12 Compact Desks That Will Add Tons of Style To Your Tiny Office

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A good desk is the key to staying productive throughout the day, especially when you have work assignments and Zoom calls to keep up with. While traditional styles tend to be on the bulky side, there are plenty of compact designs out there that bring tons of style to a room without compromising too much space.

From industrial designs to modern styles, there are plenty of desks out there designed to fit right into smaller spaces—and your design aesthetic.

Here, the best desks for small spaces.

Best Overall

George Oliver Morrisville Desk

Morrisville Desk

Courtesy of Wayfair

The 42-inch Morrisville Desk is made of bamboo and wooden board, and has a small frame that will fit well inside tiny spaces while adding a touch of chic flair. The white and wood combination paired with tapered legs give this desk a modern vibe, while the five drawers ensure you'll have plenty of room for all your supplies. It comes with a cable management system to keep you organized, as well as a small amount of shelving to display plants and other trinkets you want to keep on hand.

Best Budget

Corrigan Studio Xochitl Desk

Xochitl Desk

Courtesy of Wayfair

A two-drawer low profile desk is just what your small space ordered. The 39-inch Xochitl Desk has tapered wooden legs that create a sleek addition to your décor while also maintaining functionality. This desk is slim, but still wide enough to hold a desktop computer along with books and other work materials. Plus, it looks equally good as a vanity if you want to want to add a mirror and use it for your beauty routine, too.

Best Splurge

Temahome Volga Desk

Volga Desk

Courtesy of Wayfair

Finding a desk that's both compact and matches your décor style can be a tall order, but thanks to Temahome's Volga Desk, it's easy to find both. This desk pairs a minimal style with multiple color options so you can find the perfect fit for your space.

The Volga is available in five neutral color combinations (walnut/pure white, concrete/pure black, oak/matte white, oak/pure black, and walnut/pure black), each of which is made of wood with metal and lacquer details. It also features dividers to keep miscellaneous books and paperwork organized, as well as a cable management system so everything stays put. It's the ideal workspace if you're using a laptop or tablet—but if you're still not convinced, it's worth noting that it comes with a two-year warranty as well.

Best Secretary

West Elm Mid-Century Mini Secretary

West Elm Mid-Century Mini Secretary

Taking you back in time to the '50s and '60s, this fold-up secretary desk from West Elm is both elegant and space-saving. The acorn finish is neutral enough to fit with just about any style, and after flipping down the door you have ample space to place your laptop, important documents, and small trinkets. If your home office is all set, however, this desk can even double as an entryway table, or be used in your kitchen as storage for your recipes and cook books.

Best Wood

StyleWell Donnelly Metal Desk

StyleWell Donnelly Metal Desk

Sometimes simple fits the bill, and the StyleWell Donnelly Metal Desk is proof. This two-tone desk has a minimal design that offers storage and space without sacrificing style.

The metal and wood desk is offered in two color combinations—black/haze and white/natural—and features two drawers that can fit pens, pencils, papers, and other office essentials. It's the ideal size for a laptop and other small desk accessories and has a simple design that'll complement other décor  styles with ease.

Best Glass

Urban Outfitters Gabriella Desk

Urban Outfitters Gabriella Desk

Just because your schedule isn't light and airy doesn't mean your desk can't be. Take the Urban Outfitters Gabriella Desk, for example, which mixes rubberwood, tempered glass, and rose gold metal for a dreamy combination.

This smaller-sized desk is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, or anywhere else you've carved out an office. And while it certainly serves a functional purpose, the table is a gorgeous piece of décor as well. The glass component provides less visual impact, so it won't overpower your space.

Best Ladder

Crate and Barrel Sawyer Desk

Sawyer Desk

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

If you think you can't have a compact desk with decent storage, think again. Crate & Barrel's Sawyer Desk pairs a small blueprint with a wall-friendly design that'll create storage in your at-home office.

The Sawyer Desk is offered in two colors—black and white—and has a clean, modern design that'll fit right into any home design aesthetic. Unlike traditional styles, this desk extends upright and offers two extra shelves in addition to the built-in drawer. The base fits a laptop and small desk accessories comfortably, so you can use the shelves for décor, other accessories, or even just books and a small plant.

Best Industrial

West Elm Zane Mini Desk

West Elm Zane Mini Desk

For the perfect blend of style and function, look no further than West Elm's Zane Mini Desk. This chic design is small in stature but will make a big impact in any space.

It has a wood tabletop complete with a white lacquer finish and antique brass legs that give it a more industrial feel. Altogether, this desk offers a minimalist-meets-glam look that's perfect for a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or anywhere else you've carved out an at-home office. Though it doesn't have any built-in storage, there's ample room both on the desk and below for all your work supplies.

Best Modern

West Elm x PBT Mid-Century Smart Wall Desk

West Elm x PBT Mid-Century Smart Wall Desk
Courtesy of West Elm.

If you can't get enough storage you'll appreciate this mid-century desk, designed in collaboration with West Elm and Pottery Barn. The '50s-inspired design takes up less than 38 inches of wall space, yet provides a generous amount of shelves, cabinets, and drawers.

The desk is available in two colors—white and acorn—and provides the perfect amount of space for a home office. It features a corkboard and hidden USB strip, as well as a touch-activated LED dimmer so you can create the ideal workspace throughout the day. Plus, you can really make it your own little space thanks to ample storage that allows you to hide clutter and display desk accessories and decorative trinkets.

Best Folding

South Shore Evane Desk

South Shore Evane Desk

Courtesy of Wayfair

For a truly compact style, don't miss the South Shore Evane Desk. The design folds right up, so you can store it away with ease and create more space in your home between uses.

Available in two neutral color combinations—natural/white oak and camel/oak—the desk has a minimal, industrial design that'll fit right into any home style. It'll fit a laptop and desk accessories with room to spare, and even has ample space below so you won't feel cramped while you work. The best part? It comes fully assembled, so you can use it right away once you get it.

Best Standing

Fully Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk

Jaswig Nomad Standing Desk

Courtesy of Fully

You might think that standing desks are only for those with larger home offices, but even those with limited space can enjoy the sit/stand life with the Jaswig Nomad Desk. Lightweight and compact, this fully adjustable desk has a sliding mechanism to easily allow you to change positions throughout the day, and it even comes with a footrest for guaranteed comfort.

There are also options for customization, including a clamp-mounted surge protector, standing boards and anti-fatigue mats, and a laptop stand if you're willing to spend a little extra. The entire piece is made with natural materials, and comes with free shipping and 30-day returns.

Best Floating

Orange22Modern Minimal Floating Desk

Orange22Modern Minimal Floating Desk

Courtesy of Wayfair

Make use of extra wall space with a floating desk, a multifunctional option that can be used in tons of different ways. This piece found on Wayfair has a sleek, minimalist design that won't be an eyesore in your space. The tabletop has plenty of room for a laptop and notebook, plus has space underneath to store everything at the end of the day. When not in use as a desktop, it can be used as an entryway table to display plants, books, and other décor.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the George Oliver Morrisville Desk (view at Wayfair) for its modern design, ample storage space, and affordable price. If you're looking for something even less expensive, check out the Corrigan Studio Xochitl Desk (view at Wayfair), which has a simple, versatile look that'll work in any space.

What to Look For in a Small Space Desk


Desks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but there are a few you'll want to avoid if you live in a small space. Executive, L-shaped, and credenza desks are typically bulky and are best if you have a dedicated home office room, so it's best to take those styles off your list. Instead, look for writing desks, which are more compact than traditional styles. If you want something different, consider a secretary, ladder, or floating desk, all of which are made to maximize limited space.


If you're simply looking for a desktop that'll fit your laptop and maybe a notebook, the options for a small space-friendly desk are many. If you want a bit more, don't worry—there are plenty of desks that don't sacrifice functionality for a smaller footprint. You can find desks with drawers, shelving, and cable management systems to keep you organized and de-cluttered. Ladder desks offer the most built-in storage with the least amount of horizontal space, but you can also find writing desks with extra features too.


While you might be tempted to sit at your kitchen table or sofa and call it a day, your back and neck are most likely going to suffer. Look for a desk that aligns with your height, with the keyboard positioned at elbow height. While most standing desks are on the larger end, you can find more compact styles if you do some research. Equally important is the chair you use with your desk, so plan accordingly.