15 Boho Bedroom Ideas That Prove The Style Is Back

boho bedroom

Design: Veronica Hamlet, Photo: Cody Ulrich

Bohemian décor (also commonly known as boho) flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces a laid-back, carefree, and comfy-casual vibe. While there are no rules for boho decorating, the aesthetic often includes warm, earthy tones and boasts a flair for combining patterns and layering textures in a way that feels both opulent and unpretentious. It exudes undertones of worldly travels with an eclectic array of textiles, Turkish rugs, vintage collectibles, antique furniture, and more. 

Although bohemian design was once considered a kitschy, stuck-in-the-'70s style, the artistic approach actually has a ton of range. Whether you're already a boho enthusiast or you're currently weighing your options, here's all the inspo you need to make your bedroom a relaxing oasis, complete with patterns, plants, rugs, and eclectic accessorizing.

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Add Warm Woody Touches

boho bedrooms

Sara Combs

An all-white color scheme paired with the natural warm hue of wooden accents is the epitome of bohemianism. From the curtain rod to the nightstand, and the bed frame to the shelving, the oak finish takes on the role of secondary color, and it's all you need to create the look you crave.

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Infuse Old-World Charm

boho bedrooms

K Shan Design

Part of the bohemian lifestyle includes rummaging through thrift stores and exploring flea markets for one-of-a-kind vintage finds. It's special old-world treasures that make a room feel truly boho, like this Moroccan-inspired room divider that now serves as a headboard in this bedroom.

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Bring In The Green

boho bedroom

Design: Bloomscape; Photo: Julia Robbs

If there's one addition that every bohemian space needs to tie the room together it's a variety of plants in different shapes, sizes, and heights. The greenery acts as an integral part of the color scheme and also works wonders at clearing your air, helping you sleep better.

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Stick With Earthy Shades

boho bedrooms

Couleur Locale

The boho color scheme relies heavily on hues often found in nature—think rich mustards, earthy browns, lived-in taupes, and more. A white canvas is a perfect place to build upon to create your dream color palette.

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Layer On The Textiles

boho bedroom

Design: Katie Hodges Design, Photo: Amy Bartlam

If you're going to take on the bohemian design, layering textiles is a non-negotiable part of the decorating process. We love how this space layers a printed rug over a neutral one for both aesthetics and comfort. A couple of throw blankets with tassel textures complete the more-is-more décor.

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Pile On The Natural Textures

boho bedroom

Design: Casa Cook Rhodes; Photo: Georg Roske

Natural textures are just what you need to take your boho bedroom to the next level. Work fibers like jute, rattan, and linens into your design for an instant bohemian feel. And of course, don't forget the macrame wall hanging, a staple in this room style.

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Infuse Cool Colors

boho bedrooms

Cortney Bishop

Remember when we said there were no rules for boho decorating? While most spaces fall on the spectrum of warm color schemes, this cool-toned room proves that blues work just as well to create a care-free aesthetic. While it does feel a bit more modern, the individual décor elements come together to scream bohemian.

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Boho Meets Modern

boho bedrooms

Design: Veronica Hamlet, Photo: Cody Ulrich

In case there was ever a doubt in your mind that the boho lifestyle could accommodate modern black walls, here's all the proof you need. The addition of natural textures, like a leather headboard, a fur throw, and greenery complements the dark color of the walls and makes this bedroom feel unapologetically bohemian.

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Repurpose Items In A New Way

boho bedroom

Design: D.L. Rhein; Photo: Amy Bartlam

In your adventures of rummaging for vintage finds, keep an open mind, and look for items that can be used in unconventional ways. Think outside the box and repurpose items like this wooden stump that now functions as an original nightstand.

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Master The Art Of Layering

boho bedrooms

House of Chais

If there's ever a thought in your mind that there's a limit to the amount of layering you can do, remember the masterful curating of this bedroom—and we're not just talking about textiles either. Sure, we love the layering of the plush rugs and bed linens, but the way the wooden headboard layers over the accent wall and curtains drape over shutter windows are inspiration all their own.

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Let The Light In

Boho bedroom

Sarah Yates Mora

The bohemian style lends itself to sunny shades and natural lighting. Don't obstruct your natural light source with thick, heavy, dark, blackout curtains. Instead, line your windows with soft, white, almost-sheer curtains to let the light in. You'd be surprised what a free light source could do for the overall feel of your design.

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Accessorize Accordingly

boho bedroom

Jenn Pablo For Twofold L.A.

You don't have to completely gut a room, invest in all new furniture (even if it's just new to you), and start from the ground up to give your bedroom a makeover. Keep what you have and switch up the vibe courtesy of some strategic accessorizing. A tribal mirror, faux fur throw, leather poufs, and a jute rug will all contribute to the bohemian feel with minimal work.

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Try Your Hand At Pattern Play

boho bedrooms

Design: Tish Cyrus, Photo: Ashton Paige

When it comes to curating the bohemian aesthetic, the best part is its eclectic vibe lends itself to mixing patterns. This is a decorator's dream because one-of-a-kind pieces work so well together. You can just focus on surrounding yourself with pieces you love without having to worry if they match.

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Mix Multiple Styles

Boho Bedroom

Design: Veronica Hamlet, Photo: Cody Ulrich

If you consider yourself somewhat of a décor chameleon, it could be difficult to nail down a look you'll love long term. Since the bohemian vibe overlaps with plenty of other design styles, don't be afraid to infuse influences from other aesthetics, creating a style all your own. We love how this bedroom combines elements of boho chic, mid-century modern, and glam all in one.

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Don't Be Afraid To Keep It Simple

boho bedroom

Modernly You

While most bohemian spaces create tons of visual stimulation from wall hangings to layered rugs, and worldly collectibles, you can still create a similarly cozy style with a minimalist twist. Elements like natural textiles, greenery, natural sunlight, warm woods, and plenty of texture create the aesthetic you crave, while still feeling clean and simple.