20 Beautiful Closet Design Ideas to Help You Get Ready in Style

white closet design


Walk-in closets are a life goal for many, starting with your first "Clueless" watch. We have special relationships with our favorite clothing pieces and how they speak for our personalities, and designing your dream walk-in closet is saying yes to glamour and convenience.

In addition to creating an organized system, moving your clothing from your bedroom allows you to streamline and play with larger design concepts in that space. Getting ready can become its own event in a big closet—and a pleasurable and relaxing one, at that.

Say goodbye to the days of yanking jeans from an overstuffed dresser and browse these beautiful closet design ideas below to help you create your dream space. 

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Go for Mirrored Walls

glam closet

Maite Granda

Mirrored walls and cabinets allow you to get the most storage space possible, and this practical design will give a sleek, modern update to the simplest of spaces.  

Floor-to-ceiling mirrors are also great for making a space look bigger than it actually is.

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Keep It Consistent

white closet idea


When dividing a big closet into many cabinets and cupboards of varying sizes, sticking to the same shade of paint and handle finish will keep it looking clean and bright. A neutral, natural wood floor helps add zen to this roomy walk-in closet, too. 

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Convert a Hallway

grey closet design idea


If your old home comes with a funny little hallway between the bedroom and the ensuite bathroom, you don't have to knock down walls to use the space to its fullest potential. A small walk-in closet and vanity moment in the hallway will free up space in both the bathroom and the bedroom, and you can use moody navy cabinets to store sweaters and cosmetics alike. 

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Make a Vanity Corner

vanity closet design idea


If your bathroom lacks the space and you'd rather save your hair from the humidity, a walk-in closet is a perfect space for a makeup vanity. You can save a part of the wall to nestle in a mirror and bench, and no one can complain that they need to shower while you do your eyebrows. 

vanity mirror
West Elm Tri-Fold Frameless Vanity Mirror $199.00
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Go for Bold Statements

statement closet design idea


You don't need a lot to make a strong statement. A modern chandelier paired with a classic animal print floor runner encourages the eye to travel throughout the space.

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Buy Clever Organizers

practical closet design idea


If your walk-in closet is less of a separate room and more of just a closet, lean on organization tricks to maximize its potentials. Clear plastic bins with labels will help you keep track of shoes and accessories, and your most frequently worn shoes will stay tidy in shoe slots on shelves. 

shoe containers
The Container Store Hinged-Lid Stackable Shoe Boxes $23.00
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Add Natural Touches

stacked closet


For a coastal-inspired closet design, use the colors of your clothing to inspire your palette, and pair indigo jeans and soft white sweaters with wicker baskets. They'll add texture and a natural touch to the room and hold those hard-to-stack items, such as scarves and gloves.

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Add Drama With Your Lighting

glam closet design idea


If "Sex and the City" set the gold standard for your closet design ideas, opt for shelving with built-in lighting for your boldest heels. The lights will cast dramatic shadows for an added touch of drama.

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Skip the Cabinets

wallpaper closet idea

Katherine Carter

For a more romantic wall-in closet, skip the cabinets and store your clothing on movable racks to allow you to focus on the aesthetics of the space more. Without cabinets, you can go bold with a large-scale floral wallpaper and oversize carved floor mirror.

Think of it like you're designing a bridal boutique or a personal photo studio and take the excuse to pursue your most daring design ideas. 

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Keep It Open

white closet design


Open shelves and racks in your closet will allow you to see everything at once, but because you have room to space your pieces out, the room won't look cluttered. Group pieces together by colors and moods to create a boutique vibe, then spend your morning coffee time sitting and letting your room inspire you. 

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Use Accessories for Pops of Colors

pops of color closet

Michelle Berwick Design

Rotate in your favorite seasonal accessories and display them on hooks to create functional décor and add pops of colors and texture. Bonus points for putting out matching ceramics and dried florals. 

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Bring in Frames and Florals

frames closet

Michelle Berwick Design

Just because it's a closet doesn't mean you can't add pictures of your loved ones and fresh flowers to brighten up the space. Even without windows, light pastels and simple décor can keep a closet or hallway from feeling dark and stuffy.

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Use Clear Cabinets

modern closet

Studio KT

Take a tip from museum storage and opt for cabinets with clear glass to allow you to see all of your valuable pieces—while still protecting them from dust and insects. 

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Jump Into Shiplap

blue closet

Studio Peake

Walk-in closets were once just the stuff of big city movies and Park Avenue fantasies, but shiplap cabinetry perfectly translates the space for a more charming farmhouse look. The vertically-lined wood in a green-blue shade looks gorgeous and clean and proves minimal doesn't mean boring. 

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Create Secrets

hidden mirror closet

Gail Davis Design

Hide a mirror, hide a dry bar—it's your dream closet. Embrace your bolder side in a moment that's just for you, and keep others from sifting through your sock drawers.

vanity mirror
Anthropologie Adelaide Mirror $298.00
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Keep It Warm

narrow walk-in closet

Casa Watkins Living

Let this closet teach you how to create storage without skipping warm, traditional design. You can add softness with a chandelier that gives off glowing, yellow light and temper the coldness of white organizers with peach paint and a tan runner.

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Keep Cabinets Thin

thin closet cabinets

Laura Cattano Organizational Design

The easiest way to ensure that pieces don't get tangled together is to divide your walk-in closet into many functional parts. Thin cabinets allow you to organize by color and item. They'll also prevent your favorite black dress from walking off again. 

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Create a Resting Nook

nook closet design

Pure Salt Interiors

Turn your walk-in closet into a in-home oasis and snag moments of respite in a nook filled with plush pillows. If you love to get dressed with a panel of friends and close critics, set up a nook and pour them a glass to get the fashion party started. 

linen pillow
Pottery Barn Belgian Linen Pillow Covers $99.00
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Frame Your Favorite Old Pieces

bathing suits framed

Pure Salt Interiors

We'll so obsessed with the framing ideas in this meeting room that we'll be stealing them for all our future closets.

For those vintage pieces that are too delicate to wear or any old clothing with special meaning, floating mount framing will help preserve them and keep them from sitting unloved in a drawer.

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Install Vertical Lighting

strip lighting closet

Laura Cattano Organizational Design

Futuristic vertical lights are a quick way to make your closet feel as if it could be part of a spy's tech room. Spreading light throughout different points make a space feel less cramped, too.