Don't Sweat It—These Are the Best Pillows for Keeping You Cool All Night Long

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If you're the type of person who runs hot at night or sweats while you sleep, choosing bedding that's made with cooling materials is essential. While breathable, moisture-wicking sheets and comforters are important, a cooling pillow is a must-have for a good night's sleep.

Whether you have neck pain, sleep on your stomach, or tend to toss and turn, there's a cooling pillow out there for you. With pillows these days offering temperature-regulating abilities to various fabric options to adjustable styles, you're sure to find your perfect match.

Here, the best cooling pillows.

Best Overall

Coop Sleep Goods The Eden Pillow

Coop Home Goods The Eden

Coop Sleep Goods

Looking for an all-around amazing cooling pillow with a high-quality design? You can't go wrong with the iconic Eden Pillow from Coop Home Goods. Filled with an ultra-plush blend of gel-infused memory foam and shredded microfiber, it delivers a luxurious cooling effect as you catch those Zs.

Not only that, but it's also adjustable—it comes with a bag of extra fill so you can add or take out the fluff to achieve your perfect level of support. The lightweight liner is made of breathable viscose rayon derived from bamboo and woven with polyester. It's stretchy, too, making it easy to shape to your preferences.

Best Budget

PharMeDoc Blue Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

PharMeDoc Blue Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

If you're on a budget, the PharMeDoc Pillow is an affordable option with a top-notch design. Made of gel-infused memory foam and hole-punched for extra ventilation, this pillow is cooling and breathable. It's soft and plush but also responsive, conforming to the unique shape of your head and neck while you doze off. The PharMeDoc is ideal for anyone with neck or back pain, even includes a cozy pillowcase that's machine-washable, so you can preserve the pillow with ease.

Best Gel

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows, Set of 2

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows, Set of 2


Fans of gel-infused mattresses and mattress toppers will appreciate this cooling bed pillow, which features an extra-plush gel fill that's encased in a soft and breathable cotton shell.

The Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow is designed with no-shift construction, meaning it'll keep its shape over time no matter how many restless nights you have—though, given its cooling technology that regulates your temperature, you're bound to sleep through the night. And don't stress about cleanliness—the pillow is fade-resistant and stain-resistant, as well as machine-washable, so it's easy to keep fresh.

Best Foam

Tuft & Needle Original Foam Pillow

Tuft & Needle Original Foam Pillow

Tuft & Needle

For a truly supportive design, consider Tuft & Needle's Original Foam Pillow. It's made to adapt to you and your body with ease, making it easy to fall right asleep and stay comfortable through the night.

This pillow is made of open-cell foam, a special cooling gel, and graphite, which pulls heat away from your body. The fill material is custom-cut instead of shredded or molded, resulting in a supportive, pressure-relieving feel. Plus, the hypoallergenic microfiber cover is seriously smooth and breathable, helping to wick away moisture and warmth as you sleep.

Best Latex

Avocado Green Pillow



If you prefer natural latex, you can't go wrong with the Avocado Green Pillow. Made of certified organic latex and silky cotton-like kapok fibers, this eco-friendly pillow sleeps cool and airy.

Perhaps one of the most unique parts of the pillow is its custom capabilities. Though it has a medium-density feel, you'll get an extra bag of fill material to customize your support level. It's GOTS-, GOLS-, and GREENGUARD Gold certified, and is both organic and vegan—so despite the higher price, it's a purchase you can feel good about. The pillow is offered in three sizes—Standard, Queen, and King—so you can get the perfect design for your bed.

Best Down

AIKOFUL Adjustable Goose Down Feather

AIKOFUL Adjustable Goose Down Feather

If you gravitate toward down bedding, you'll appreciate this adjustable goose feather pillow. The design features three layers of cushioning, all stacked into a large case, allowing you to take the layers in and out as needed to achieve your ideal plushness.

This lofty, cloud-like pillow comes with a cooling bamboo-rayon cover, helping to wick away moisture and regulate your body temperature while you rest. And, if you need more than one, you can purchase them in a two-pack and save money.

Best Bamboo

Sweetnight Bamboo Pillow

Sweetnight The Bamboo

Sweetnight's Bamboo Pillow is filled with activated bamboo and charcoal foam to prevent night sweats while minimizing odors. Not only that, but it's incredibly breathable and cooling, helping you sleep comfortably no matter where you are or what time of year it is.

Beyond keeping moisture at bay and providing good temperature control, this pillow has a decadent, upscale feel you won't find just anywhere. Plus, you can adjust the fill level to your liking through the zipper opening of the bamboo-derived rayon cover.

Best for Side Sleepers

The Company Store Serene Foam Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow

The Company Store Serene Foam Hypoallergenic Side Sleeper Pillow

The Serene Pillow was designed explicitly for side sleepers. It's made with state-of-the-art foam with microscopic air capsules, ensuring all-night breathability and keeping you cool by releasing heat. The knit cover encourages airflow throughout the night as well.

This cooling pillow is also molded with large gussets, a huge plus for side sleepers. The unique contoured shape minimizes neck and shoulder strain while helping you stay comfy on your side to prevent tossing and turning.

Best for Stomach Sleepers

Buffy Cloud Pillow

Buffy Cloud Pillow


Stomach sleepers rejoice in the pleasantly supportive yet dreamily soft Cloud Pillow. The extra-breathable cover is made of 100 percent eucalyptus, which is softer and more sustainable than cotton—an ideal situation given that it'll be touching your face throughout the night.

This pillow is cool to the touch and features an air-blown fill fiber made of recycled plastic bottles—though you won't believe it when you feel how fluffy it is. The pillow is offered in two sizes and three firmness levels, so you can get a pillow with the ideal support for you. (Hint: Stomach sleepers should get the softest one possible.)

Best for Back Sleepers

Coyuchi Turiya Organic Latex Pillow

Turiya Organic Latex Pillow
Courtesy of Coyuchi.

For back sleepers, look no further than the Coyuchi Turiya Pillow. This organic latex pillow is designed to support proper alignment and relieve pressure on your neck. The key is the unique contouring—there's a large divot in the middle for your head, as well as two smaller divots on the sides in case you want to sleep on your side. Either way, your head will be cradled within the contouring, making you feel totally supported and comfortable.

The medium-firm Dunlop latex is punctured throughout to ensure breathability while keeping you cool and comfy. As for the case, you can rest assured knowing you're sleeping on high-quality organic cotton sateen.

Best for Neck Pain

Purple Harmony Pillow

Purple Harmony Pillow


If you struggle with neck pain, the Harmony Pillow can help provide the relief you crave. Made with Purple's beloved hyper-elastic Grid Hex technology, it instantly adapts to the shape of your head and neck for customized comfort.

The responsive support immediately alleviates pressure while keeping you cool and comfortable in any position. The stretchy mesh-woven cover is designed to encourage airflow and wick away moisture, too, for added comfort.

Best Body Pillow

SensorPEDIC CoolMax Cooling Body Pillow

SensorPEDIC CoolMax Cooling Body Pillow

For those who run hot but still like to cuddle up to something soft, the CoolMax is a great solution. This premium body pillow is filled with an ultra-plush polyester material that's perfect for snuggling and plenty supportive for your knees and hips. Plus, the opulently soft cover is woven with SensorPedic's CoolMax technology, which helps you stay cool and dry at night.

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow (view at Coop Home Goods), which has a breathable design and allows you to customize the level of fill. For a more budget-friendly option, consider the PharMeDoc Blue Cooling Memory Foam Pillow (view at Walmart), which is both cooling and breathable without breaking the bank.

What to Look For in a Cooling Pillow

Fill Material

The fill is arguably the most important feature of all pillows—especially cooling pillows. Gel-infused foam and latex are the most popular options for ultimate breathability and temperature regulation—both materials are fairly similar in feel, but latex is more eco-friendly. Memory foam is generally not a very cooling material, so if you want it you should look for gel- or charcoal-infused varieties. Similarly, shredded foam allows for better airflow.


The case material matters too. Cotton is known for being one of the more breathable textiles for pillows, though most lightweight, mesh-like materials are also good choices. Though less common, bamboo and eucalyptus-derived rayon are other solid options. And of course, the type of pillowcase you use matters too. Avoid polyester bedding and instead choose crisp cotton percale, airy linen, or super soft eucalyptus or bamboo.


Many modern pillows are adjustable, meaning you can add and remove the fill to achieve your preferred level of support. If you're not entirely sure how firm or dense you'd like your pillow to be or want the option to switch it up, we suggest going with an adjustable design.

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