so don’t settle for the first pull-out couch you find. Search for something that looks genuinely great in your living room. Then, make sure it’s cozy enough to sleep on when it’s a bed.

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Pick a Porch Swing That Doubles as a Bed

A porch with a cozy porch swing that's big enough to double as a bed

Design: Younger Homes, Photo: Cate Black

Sneaking a bed onto your porch may not seem very useful. But if you live in a place where the weather is mild, it can be absolutely dreamy. Forgo the classic wooden porch swing, and snag a cushioned option instead. If you invest in a porch swing that’s as big as a daybed, you’ll have an idyllic place for guests to sleep on breezy, temperate nights.

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Stick a Daybed in Your Sunroom

A sunroom with a rocking chair and a large pastel blue daybed

Design: Lisa Teague Upcoast Design, Photo: Irvin Serrano

Since daybeds tend to come in light colors and chunky silhouettes, they can be tough to decorate with. But they make a natural addition to any sunroom. Why? Sunrooms are often filled with pastel colors, traditional prints, and slipcover furniture. So they’re an easy home for cozy daybeds—and a pretty fun place to sleep, too.

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Splurge On a Really Great Futon

A living room with a white futon that is being used as a couch

Cuter Tudor

A really great futon goes a long way. Futons add seating space—and sleeping space—to any home. And since a sleek futon will blend right in with the rest of your furniture, it’s a no-brainer way to sneak a bed into your space.

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Transform Your Home Office With a Murphy Bed

A home office with gray cabinets and a built-in Murphy bed

Reena Sotropa

A home office may seem like a weird place to put a bed. But, since desks don't take up that much room, offices are often filled with unused space. With a Murphy bed, you can make the most of that extra space—without ruining the feel of your home office. Just pull down the bed when you need an extra bedroom, and fold it back up when you’re not using it.

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Craft a Reading Nook Perfect for Naps

A wood-lined room with a small bed that doubles as a reading nook bench

Design: Thoughtbarn, Lead Craftsman: Fine Grain Designs (Conner Finn), Photo: Nick Simonite

If you’re an avid bookworm, treat yourself to a reading nook—and go all out with it. By cozying up the corner with fluffy pillows, soft blankets, and a plush mattress, you can create a reading nook that’s cozy enough to sleep in, giving you a great place to escape and giving your guests an ideal place to sleep.

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Snag Patio Furniture You Can Sleep On

A patio daybed that folds down to become a full-size bed

Pacific Patio Furniture

Turning your patio into an extra bedroom may sound like a big project. But with the right patio furniture, you can achieve it with ease. Instead of snagging a traditional outdoor couch, look for an outdoor couch that folds down to become a bed.

If you score an option with a canopy, you can make the bed even more versatile. The canopy will keep you dry on drizzly nights, and shield you from the sun during afternoon naps.

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Sneak a Bed Onto Your Loft

A loft that's been turned into a bedroom with a large bed and a privacy curtain

Design: West Elevation Architects, Photo: David Patterson Photography

A loft is an ideal place to sneak in an extra bed or two. Since lofts are so high up, the furniture you put up there naturally ends up out of sight. And you can make the open-air space feel more like a bedroom by hanging curtains where you’d normally have walls.

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Score a Sleek Trundle Bed

A sleek bedroom with a full-size bed and a trundle bed tucked underneath it inside a drawer

DKOR Interiors

One great place to put an extra bed? Underneath another bed. With a sleek trundle bed, you can get two beds for the price—and footprint—of one. The top bed will look like an ordinary bed. And the bottom bed will hide inside a drawer on the bed frame. Just slide the drawer open when you need a second bed, and slide it shut when you don’t.

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Cozy Up Your Entryway With a Pretty Daybed

A foyer decorated with a printed daybed, an ornate mirror, and two large plants

Design: Phoebe Howard, Photo: Josh Gibson

Your entryway is probably the last place you’d think to put a bed. But it’s a great option if you have a spacious foyer. Just snag a pretty daybed, and put it in your entryway. The daybed will give people a cozy place to slip off their shoes when they step inside your home—and it’ll double as an extra bed the next time you host a sleepover.