12 Chic Closet Door Ideas to Spice Up Your Bedroom Design

Neutral closet door.

Design: Amy Courtney; Photo: Patrick Cline

You've scrolled through countless furniture sets from West Elm, drooled over bedspreads and throw pillows at Anthropologie, and spent one-too-many hours collecting photos on Pinterest. But, have you selected a final design for your closet door?

As you finalize the colors and décor for your updated bedroom design, it's easy to forget details like the closet door. We've pulled inspiration from stunning designer portfolios to help you invite this frequently forgotten component into your redesign.

Once you've dolled up the closet door, you'll be surprised how much it adds to your aesthetic.

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Use French Doors for Visual Interest

Bedroom with french doors into closet.

Design: AE Design; Photo: Jessica Alexander

There are a variety of ways to give your bedroom a sophisticated feel. Find space for gold and velvet accents, consider upgrading to an elegant canopy bed frame, or swap your closet doors for a modern pair of French doors.

This bedroom boasts an elevated design using all three ideas, adorning the French doors in stacked mirrors for added visual appeal. Who knew classy and cozy could mingle so well?

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Trade Your Doors for Shutters

Black textured closet doors.

Ania Urbaniak

Modern design is minimal and clean, but if your closet feels a little "blah," texture can provide an excellent means of adding interest without straying too far from your simple aesthetic. Replace your traditional, solid closet doors with a pair of shutters, then coat them in dark paint for a fresh, contemporary look.

This design idea is especially ideal for closet doors that are close to a pendant light or table lamp. When light hits the shutters, the layered shadows are sure to catch the eye.

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Dress Up Doors in Vintage Hardware

Matthew Akus closet with vintage hardware.

Matthew Akus

For a vintage design, your mind may conjure images of floral wallpaper, antique vanities, and wrought-iron bed frames. But, your bedroom can't fully achieve the aesthetic you crave with a 90s polished gold doorknob on the closet door.

To create a design pulled straight from another decade, make sure your hardware matches the trends of that time. Consider a vintage glass knob or opt for an antique brass finish to replicate the classic look you love.

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Install a Modern Barn Door

Sliding barn door closet.

Michelle Berwick Design

Barn doors aren't exclusive to industrial and farmhouse styles. In this modern bedroom design, a color palette of warm whites and grays provides the perfect setting for a rustic barn door.

The grain and color variation in the reclaimed wood adds depth and dimension, complementing the subtle textured design on the neighboring navy wall.

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Achieve a Natural Look With Light Woods

Neutral closet doors.

Design: Amy Courtney; Photo: Patrick Cline

Simple, neutral, and warm are staples of any Scandinavian design. So, if you're aiming for a cozy vibe in your bedroom, consider a light wood finish for your closet.

This design by Amy Courtney features a natural wood closet with leather handles and drawer pulls. A dark rubber tree plant and vintage rug provide the finishing touches for this minimal space.

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Save the Mirrors

Midcentury bedroom with mirrored closet door.

Arbor & Co.

In the 70s and 80s, mirrored closet doors were all the rage—but, don't be so quick to demo this dated detail. Mirrored doors can offer the illusion of added space and a practical perk, to boot.

Instead of ditching these doors, consider adding a decorative trim or painting the closet frame to give the doors a modern finish that'll match your bedroom design.

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Make a Statement With a Bold Color

Michelle Berewick Design

If you want a bedroom that'll shock and awe, don't be afraid to get a little daring: pick a bold color for your closet door. Copy the color choice in decorative details like throw pillows and table lamps, then keep the rest of your color palette simple.

If you opt for a vibrant color on your closet door, limit any other bold design choices you want to textures, patterns, and finishes. For example, the bedroom above pairs a vibrant yellow door with a tufted headboard, picture frame molding on the walls, and a patterned curtain.

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Aim for a Minimal Aesthetic

Neutral bedroom with forest wallpaper.

Michelle Berwick Design

Black and white are a perfect, timeless pairing, so if you love this color combo best, run with it.

Set the stage for your minimal aesthetic with clean lines, neutral colors, and dark metals throughout the space. Choose closet doors with a simple design and modern, matte black hardware to complement your furniture selection. Finally, keep the décor to a minimum to maintain a minimalist vibe.

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Coat the Door in Black

Katie Martinez

Black is rich and moody, so if you'd like a dash of drama in your bedroom design, opt for a dark wood stain or deep charcoal paint. In this striking design by Katie Martinez, the built-in closet and nightstand duo complement the dark wood stipes in the geometric headboard, while the closet's gold hardware echoes the headboard's lighter wood finishes.

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Play With Shapes

White bedroom with grid closet door.

Katherine Carter

Clean lines are a staple of contemporary design, and the closet doors you select can either add to the aesthetic or blend into the background.

In this room, designer Katherine Carter chose closet doors decked in squares of frosted glass. The edgy doors act as a border for the bed frame and mimic the silver throw pillows. Carter continues the use of playful shapes in the lighting selection, this time favoring curves over straight lines with black sconces and amber pendants.

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Incorporate Brass Accents

Graphic bedroom with black closet doors.

Reena Sotropa

Brass was certainly prevalent in 90s home builds, but it's not confined to the hardware and fixtures of this era. In fact, brass fits a variety of interior design styles, from vintage to modern.

Pair brass with a muted color palette to give your bedroom an air of sophistication, and to make brass doorknobs really pop, consider a dark backdrop.

Brass hardware works well in multiple designs, but certain shapes lend themselves to better to certain styles. For a contemporary look, consider sleek and slender handles with a satin finish. In vintage design, select knobs with more of a weathered patina, such as an unlacquered or antique finish.

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Keep it Simple

Sweet white bedroom with classic closet doors.

Lauren Ashley

While traditional white paint on your closet door can seem like a missed opportunity, the reality is an understated door can make space for the rest of your room to shine.

In this elegant bedroom by designer Lauren Ashley, anything other than casual, cream doors would have distracted from the exquisite lighting, the textured bedspread, and the tufted headboard. In some spaces, a natural white is a perfect choice to complete your cozy and luxurious bedroom retreat.