These 24 Luxurious Guest Bedroom Ideas Rival Any Hotel Suite

Bedroom with wallpaper

Anne Sage

Whether you have frequent guests or only the rare overnight visitor, an inviting and comforting guest room can make your loved ones' stays even more memorable. The key to a great guest room is a mix of comfort and amenities to make your guest feel both at home and as if they're on vacation.

No need to stay at the Holiday Inn when your cozy home offers everything a hotel does and more. Your guest room is not only a place to host those you love the most, but because it's often the least-trafficked room in your home, it's a great place to try out new trends or design styles as well.

We rounded up some of our favorite hotel-worthy guest room ideas to inspire you to host your next family event.

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Focus on the Textiles

Bedroom with white linen

Anne Sage

When it comes to creating a hotel-like room for your guests, it's important to invest in high-quality sheets and blankets. A luxurious choice such as linen or high thread count cotton can make all the difference for a comfortable stay.

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Create a Loft Vibe

Loft bedroom

Arbor & Co.

What's better than a guest room? A guest suite. If you have the space, opt to create a studio for your guest instead of just a bedroom. Adding a loft for a desk or a pull-out couch for extra sleeping space are both great ways to transform a room into a suite.

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Include a Guidebook

Bedroom with a tray

Arbor & Co.

Whether your guest lives next door or across the country, a guestbook with activity ideas, delivery options, and must-know numbers is a great touch. Store in a nightstand or on a welcome tray, and your guest will feel right at home.

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Add a Desk Nook

Desk in a nook

Arbor & Co.

Most guests won't need a full closet for a short stay. Instead, consider converting a closet into a desk nook so your guest can catch up on work from the privacy of their own room without disturbing anyone.

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Create a Place for Luggage

Closet in a guest room

Arbor & Co.

Adding a luggage rack may seem simple, but it's a little touch that can make your guest room feel so much more comfortable. Place in a small closet or at the bottom of the bed to act as a landing for all of your guest's stuff.

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Design a Statement Wall

Bedroom with a wood wall behind the bed

Ashley Webb

The guest room is a great place to experiment with trends, and we can't get enough of the wooden accent wall trend. Adding a paneled statement wall will instantly transform your room and help to create a truly memorable stay.

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Mix In Bunk Beds

Bedroom with lots of bunk beds

Ashley Webb

Whether you have grandkids over all the time or you host entire families, consider adding bunk beds to your guest space. Bunks can add a lot of versatility (and they're not just for kids!).

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Add Wallpaper

Bedroom with wallpaper

Anne Sage

One easy way to make your guest room stand out is to create an accent wall with bold, graphic wallpaper. If you think wallpaper is outdated, think again: an eye-catching design is a great way to transform even the smallest guest room and give it a ton of personality.

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Use Shiplap for Texture

Bedroom with shiplap on the wall and ceiling

Anne Sage

Is wallpaper not your thing? A shiplapped accent wall is another lovely way to add texture and visual interest to your guest room. Though we typically think of shiplap in a modern farmhouse style home, a thin-planked design can work well in any contemporary space.

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Design a Bed Nook

Bed in a nook in a hallway

Ashley Webb

Not enough room for a whole guest bedroom? Carve out a bed nook wherever you have wall space. This little cozy sleeping corner is perfect for the nieces or nephews in your life.

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Go With All White

Bedroom with white linens

Ashley Montgomery Design

For a truly luxurious hotel-like guest room, consider an all-white bedroom. White sheets and blankets will give your guest room a high-end feel. Add a few metallic embellishments and artwork to elevate the look.

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Mix Warm and Cool Colors

Bedroom with light fixture above bed

Ashley Montgomery Design

One way to keep your guest room crisp without it becoming sterile or cold is to mix in warm and cool shades. White linens look even cozier when paired with deep natural wood or darker shades like navy and green.

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Always Add Flowers

Bedroom with wood walls and flowers

Ashley Montgomery Design

As every pro will tell you, a vase of fresh flowers can transform a space. Before you invite guests over, invest in some fresh flowers on a nightstand or dresser to spruce up the room.

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Keep it Simple

Bedroom with sconces on the wall

Calimia Home

Sometimes the best spaces are the simplest ones. If you don't have a lot of space, pare down the furniture and overly attention-grabbing details and keep your guest room calm and understated.

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Mix in Extra Seating

Bedroom with two side chairs

Latham Interior Design

If you have the room, create a sitting area for your guests. This is a great way to expand your guest room and provide more living space for your loved ones to stretch out a bit.

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Stock the Nightstand

Bedroom with white linens

LeClair Decor

A well-stocked nightstand is a key to a great guest room. Ensure your guest's nightstand has all of the essentials: toiletries, bottled water, a note pad, and anything else they may need for a comfortable stay.

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Hang a Mirror

Bedroom with a round mirror hanging

LeClair Decor

A mirror not only creates the illusion of a larger room, but can also reflect natural light throughout the space and create a lighter, brighter room.

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Add a Lot of Greenery

Bedroom with two twin beds

Lemon Leaf Home Interiors

Just as fresh flowers can spruce up a room, a few potted plants are essential in a guest room or suite. Simply pick low-maintenance plants if you don't use the room often.

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Get the Lighting Right

Bedroom with mural wall paint

Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photog

A bedside lamp is a must-have in a guest room. If you have a small space, mount a sconce on the wall instead to give your guest a good directional reading light.

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Carve Out a Guest Room

Bedroom with curtain

Morse Design

Just because you don't have a dedicated room for your guests doesn't mean you can't create a comfortable space for them. Hang curtains or set up a room divider in a shared space to give your guest privacy.

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Opt for a Daybed

Day bed with blue bedding

Studio Peake

A daybed is perfect for small guest rooms. It's an upgrade from most pull-out couches, but still provides a seating option during the day.

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Stock it With Linens

Bedroom with shiplap

JLV Creative

Ensure your guests never have to ask for anything during their stay. Stock your guest room with extra pillows and blankets to keep your them comfortable.

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Add an Accent Wall

Bedroom with hanging blanket ladder

Life With Leeanne

A quick upgrade that can totally transform your guest room is to add an accent wall. Either paint it a bold hue or create a 3D design with planks of wood to set your space apart.

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Fill It With Reading Material

Bedroom with a bookshelf

Sarah Fultz Interiors

To give your guest room that hotel feel, make sure to provide entertainment options for anyone staying over. A TV and a bookcase stocked with reading material are great ways to keep your guests happy.