The 10 Best Wool Blankets

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Wool blankets make a classic addition to any home. Warm enough to keep you cozy, pretty enough to double as décor, and durable enough to use every day, wool blankets are pretty hard to top. And since wool blankets are available at such a range of different price points, you can reliably find an option that suits both your home and your budget. 

“From a design standpoint, a really great blanket can take a space from looking 95 precent done to the complete finished experience,” Kendra Nash, principal designer at Nash Design Group, says. “Wool and cashmere are excellent natural insulators [...] While wool is a little more robust, it's a great opportunity to bring a functional piece of art into your home.”

There are loads of great wool blankets out there. But when sifting through your options, consider the blanket’s look and feel. Does it come in a size, style, and color that suits your space? And is it cozy enough to snuggle up with? “It's so important that the blanket feels good to the touch—not just when you run your hand across it, but when you're snuggling up with it too,” Nash says. And consider what kind of wool the blanket is made from, too. Some wools—like merino wool—tend to feel soft and fine, while others may feel thicker and more textured. 

Ready to buy a cozy wool blanket of your own? To help you sift through all the great options out there, we’ve rounded up some of the best wool blankets around.

Best Overall

Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Solid Blanket

Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Solid Blanket


Sizes: Twin, Queen, King | Material: 100% virgin wool | Care: Machine wash gentle cycle, tumble dry low

Have your heart set on owning a classic wool blanket? Pendleton’s Eco-Wise Wool Blanket is hard to beat. The blanket is crafted from 100 percent virgin wool, meaning it’s made of wool that’s never been used before. And since virgin wool is known for its strength, warmth, and breathability, you can expect this blanket to strike that just right balance of coziness.

This ability to keep you exactly as cozy as you want to be makes the Eco-Wise Wool Blanket a great go-to. And since it’s one of the most durable wool blankets you can get your hands on, it should hold up to everyday snuggle sessions with ease. Unlike other wool blankets, this one is both machine-washable and dryer-friendly, plus it’s also water-repellant, stain-repellant, and flame-resistant. Put simply, this blanket is up for anything.

Score this versatile blanket in one of three large sizes: Twin (66 inches by 96 inches), Queen (90 inches by 96 inches), or King (108 inches by 96 inches). It's available in an array of striking plaids, stripes, and solid colors, so you really can't go wrong.

Best Budget

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket


Size: 88 x 64 inches | Material: Wool, synthetic fibers | Care: Machine wash cold, line dry only

100 percent wool blankets are rarely budget-friendly, but you can find more affordable options if you broaden your search to include wool blend blankets. Arcturus’s Military Wool Blanket is crafted from 80 percent wool and 20 percent synthetic fibers, leading to more affordable blanket that's also ultra resilient. Thanks to its durable makeup, the loom-woven blanket should be just as at home on a family camping trip as it is on your bedspread. And since it’s machine-washable, you can conveniently clean it any time you need to.

As if that weren’t enough, the blanket is also pretty massive. At 64 inches wide and 88 inches long, the blanket is big enough to drape over just about any bed. You can snag this cozy find in one of four neutral colors—or stock up on a few different options, and use them to warm up the whole house.

Best Splurge

Faribault Frontier Wool Blanket

Faribault Frontier Wool Blanke


Size: Twin, Queen, King | Material: 100% virgin merino wool | Care: Dry clean only

When it comes to wool, thinner fibers tend to mean a softer feel. And since Faribault’s Frontier Wool Blanket is made entirely of merino wool, it promises to feel as soft and fuzzy as your coziest sweater. This combination is enough to make the blanket worth the buy, but its striking appearance only sweetens the deal.

The blanket is available in two variations of the iconic wool pattern: A trio of red, yellow, and navy stripes lines each end of the blanket, forming a pattern that doesn’t fully reveal itself until the blanket is unfolded. Both versions of the blanket are available in three bed sizes—Twin, Queen, and King—and either would look great draped over your bed.

Best Merino Wool

Sferra Tartini Throw

Tartini Throw


Size: 50 x 70 inches | Material: 100% merino wool | Care: Dry clean only

If wool makes you think of itchy sweaters and prickly carpeting, you probably haven’t experienced merino. The ultra-soft wool boasts some of the finest fibers around, and when rendered in blanket form, it feels incredibly soft and snuggly. This makes merino wool throws a great option for those who find classic wool blankets itchy or irritating. And if you’re in the market for a cozy throw, Sferra’s Tartini Throw is sure to deliver.

The blanket is crafted from 100 percent virgin merino wool, so you can expect it to feel soft and cloud-like yet still warm enough to snuggle up with. It's available in five striking colors, which range from a warm light brown to a deep merlot, and its edges are lined with thick ivory fringe—a detail that adds a welcome dose of contrast. To top it all off, the blanket’s fine merino fibers are spun into a just-visible twill pattern, which stretches across the blanket, forming teeny-tiny stripes.

Best Mohair

Serena & Lily Albion Mohair Throw

Serena & Lily Albion Mohair Throw

Serena & Lily

Size: 50 x 70 inches | Material: Mohair, wool | Care: Dry clean only

If you’re looking for an unusual take on the classic wool throw, Serena & Lily has you covered. The brand’s Albion Mohair Throw blends ultra-soft merino wool with smooth, fuzzy mohair to create a delightfully textured throw. While Merino wool is known for its fine fibers and its super-soft feel, Mohair is smoother, fuzzier, and a little thicker. In combining these coveted fibers, Serena & Lily has created a blanket that looks—and feels—worthy of a snuggle.

What’s particularly notable about this blanket, though, isn’t its cozy and dynamic texture. Whereas many wool blankets come in soft neutrals, this throw is available in a range of playful colors, including bright yellow and cobalt blue. Shop this fringe-lined throw in your shade of choice, and let it add a cozy pop of color to your space.

Best Alpaca

Fells Andes Oona Alpaca Throw

Fells Andes Oona Alpaca Throw


Size: 51 x 78 inches | Material: Alpaca wool | Care: Dry clean only

Warm, cozy, and silky-soft, alpaca wool offers a great alternative to the scratchy wools you may be familiar with. The fiber is known for its warmth, its durability, and its silky feel, and Fells Andes’ Oona Throw definitely lives up to the hype.

Woven from 100 percent baby alpaca wool, this blanket is exceptionally soft to the touch. And though it boasts a lighter weight and a cloud-like feel, the blanket is still warm enough to keep you cozy. Hand-finished by artisans in Peru, this blanket is full of meticulous details—like frayed edges and fringed ends—that make it a particularly striking find. Even better is that it comes in 10 exceptionally rich colors, including a bright melon orange, a soft sky blue, and a deep indigo.

Best Chunky

The Citizenry Celeste Chunky Wool Throw

The Citizenry Celeste Chunky Wool Throw

The Citizenry

Size: 40 x 50 inches (throw) or 40 x 96 inches (bed throw) | Material: 100% merino wool | Care: Dry clean only

The Citizenry’s Celeste Chunky Wool Throw gives new meaning to the phrase “chunky wool blanket.” Though the throw is crafted entirely from soft merino wool, it probably doesn’t look like the merino throws you’ve seen before. That’s because this blanket is woven from thick pieces of merino wool, rather than from fine merino fibers. This striking choice leaves the blanket looking incredibly chunky and feeling incredibly plush.

Of course, the blanket isn’t just striking. Thanks to its thick feel and its heavy weight, the blanket should do a great job warming you up when you’re cold. And since it’s available in two different sizes—throw (40 inches by 50 inches) and bed throw (40 inches by 96 inches)—you can get exactly as much chunky blanket as you want.

Best Colorful

MINNA Abstract Throw

Abstract Throw Hunter Green


Size: 50 x 60 inches | Material: Merino wool/viscose/linen blend | Care: Dry clean only

Searching for a wool throw so pretty it could double as a work of art? Minna’s Handwoven Merino Wool Abstract Throw may be just the thing you’re looking for. The blanket is available in five striking colorways, each of which is adorned with an array of hand-felted shapes. White squiggles and dots cover the beige version of the blanket, while crisp white shapes add interest to the blue one. The olive green throw gets a double dose of color, boasting white pieces and golden yellow ones. And the white throw comes in two variations: one topped with cobalt blue shapes, and another topped with black ones.

Best Lightweight

Brooklinen Two-Toned Lambswool Throw Blanket

Brooklinen two-toned lambswool throw


Size: Not listed | Material: Lambswool | Care: Dry clean only

At its best, a wool blanket is thick enough to warm you up, but lightweight enough to keep you from overheating. And if you’re looking to strike this oh-so perfect balance, Brooklinen’s Two-Toned Lambswool Throw Blanket is an unbeatable pick. The blanket is crafted from 100 percent lambswool—a material known for being soft, strong, and breathable all at once. Unsurprisingly, this combination leaves the blanket feeling incredibly cozy.

But since lambswool is such a strong material, the blanket feels thicker and more durable than your average lightweight throw. Whereas some blankets are so lightweight they feel flimsy, this one boasts the cozy thickness you expect from a wool blanket. And thanks to its two-toned design, it’s sure to add a pop of visual interest to your space when you’re not snuggled up underneath it.

Best Machine-Washable

L.L. Bean Herringbone Washable Wool Blanket

L.L. Bean Herringbone Washable Wool Blanket

Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King | Material: Wool | Care: Machine wash

Crafted entirely from wool, L.L.Bean’s Washable Herringbone Wool Blanket feels thick, cozy, and warm. And since wool is known for its inherent breathability, this blanket will warm you up without overheating you—making it a great pick for everyday use. Even better? Since the blanket is machine washer- and dryer-friendly, keeping it clean is as easy as tossing it in the laundry. In fact, your blanket should actually get softer with every wash. So instead of emerging from the laundry as lovely as it went in, the blanket might actually emerge lovelier than before.

Final Verdict

There’s no topping Pendleton’s Eco-Wise Wool Blanket (view at Pendleton), which is thick, warm, and cozy—the perfect thing to snuggle up with on a cold day. It's also machine-washable, stain-repellant, and available in 20 different colors and four sizes, making it perfect for everyday use.

If you’re looking to score a classic wool blanket on a budget, though, Arcturus’ Military Wool Blanket (view at Amazon) is an excellent pick. Crafted from a blend of wool and synthetic fibers, the blanket is thick, cozy, and durable. And at 64 inches wide by 88 inches long, it’s big enough to drape across your bed.

What to Look for in a Wool Blanket


It may sound strange, but wool blankets aren’t always made from 100 percent sheep’s wool. Some are made from a blend of sheep’s wool and synthetic fibers, and many are made from another type of wool altogether. Merino wool—a wool known for its soft, fine fibers—is one popular option, but you can also find lambswool (soft, strong, and breathable), cashmere (ultra-soft and luxurious), alpaca (soft and hypoallergenic), and mohair (smooth and fuzzy).


Since wool blankets come in a range of different sizes, you can reliably find an option that suits your space. Many wool throws are 50 inches wide and 70 inches long—meaning they’re 10 inches longer than a classic throw blanket. Of course, many wool blankets are also available as bed blankets, so you can find plenty of options in standard bedding sizes, ranging from Twin (65 inches by 90 inches) to King (108 inches by 90 inches).


When it comes to blankets, feel is a key consideration—but look counts for a lot, too. After all, you want your blanket to look nice when it’s draped over your bed or couch. Thankfully, many wool blankets are lined with striking details, like fringed ends or stitched edges. And since they’re often available in a range of prints and colors, it should be pretty easy to find an option that plays well with your décor scheme.


Some wool blankets are incredibly low-maintenance, especially ones that are made with a blend of wool and synthetic fibers, and can be machine-washable and dryer-friendly. And sometimes, they’re even durable enough to withstand a camping trip. But many wool blankets—especially those made from softer, pricier wools—are dry clean only. Keep this in mind as you shop, and be sure to check a blanket’s care instructions before buying.


How do you wash a wool blanket?

Depending on the kind of wool your blanket is made from, it could be machine-washable—or it could be dry clean only. First and foremost, you'll want to check your blanket’s care instructions before washing it. If your blanket is machine-washable, be sure to use a wool-safe gentle detergent (like the Outback Gold Wool Wash) and wash it in cold water on the delicate cycle. Heat can be detrimental to wool, so let your blanket air dry (preferably outside in the sunshine on a clothesline).

Are wool blankets comfortable for hot sleepers?

Wool blankets may seem like the last thing a hot sleeper should snuggle up with, but since wool is such a breathable material, wool blankets are actually a perfectly fine pick for hot sleepers. A wool blanket should warm you up without overheating you, and it should also breathe better than some of the lightweight, synthetic-fiber-based blankets you’ll find out there.

How durable are wool blankets?

Wool blankets made from sheep’s wool tend to be incredibly durable. And when we say durable, we mean machine washer- and dryer-friendly, stain-resistant, flame-repellent, and more. That said, wool comes in many different varieties, and softer, pricier fibers, like merino wool and mohair, may not be as durable as traditional sheep’s wool. These blankets are dry clean only and are definitely meant for indoor use, unlike traditional wool blankets that are great for camping.

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