These 20 Bunk Bed Ideas Are Here to Help Maximize Your Space

Neutral bunk bed room

Mindy Gayer Design

It's quite hard to emulate the magic of a bunk bed. Once you've outgrown your childhood sleeping situation, the excitement never really returns no matter how comfy of a king-size mattress you buy. Until now, that is. Bunk beds are no longer reserved for little ones—they are being implemented in bedrooms to maximize space and provide a unique perspective for a guest bedroom.

Ahead, you'll find 20 options for bunk beds—from princess castles to chic adult bunkers—to restore the fun in any sleep setup.

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Add a Pop of Color

Colorful room with bunk beds

Maite Granda

This room strikes the fine balance between fun, playfulness, and a space that kids can grow into. The pops of color—we're obsessing over that orange ladder—make it child-friendly, but the bed shapes and wallpaper feel a bit more sophisticated.

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Go Custom-Made if You Can

Blue bunk room

D​esign: Devon Grace Interiors; Photo: Dustin Halleck

"Our clients had some dead space at the top of the stairs just outside the guest room," Devon Wegman, owner and creative director of Devon Grace Interiors, says, adding that it was perfectly sized for constructing a set of bunk beds.

It was a well-thought-out endeavor, as the built-in features make this sleeping layout all the better. "Drawers underneath provide extra storage for guests and sconces on the side of each bed allow kids to read in bed without bothering their bunkmate," she explains.

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Customize With Your Bunks

Gray bunk bed space

Marnie Custom Homes

While many people search for a way to add that extra special touch to a room, they may not realize that it could be hiding in how they build-out and design where everyone sleeps.

“Bunk beds are not only a great way to capitalize on every inch of square footage, but they also add an instant custom, tailor-made look to your space," Marnie Oursler, the president of Marnie Custom Homes, says.

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Think Ahead When Designing Kids Rooms

Neutral bunk bed room

Design: Tracy Morris Design; Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Styling a kid's room that they won't grow tired of in a matter of months can be tricky, but this room managed to do so perfectly.

"We designed this girl’s room with finishes that grow with her, including the spacious bunk beds, a Stark rug, table and chairs, and fun accessories." Tracy Morris of Tracy Morris Design says.

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Stay in Tune With Your Theme

Paneled room with bunk beds

Karen B. Wolf Interiors

This pretty room is only improved by the addition of bunk beds. While this style of bed is often associated with childhood, the sharp charcoal color of the frames makes it feel fit for any visitor you have.

The bunk bed design here blends well with the modern farmhouse appeal that the rest of the home has—don't forget your design goals when adding bunk beds to your space.

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Go Neutral

Neutral bunk bed room

Mindy Gayer Design

Both kids and adults alike will find neutral bunk beds stylistically pleasing. This kind of look is perfect for lake houses and guest rooms that aim to cater to more than one couple. They're stunning design-wise, and while they're not colorful and bold, let's be honest, little ones will be enthused by the unfamiliar layout.

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Complement With an Accent Wall

White and pink bunk bed room

Etch Design Group

A simple white bunk bed, a pretty bit of bedding, and a wallpapered accent wall are all it takes to make it feel more special. This is also a genius way to create a room for kids and pre-teens who may want to change things every now and then. The temporary nature of wallpaper makes it easy to redo and freshen up.

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Keep Things Minimal

Natural wooden bunk bed

Milk and Honey Life

Kids' rooms are usually coated in bright colors and loud patterns, but this doesn't have to be the case. A quiet, neutral room can be a relaxing space for your little one to play, learn, and sleep. Even better, this type of room grows with them for years and always stays timeless.

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Don't Forget Storage

Blue beachy bunk beds

Marnie Custom Homes

“In planning any space, I first consider if the room will have more than one function like a bedroom that’s also a playroom," Oursler says. "From there, I design creative ways to maximize space while incorporating unique storage options to best meet the room's needs in terms of flow and function." She says this can be anything from wall treatments to murals.

While you may be excited first and foremost about the style opportunities bunk beds pose, it's smart to consider how the room will function from every angle.

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Think Outside the Bunk

Gray and white bunk beds in room

D​esign: Devon Grace Interiors; Photo: Dustin Halleck

This particular lake house needed more sleeping arrangements, but the room was limited in its capabilities and only had one window. Fortunately, creativity reigned supreme and the team at Devon Grace Interiors built this ingenious solution.

"When the barn door is open, the bunkroom has access to daylight and is part of the guest suite, but parents can slide over the barn door for privacy when needed," Wegman says. "Instead of a standard ladder, we built a staircase leading to these bunks and tucked sconces in each bed for reading."

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Construct a Design Fairytale

Pink bunk bed room

Design: Devon Grace Interiors; Photo: Dustin Halleck

This massive bedroom may be built for kids, but the design is enough to make adults swoon.

"We took this bunkroom to the next level by building a fully occupiable castle atop the central bed in the room," Wegman explains. "Inside the castle, a cushioned floor provides a comfortable space for kids to play and a fun escape from reality. We tied the rest of the space together with blush pink and white tones to create a whimsical, playful room for these kids."

Even just a bit of extra trim or crown molding, or the right shade of paint, can be the perfect storybook touch to a bedroom like this.

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Mix Fun Colors With Sophisticated Styles

Blue and peach bedroom

Chelius House of Design

With a sprinkling of bohemian, this bedroom is a gorgeous spin on a bunk bed-worthy space. The complementary blue and peachy orange tones make the room feel energetic and playful, but still feels grown-up enough for a pair of pre-teens.

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Make the Most of Unexpected Spaces

Bunk bed with curtains

Margaret Wright

Fit for a kid and an adult, this bunk enclosure is a gorgeous design feat. The color palette and ceiling pattern is relaxing yet and trendy, and the curtains give added privacy and a fort feeling, which is undeniably appealing—even for grown-ups.

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Embrace the Calm of Neutrals

White kids room with bunk beds

Pure Salt Interiors

While bright primary shades might be appealing at first to kids, a serene bedroom is also much appreciated. After a long day of play and schoolwork, retiring to a calming bedroom—one with a bunk bed at that—will be a small pleasure. This is another example of a bedroom that won't feel stale in a matter of months.

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Bring in the Pastels

Pink and pastel girls room

Stephanie Hoey Interiors

Pastels have the fun of color but the appeal of neutrals, which makes for a bedroom that both kids and parents can get behind. This whimsical space is outfitted with matching toys and accents, and the bunk bed serves as a nice respite from the day.

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Consider an Adult Bunk Bed (Yes, Really)

Calming neutral bunk room

Pure Salt Interiors

For folks not sold on their regular frame and mattress, this idea is a rather convincing argument for why adults should jump on the bunk bed scene. The bedroom is a stunning rendition of how to make this childhood staple appropriate for grown-ups.

It helps, too, that the space has an air of vacation home to it, and even if you don't rely on it for your primary bedroom, it's a great guest suite option.

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Make Safety Stylish

Blue and beachy bunk beds

Marnie Custom Homes

Safety and style can go hand-in-hand as proven by this room designed by Oursler. She explains, “The bed should always be the focal point of the bedroom, and with the clean, tailored look of built-ins, it always is. Built-in bunk beds are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also safer thanks to sturdy, built-in steps, rails, and lighting, so there’s no fear of falling getting in or out of bed."

That's not the only way you can personalize and add helpful features. "I also create fold-down railings—a Marnie Custom Homes signature—allowing ease of use and functionality when making the beds," she says.

Oursler adds that storage is another option worth considering in a bedroom to help you keep clean and stay organized.

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Turn to Bunks in Odd Spaces

Bunk beds stacked together

Erin Williamson Design

Bunk beds have a way of being able to work in nearly any kind of space. Attics, bonus rooms, and oddly-shaped rooms often do well with some kind of bunk bed contraption. This cool slanted-ceiling area looks exceptionally stylish with the addition of this puzzle-like configuration of beds.

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Leave Room for Personalization

Colorful bunk bed room

Accent Prone

These bunk beds look great at face value, but their cove-like shape makes them even more fun for kids. While it's a fun sleeping situation, the curtains give it a fort vibe and provide plenty of options for customization.

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Accessorize in Color

Colorful bunk bed in room

Design: nea studio; Photo: Costas Picadas

A basic bunk bed can become a stunning little setup with the right accessories.

“Bright pillows, reading lights and ottoman, along with hand-drawn multiplication table make this warm and welcoming kids space, where the lower level becomes a sofa/daybed surmounted by the upper-level bed," Nina Edwards Anker of nea studio says,