20 Designer-Approved Black Bedroom Ideas to Inspire Your Next Redesign

Black accent wall

Design: Desiree Burns Interiors

While we're certainly fans of the airy all-white bedroom look, there's something about the dark, moody vibes in a black bedroom that we just can't get enough of. The vivid color can instantly transform your home with rich contrast and an elevated style.

Rather than shying away from its boldness, consider adding a darker element to your bedroom that can make your space feel brighter than you may imagine. Interior designers are embracing the fresh, modern look and discovering ways to use black on the walls, bedding, and eye-catching accents that make even small bedrooms feel large and open. Whether you're committing to all-black paint or refreshing your space with black décor, this classic hue can make a striking statement in your home while pairing with a variety of styles.

Below, read on for expert-approved black bedroom ideas to upgrade your space.

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Balance Dark and Light

Black and white bedroom

Design: Desiree Burns Interiors

There's nothing quite like the classic combination of black and white. These colors may be opposites, but together, they make for an outstanding bedroom palette when paired with neutrals. Deep, rich hues from the black accent wall in this bedroom contrast with bright windows and bedding for an airy vibe. It's grounding, but refreshing—all essential elements for any sleeping space.

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Incorporate Jewel Tones

Black walled bedroom

Design: Forbes Masters

This space has mastered the art of moody vibes. For an Art Deco-inspired look, choose analogous colors to add vibrance to your black bedroom. A velvety green tufted headboard, yellow bench, vintage orb lights, and opulent bedding are surefire ways to feel like you're living the luxe life. Add animal print like this design's cheetah rug, and you'll never want to leave your personal oasis.

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Lean on a Farmhouse Foundation

Black bedroom

Design: Laura Brophy Interiors

Even a farmhouse bedroom can be upgraded with black accents, and this space is proof. If you're a fan of rustic décor, style black walls with aged wood and natural design elements to make this combination successful. Texture is key: Soft, layered bedding, mix-matched throw pillows, and a fur bedroom bench tie this space together.

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Embrace the Eclectic

Black bedroom

Photo: Reagen Taylor Photography

Refine your eclectic taste by styling worldly textures, materials, and décor against black walls in your bedroom. With plenty of light and colorful accents, this design feels anything but gloomy. A small gallery wall, leather-upholstered headboard, and linen bedding stand out in this bedroom with modern metallic pieces for an original twist that anyone can admire.

Liven up your black walls by extending your paint color to the trim: This subtle detail brings texture to your space while defining modern lines for a clean look.

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Try a Balancing Gradient

Gray and black room

Design: Liljencrantz Design

This bedroom is the definition of chic. With modern Parisian flair, the back and forth between gray walls and black accents combines perfectly with rounded shapes and sharp edges for natural contrast. The finished look is updated, fresh, and impeccably stylish.

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Sprinkle Vibrant Colors

Black and bold colored bedroom

Design: Laquita Tate

For a softer statement, blend your black accents with primary colors or jewel tones. Take this vibrant example, which features orange, teal, pink, and gold to make darker shades feel playful. A mix of patterns and textures from the wood headboard to the black-and-white duvet come together for a unique, inviting finish.

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Infuse a Geometric Twist

Black geometric accent wall

Design: Kurated by Kris

A bedroom accent wall is always a great touch, but spicing it up with more than just paint can make a bolder impact. In this space, geometric shapes are built into the wall behind the headboard for a dramatic effect. The glossy black paint reflects light for a shimmering style that grabs attention and makes this room one of a kind.

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Rely on the Bedding

Black bedding

Design: Jessica Nelson Design

To test the waters of black décor without cracking open a can of paint (or venturing into wallpaper), change out your bedding first. We love the way this space combines a faded black duvet with deeper accent pillows, dark light fixtures, modern wall art, and a two-toned rug for a monochromatic look.

washed black linen duvet cover in coal
Parachute Home Linen Duvet Cover - Coal $210,270.00
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Build In Patterns

Black textured wall

Design: House of Hanes

Like the geometric accent wall above, this bedroom uses texture to accent a dark paint color against bright whites and neutral tones. But instead of pyramid-shaped designs, this space keeps it modern and sleek with simple squares framing the bed. The simple DIY project allows the space to flow with a uniform matte black color.

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Make Black Cozy

Black and wood bedroom

Design: House Nine

Soft lighting, warm wood textures, and cozy bedding make this space an enviable place to relax. Black may not be the first color that comes to mind for an inviting space, but this design proves it's possible. Brighten up dark colors with warm Edison light bulbs and rich, earthy hues.

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Add a Boho Tinge

Boho black bedroom

Design: Burchard Design Co.

If you're deciding between saturated dark colors and an earthy boho space, let this bedroom be a lesson in blending both styles. This design balances them perfectly by working with contrast: Black walls add structure and form, while boho details like a wood headboard and shibori throw blanket create a carefree finish.

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Punctuate With Accents

Light room with black accents

Photo: Amy Bartlam

Your love for black décor doesn't have to extend to every corner of your bedroom. The colors making up these sleeping quarters are feminine and soft, but are nicely punctuated with black accents and a glass side table. It gives the deep tone a chance to shine without taking over the room.

black bedroom side table
Burke Décor Shadow Box End Table in Black $699.00
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Set the Foundation

Black and boho bedroom

Design: Modern House Vibes

White walls often serve as blank canvasses for many rooms, but starting with a black accent wall and working from there is a great way to style with darker shades. Because it's so grounding, black makes it easy to build a space that incorporates your personal style—but still feels cozy, defined, and tranquil at the same time.

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Offset Through Neutrals

Black accents in a bedroom

Design: The House Acc

The custom wall molding serves as a built-in frame for this bedroom, lending neutral colors to its bold black furniture. This design masterfully proves that you don't need all-black walls to get the benefits from this shade—and a soft, multi-colored style can be just as impactful.

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Opt for a Matte Finish

Black accent wall

Design: Desiree Burns Interiors

"Less is more" rings true in a minimalistic space, and when you're working with a playful palette, simplicity reigns supreme. This bedroom's back and forth between black-and-white colors, from the pillows to the throw blanket and curtains, makes it the perfect candidate for a matte black accent wall.

Liven up a black-and-white bedroom with lush houseplants to make your space feel more soft and welcoming.

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Play on Ornate

Black bedroom

Photo: Margaret Wright Interior & Lifestyle Photographer

Antiquated doesn't equal stale. The vintage staple pieces that make up this room feel like relics, and every piece is meaningful in its own right. While the palette consists mostly of dark colors, the flash of cobalt blue on the rug is a punchy addition to black walls that makes it even more interesting.

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Experiment With Cane

Modern black bedroom

Design: Royal Roulotte

Wood and black are a remarkable duo, especially when you pull in other natural woven materials. This cane headboard is the perfect example: It lightens the space in a natural way, and it proves that you don't need to rely on just white accents to keep a black bedroom feeling open.

black bedroom cane headboard ideas
Ballard Designs Villandry Cane Headboard $899,999.00
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Take It to the Floor

black bedroom floor ideas

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Rather than focusing on your walls and bedding, take your statement color to the floor. Black hexagon tiles set the stage for dark furniture and colorful accents in this bedroom, creating a sleek background for global décor to stand out. The combination of white walls and soft bedding allow this space to express a personality of its own.

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Soften With Charcoal

Charcoal and black bedroom

Design: Dan Rak Design

If you're interested in going dark but don't want to use a true black, soften things up with deep charcoal. While this almost-black hue doesn't hinder the power of bold shades, it also offers a grayscale opportunity with bedding, wall paint, and light fixtures that brighten up the dark headboard.

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Contrast White Hues

Black and white bedroom

Design: Mary Patton Design

The white cabinets on this bedroom vanity keep the space feeling light, but the outline of black paint adds an air of sophistication. Overlaying items like curtains, furniture, and cabinet hardware in other refined colors can work wonders for making black feel more cohesive and less jarring.