These Are the Best Quilts and Coverlets to Keep You Cozy

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Comforters and duvets may be the bedding toppers you’re used to, but you shouldn't discount the humble quilt. We’re not talking about your grandma's quilts, either (although those are special too). We’re talking seriously chic finds that range in weight, material, and design, so there’s something for every style and sleep preference.

With so many options on the market, we did our due diligence to round up the absolute best out there so you don’t have to. We broke them down into easily digestible categories so you can simply find what fits your needs depending on budget, taste, and weather.

Here, the best quilts for every bedroom.

Best Overall

Parachute Cloud Cotton Quilt

Cloud Cotton Quilt


Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cal King | Material: Turkish cotton, poly batting filling | Care: Machine wash on cool, tumble dry low

Parachute's beloved Cloud Cotton Quilt stands up to the hype. Stuffed with 100 percent poly batting fill and enclosed with a 100 percent Turkish cotton shell, it has a soft, fluffy finish that’s nothing short of heavenly. Thanks to its airy yet weighty feel, it can be used as a standalone bed topper during the warmer months, and layered with a blanket during winter. Or, you can add it on top of your lightweight comforter as a stylish layer to add both dimension and warmth.

It's double-sided and available in three beautiful neutral color combos, as well as an all-white option if you want to keep things simple. And the best part? It comes in three sizes and is machine-washable for easy convenience.

What Editors Say

"I can't say enough about this quilt. It's a perfect weight—not so light that you feel like you're missing something, but not so heavy that you wake up sweaty. During the winter I layer a blanket underneath for an extra cozy feel. Plus, it just layers so nicely on the bed!"—Nicole Lund, Senior Commerce Editor

Best Budget

Urban Outfitters Washed Cotton Quilt

Washed Cotton Quilt

Urban Outfitters

Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King | Material: Washed cotton, polyester filling | Care: Machine wash

For those who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a new quilt, this Urban Outfitters find is a great option. Made from 100 percent cotton with 100 percent polyester fill, it’s cozy and soft to the touch yet very lightweight. You'll really love it if you're a hot sleeper, although we recommend layering with lots of other sheets and blankets during the colder months.

It's available in five dreamy colors, including gold and charcoal, so you can play around with different color schemes. Although it's much more affordable than other options, you'll have to buy the matching shams separately.

Best Splurge

Serena & Lily Almonte Quilt

Almonte Quilt

Serena And Lily

Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King/Cal King | Material: Linen/cotton/cashmere blend, cotton flannel fill, cotton lining | Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, tumble dry low

Everything about this quilt screams luxury. Between the hand-quilted chevron pattern and eco-friendly materials to the textured finish, there’s nothing about this Serena & Lily piece that we don’t love. It’s made from a blend of linen, cotton, and cashmere for a truly indulgent experience, plus has a double cotton flannel fill with 100 percent cotton lining—no polyester here. It can serve as a year-round bed topper, but may need extra layers for colder nights.

Best Heavy

Anthropologie Lustered Velvet Alastair Quilt

Lustered Velvet Alastair Quilt


Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King | Material: Cotton and viscose shell, poly fill | Care: Machine wash cold; tumble dry low

“Something we love about a great quilt is it can bring color and pattern into a space and can completely change a whole room,” says Heather Fujikawa, principal designer of House Sprucing. If that's the type of vibe you're looking for, check out Anthropologie's Lustered Velvet Alastair Quilt.

The striking, high-sheen design on this quilt is definitely different from your usual neutral quilts. Thanks to the thick velvet material and plush fill, it's a heavier option than more classic lightweight quilts. Not only is it rich in color, but it'll keep you warm all year round, even in the winter. Sleep hot? The gorgeous design will look just as good folded at the foot of your bed.

Best Lightweight

Brooklinen Lightweight Quilt

Brooklinen Lightweight Quilt


Sizes: Queen, King | Material: 100% cotton | Care: Machine wash cool or warm cycle, line-dry or machine dry on low

Both breezy in design and weight, this 100 percent cotton, hand-stitched quilt is a must-have for warmer months and hot sleepers alike. It's available in four colors, plus a few limited edition options throughout the year, and can easily go with any solid colored sheet set. Once the temperatures start dropping, it can easily transition to a living room staple that lives on the back of the couch—or you can just pile on the flannel sheets and extra layers. Take note, though, that it only comes in two sizes and isn't dryer-friendly.

Best Organic

Coyuchi Pebbled Handstitched Organic Quilt

Coyuchi Pebbled Handstitched Organic Quilts


Sizes: Full/Queen, King | Material: 100% organic cotton | Care: Machine wash cool or warm cycle, line-dry or machine dry on low

Made from 100 percent organic cotton that's both grown and woven in India, this mid-weight quilt looks laidback, yet if you look closely you'll see that a good deal of thought and care has been put into it. Between the relaxed drape, the contrasting stitches, and hand-stitched texture, this beautiful piece is heirloom quality. Layer it throughout the winter or enjoy it on its own in the summer—either way, this natural quilt is a must-have addition to your bedroom.

Best Linen

The Citizenry Stonewashed Linen Quilt


The Citizenry

Sizes: Full/Queen, King/Cal King | Material: Flax linen, poly batting fill | Care: Wash on the gentle cycle with like colors and using mild liquid laundry detergent, tumble dry low

For those who want an effortless look that’s also great for hot sleepers, this linen quilt is the perfect pick. Made from 100 percent French flax with a poly batting fill, this quilt is woven in one of the oldest family-run linen mills in Portugal. Even though it features large 7.5 inch squares for added fluff, it's actually quite lightweight and will keep you comfortable all year long. Plus, the muted stonewashed finish and 12 color options make it easy to layer. Just take note that it's only available in two sizes.

Best Bamboo

Simply Organic Bamboo Bamboo Quilt


Simply Organic Bamboo

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cal King | Material: Bamboo viscose | Care: Machine wash separately in cold water, tumble dry low/medium heat

If you have sensitive skin or sleep hot, this natural, silky smooth quilt is the one for you. It's filled with a blend of bamboo viscose and recycled PET (aka, water bottles!), and has a 100 percent bamboo viscose shell, which is naturally temperature-regulating and hypoallergenic. It's a super breathable option, so you can easily layer with comforters or other blankets, or use it on its own for warmer evenings. Only downside? It's only available in white.

Best Patterned

Jungalow x Like a Lion Liv Quilt

Jungalow Liv Quilt by Like A Lion™


Sizes: Queen, King | Material: Cotton, cotton filling | Care: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, tumble dry low heat

Jungalow makes some of the coolest patterned quilts out there, and this one from the brand's new bedding collection Like a Lion is no exception. Either mix the blue-and-white print with other patterns for a funky appeal or use it to easily dress up an otherwise uniform space—and don't forget to check out the other colors too.

Handcrafted in India, this quilt is made from 100 percent cotton with cotton filling for an airy and breathable finish. If you want to leave it on your bed, you might need to layer with other blankets for the cooler nights, but you could also keep it in the living room and get cozy under it during a movie night. 

Best Colors

Crane & Canopy Diamond Quilt


Crane And Canopy

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cal. King | Material: Cotton, cotton filling | Care: Dry clean recommended or machine wash cold and tumble dry low

Looking for something fun yet classic? This diamond tufted quilt from Crane & Canopy comes in seven different colors for every style need. From standard hues like navy blue and white to bolder ones like coral and lilac, there’s something to love about each and every color. Made from 100 percent cotton with 100 percent cotton fill, it's a breathable, lightweight option that's perfect for year-round use.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend Parachute's Cloud Cotton Quilt (view at Parachute), an airy yet substantial quilt that's made of high-quality materials and will make hot and cold sleepers happy. For something more budget-friendly, we recommend Urban Outfitters' Washed Cotton Quilt (view at Urban Outfitters), a lightweight find that comes in five gorgeous colors.

What to Look for in a Quilt


Quilts can be made out of all kinds of materials, from cotton and polyester to linen and plant-based rayon. What to choose depends mostly on preference and sleep style, as well as budget. For instance, a polyester quilt is going to cost a lot less than an organic cotton one, while cotton, linen, and plant-based fibers are better for hot sleepers.

Also important to understand? The three layers that make up a quilt: the top, the fill (also called batting), and the bottom/base layer. The top layer is the one you’ll be looking at the most, so you should find something that balances quality feel with visual appeal. “Consider how things like fabric color, the stitch design, and the edging style play into your space,” says design expert Cara Newhart. Meanwhile, the bottom is what you’ll be feeling the most, so find something that’s equal parts durable and comfortable. As for the fill, it’s usually made up of wool, down, cotton, or polyester, and provides a little bit of fluff and weight. These three layers are then all held together by the decorative stitching.


Just like any blanket, some quilts are going to weigh more than others. The weight will depend on the fabric and stitching—the tighter the stitching, the heavier the quilt tends to be. In general, however, quilts are a lot lighter than your average duvet and comforter. Consider how you'll use your quilt and choose your weight from there.


Quilts can be used in a lot of different ways, from a summer comforter to an extra piece of décor. When shopping for your quilt, you’ll want to nail down what exactly it will be used for before investing.

“If the quilt will be used as part of your primary bedding, I recommend investing in a higher quality piece that is more durable to frequent washes,” Newhart explains.

However, if it’s just going to be an accent piece that’s simply draped over the foot of the bed or hung on a ladder in your den, then you can lean towards a more delicate piece featuring a decorative design. “With accent quilts you can often prioritize aesthetics, choosing a quilt that’s visually appealing for the space since these pieces might not need to be washed as often,” says Newhart.


What’s the difference between a quilt and a comforter?

There are a variety of things that differentiate a quilt from a comforter, the first being usage. While a comforter is always used as the top bedding layer, a quilt can be used in the living room as a seasonal blanket or even solely as a decorative piece. “Drape them across the bed, a quilt rack, or a couch to add color, texture, and visual warmth,” Newhart says.

Experts are quick to point out that the beauty and quality of a quilt are what separates it from a comforter. “I consider a huge difference being the handmade quality of a quilt and the imperfections that make them each unique with size and patterns,” interior designer Kiyonda Powell tells us.

“Quilts have a rich tradition as a piece that is both used and treasured,” Newhart says. “Whether a handmade quilt offering a bespoke feel or even a machine made quilt displayed at the foot of the bed, quilts add both actual and visual warmth to a space.”

But when it comes to using a quilt on your bed, comforters and quilts serve similar purposes in their own unique way. “A quilt is thinner and has less fill than a comforter, so it's less fluffy,” design expert Amanda Lauren explains. “It gives you a different feel than a comforter does because it has a true texture.”

How do you wash a quilt?

“Quilts are made to be used, but washing can be one of the biggest causes of damage or wear and tear,” Newhart says. When it comes to washing your quilt, she recommends doing it as infrequently as possible to minimize damage. “Most modern quilts are machine washable, but for handmade or family heirloom quilts, you might want to opt for spot cleaning or dry cleaning.”

As Newhart says, a lot of modern quilts on the market today are okay to machine wash with cold water on a gentle cycle and low-tumble dry. But before you do, just make sure to read the instructions carefully.

How should you layer a quilt on a bed?

“Quilts are perfect for layering and giving your bedding that little something extra by adding some dimension and even a color or pattern,” Newhart says. “It’s one of those pieces that almost perfectly balances beauty and functionality, which is the secret to a well-designed space.”

If your nights are especially cold, the quilt can be a part of your bedding set on top of or underneath a comforter or duvet. For a stylish touch, Lauren recommends leaving a little bit of the quilt sticking out to give off casually cool vibes.

You can also treat the quilt like an extra blanket, folding it horizontally at the end of your bed so it’s all set to pull over when you get a little chilly.

If the weather is warmer, though, you may want to use the quilt solely as the top of your bedding, layered over your sheets. “Style a quilt like a comforter but elevate the look by folding your top sheet over the edge of your quilt,” Lauren says. “Sheets and shams with scalloped or eyelet edges coordinate particularly well with quilts in general. Then add decorative pillows.”

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