MyDomaine's Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

MyDomaine's Diversity & Inclusion Pledge


In 2020 we created and shared a concrete plan to make MyDomaine a more inclusive site focused on elevating a diverse array of voices. We continue to focus on evolving into a brand that truly helps everyone make their home a comfortable, stylish, but most importantly, safe place to live.

We recently revisited our pledge to review and revamp the promises we’ve made to you, our readers, for 2021. As such, we’ve added additional action items and updates on our current progress to the pledge below. To hold ourselves accountable, we will share our progress and updates regularly. If you have any questions about our plan, suggestions for how we can improve it, or referrals for contributors to hire or creators to feature, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

  1. Diversify contributor network. At MyDomaine, the majority of our content is written by contributing writers who are experts in the topic areas that they cover. Our parent company, Dotdash, is working on formally auditing the diversity of our contributors, and our goal continues to be ensuring at least 25% of regular MyDomaine contributors identify as members of the BIPOC community.
  2. Diversify photo sources. Our articles are populated with imagery we source from a network of 100+ interior designers, bloggers, influencers, and professional photographers. In 2020, we pledged to add at least 50 new sources, representing diversity of race, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, body type, and ability, a goal we succeeded in meeting. Over 35% of our photo network currently identifies as BIPOC, and we pledge to not dip below that percentage in the future.
  3. Revisit our most popular articles with a critical lens. Dotdash’s official Anti-Bias Review Board recently reviewed our most popular and widely read articles with a view for bias (intentional and unintentional). We are in the midst of several remediation projects following this review—including replacing the term "master bedroom" with "primary bedroom"—and we continue to use the review board’s findings to inform our new stories moving forward. 
  4. Normalize highlighting BIPOC creatives in new content. Moving forward, we will continue to focus on the design and entertaining stories you love. But every story we publish will be considered through the lens of inclusivity, with an emphasis on featuring the work of a diverse array of designers, makers, creatives, experts, and brands. Every piece of content created since July, 2020 has been published through the lens of inclusivity, an initiative that continues today. 
  5. Normalize highlighting BIPOC voices across social media. With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram alone, we know how impactful our voice is on social media. We’re committed to diversifying in a meaningful way on our social platforms. Specifically, we pledge to strive towards highlighting the work of BIPOC creators in at least 25% of the content we post, a goal we have hit every month since July, 2020. Over 39% of our social media posts currently feature BIPOC voices. We pledge to continue focusing on exceeding this goal and highlighting the voices of even more diverse creators.
  6. We will partner with an organization that uplifts marginalized voices in the design world. We pledge to officially partner with an organization dedicated to marginalized members of the design community, and work with them to uplift their members’ voices across our channels. We are striving to have this partnership active before the end of 2021.

Thank you to our readers for inspiring us to do more and holding us accountable to this pledge.


Courtney Mason, VP/General Manager

Bridget Mallon, Editorial Director

Caroline Utz, Associate Editorial Director

The MyDomaine Team

Giving Back

IAC, which owns MyDomaine, has long supported organizations fighting structural inequity and racial injustice, including The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The Equal Justice Initiative, Reclaim the Block, National Center for Civil and Human Rights, ACLU, and The Bail Project. Additionally, just last year, IAC launched IAC Fellows, an immersive education program designed to empower high-achieving students from underserved and under-resourced communities.