Yes, Cashmere Sheets Exist and They're as Soft and Cozy as They Sound

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Cashmere. The word alone exudes luxury, comfort, and warmth. There are very few people in the world who aren’t fans of the finely spun textile, sourced from the soft undercoat of goats, used to make everything from socks and sweaters to blankets and robes.

Because Brooklinen, one of the most popular direct-to-consumer luxury bedding companies, has made it their goal to majorly up the comfort game when it comes to sheets, they introduced next-level winter sheets that are made with, you guessed it, cashmere. 

gray sheet set
Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Hardcore Sheet Bundle $475.00

When I first received the email introducing their limited edition Heathered Cashmere collection, I was a little confused. Cashmere isn’t exactly breathable enough for bedding, after all. Luckily, these sheets are just five percent fine Mongolian cashmere from the mountain goats of the Upland Himalayas, the other 95 percent consisting of Brooklinen’s luxury cotton sourced from Zimbabwe. According to the brand, the sheets are produced at a generation-old family-run mill in Portugal, constructed from heathered yarns. After woven, they are brushed to loosen the fiber ends to give it a fuzzy feel. 

Being both a bedding and cashmere snob, and considering that the temperatures have started to drop, I was so excited to try these sheets out—and they did not disappoint.

As with all Brooklinen sheets, they arrived in a box with the sheets and duvet separately packaged in the brand’s trademark textile bag. I always wash new sheets before placing them on my bed, and as I learned with Brooklinen’s Belgian Linen sheet set, if you don’t launder them prior to first use, you will likely end up with fabric fuzz on your body. They were so buttery soft before I stuck them in the wash, and by the time I removed them from the dryer and placed them on my bed, they were like cream. 

A side note: If you haven’t experienced the beauty that is making a bed with Brooklinen sheets, you are missing out on life. Similar to all their other offerings, their sheets are labeled “short” and “long” to make getting the fitted sheet on properly a whole lot easier. Also, all of their duvets feature interior ties so that your cover won’t shift around on you.

Look for Brooklinen's “short” and “long” labels to make getting your fitted sheet on the bed properly a whole lot easier.

While sleeping on these cashmere sheets doesn’t feel exactly like a cashmere sweater on your skin, the sensation is pretty darn close. Even my husband commented on how soft they were, and the dog loved them too. As for comfort level, they are definitely crackling-fire-hot-cocoa cozy, if said fireplace happens to be at a sprawling cabin mansion in Jackson Hole. 

blue sheet set
Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set $279.00

Brooklinen’s Heathered Cashmere can be purchased in a Hardcore Bundle, consisting of a flat and fitted sheet, two pillowcases, a duvet cover, and two extra sheets, or as a Core Set, with just the sheets and two pillowcases. The Duvet cover and pillows are also available a la carte. The only downside—other than the fact that they make getting out of bed in the morning extremely difficult—is that they are only available in four colors: Oatmeal, Fog, Charcoal, and Frosted Blue. I opted for the blue, and it’s such a gorgeously subtle hue.