These Luxurious Cashmere Blankets Are What Dreams Are Made Of

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It’s hard to imagine anything cozier than a cashmere blanket. Cashmere—a super-soft fiber derived from cashmere goats—is widely recognized as one of the coziest and most luxurious textiles around. “Cashmere is light, wrinkle-resistant—not to mention luxurious,” Kendra Nash, principal designer at Nash Design Group, says. And Whitney Ray, principal designer at Wyeth Ray Interiors, agrees. “Cashmere blankets are definitely a luxury, but they will serve you for many years,” she says. 

Once you’ve decided to invest in a cashmere blanket, you’ll have a bunch of great options to choose from. First, pay attention to what material the blanket is made of. Since many cashmere blankets are made of a wool-cashmere blend, you shouldn’t assume a blanket is 100 percent cashmere until you’ve checked its fiber breakdown. 

Then, if you can, see how the blanket feels. “I was taught by a dealer years ago to always look for cashmere that feels completely soft to the touch for the highest quality,” Ray notes, adding that itchiness may be a sign that cashmere is lower-quality or less warm. Finally, consider how the blanket looks. Does it come in a color that suits your space? Think about how it will look draped over your couch when you’re not snuggled up with it. (Odds are, it’ll look great—but it’s still worth considering.)

Now that you’ve brushed up on the ins and outs of cashmere, it’s time to start shopping. And we’ve rounded up the best cashmere blankets that are striking, cozy, and worthy of a spot on your sofa.

Best Overall

Frontgate Cashmere Fringe Throw

Frontgate Cashmere Fringe Throw


Dimensions: 50 x 70 inches | Material: 100% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

Crafted from pure cashmere and lined with fringe, Frontgate’s Cashmere Fringe Throw is about as classic as cashmere blankets come. The blanket is made entirely from cashmere that was sourced from Inner Mongolia—a region renowned for its cashmere. Long and fine, these cashmere fibers lend the blanket a cloud-like texture that promises to grow softer with time.

At 50 inches by 70 inches, the blanket is longer than the average throw, and each of its shortest edges is lined with a full four inches of gossamer fringe. This fringe adds visual interest without detracting from the blanket’s classic look and feel, and it’s exactly as soft and cloud-like as the rest of the blanket.

Available in rich, elegant hues—like ivory, red, and aubergine—the blanket is sure to make a statement in any home. And if you want to make yours even more special, you can personalize it with a monogram for a fee.

Best Budget

Garnet Hill Wool and Cashmere Throw

Garnet Hill Wool and Cashmere Throw

Garnet Hill

Dimensions: 50 x 70 inches | Material: 95% wool/5% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

Craving that cashmere look and feel without the notoriously high price point? You'll need to search for a cashmere blend—and Garnet Hill has you covered. The brand’s Wool and Cashmere Throw is equal parts snuggly and budget-friendly—a combination we can definitely get behind.

The wallet-friendly throw blends real cashmere with super soft wool to keep you cozy for less, striking the perfect balance between luxury and durability. To top it all off, the throw is available in seven solid colors and five pretty plaids. And if you don’t mind spending a little extra, you can even personalize your throw with a custom monogram.

Best Splurge

Sferra Dorsey Throw

Sferra Dorsey Throw


Dimensions: 50 x 70 inches | Material: 100% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

It isn’t hard to find a splurge-worthy cashmere blanket. But if you want to treat yourself to one of the most luxurious throws around, consider snagging Sferra’s Dorsey Throw. Crafted from 100 percent cashmere, this blanket feels luxuriously soft and exquisitely warm. And in addition to being napped with a delicate watermark weave, the blanket is finished with fringed ends. These artisanal details nod to the company’s deep legacy of craftsmanship, and they leave the blanket feeling particularly special. 

Available in eight striking colors, the Dorsey Throw will make an elegant addition to any living room. And if you want your blanket to feel truly one-of-a-kind, you can have Sferra monogram it for a small fee.

Best Cable Knit

Ralph Lauren Cable Cashmere Throw Blanket

Ralph Lauren Home Cable Cashmere Throw

Ralph Lauren

Dimensions: 60 x 60 inches | Material: 100% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

If you’ve ever wished for a cashmere blanket as cozy as your favorite sweater, Ralph Lauren Home is here to make your dreams come true. The brand’s Cable Cashmere Throw boasts a cozy cable knit—one you’d usually find on sweaters or socks. But because the blanket is made entirely from cashmere, you can expect that thick knit to feel incredibly soft, cozy, and warm.

At 60 inches by 60 inches, the blanket is bigger than your average throw—and just wide enough to share with someone else. And thanks to its supple feel and heavier-than-average weight, the blanket should deliver plenty of cozy warmth every time you snuggle up with it. Snag the blanket in a variety of versatile colors, including heathered blue, royal purple, and bordeaux.

Best Fringed

Sofia Cashmere Fringed Cashmere Throw

Sofia Cashmere Fringed Cashmere Throw


Dimensions: 72 x 56 inches | Material: 100% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

Cashmere throws aren’t just décor pieces, so you need a chic blanket that can hold up to daily use. And Sofia Cashmere’s Fringed Cashmere Throw promises to deliver.

Sofia Cashmere sources their fibers from the grasslands of Mongolia and China, the heart of high-quality cashmere production. With its long fibers, the blanket promises to outlast the competition, remaining pill-free for longer. Best of all? The pure cashmere throw comes in an array of versatile colors—ranging from soft, cozy neutrals to richer, more vibrant shades. So you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an option that suits your space. (Frankly, you’ll probably find a few.)

Best Extra-Large

Williams Sonoma Solid Cashmere Throw

Williams Sonoma Solid Cashmere Throw

Williams Sonoma

Dimensions: 50 x 65 inches or 72 x 80 inches | Material: 100% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

Williams Sonoma's Solid Cashmere Throw isn’t just incredibly cozy, but it’s also bigger than your average throw. While most throw blankets measure 60 inches long and 50 inches wide, the Solid Cashmere Throw is a whopping 80 inches long and 72 inches wide. Thanks to these extra inches, you shouldn’t have any trouble warming yourself up from head-to-toe.

Of course, size isn’t the only thing this blanket has going for it. Crafted from 100 percent cashmere, the blanket should feel incredibly soft and warm, and its fringed edges add a pop of visual interest that makes extra pretty. Snag the throw in one of several striking colors, and consider personalizing it with a monogram for an extra fee.

Best Plaid

Amicale Cashmere Plaid Throw

Amicale Cashmere Plaid Throw

Blooming dales

Dimensions: 52 x 70 inches | Material: 100% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

Plaid and cashmere make a delightful duo in Amicale’s Cashmere Plaid Throw. The blanket is made entirely from cashmere sourced directly from Mongolia, so you can trust that it boasts some of the softest, finest fibers around.

Whereas other cashmere blankets come in striking solid colors, Amicale’s Cashmere Plaid Throw comes in three pretty plaids (although you can choose from a few solid options as well). Decide between a blue plaid on a beige background, a black plaid on a white background, and a light brown plaid on a white background. And rest assured knowing that with options so classic and versatile, it’s just about impossible to go wrong.

Best Colorful

Anthropologie Ombre Dyed Cashmere Throw Blanket

Ombre Dyed Cashmere Throw Blanket

Dimensions: 60 x 50 inches | Material: 100% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

Craving a luxurious throw that can double as a pop of color? Anthropologie’s Dyed Cashmere Throw Blanket will get the job done. The blanket is made entirely of cashmere, so you can expect it to feel cloud-like and cozy—just like a classic cashmere blanket would. But where other cashmere blankets are designed to look subtle and sophisticated, Anthropologie’s Dyed Cashmere Throw Blanket is designed to stand out.

The blanket is available in six striking shades, including bright red, warm brown, and dark yellow. And not one of these hues is rendered as a solid color. Instead, each blanket boasts a hand-dyed ombré finish—one that gets darker at the edges and softer in the middle. This technique adds dimension to the blanket, making it even bolder—and more colorful—than it already is.

Best Ribbed

Ben Soleimani Ribbed Cashmere Throw

Ben Soleimani Ribbed Cashmere Throw

Ben Soleimani

Dimensions: 50 x 60 inches | Material: 100% cashmere | Care: Dry clean only

Cashmere throws may be known for being warm and cozy, but they tend to be pretty lightweight. Ben Soleimani’s Ribbed Cashmere Throw offers a delightful break from this trend. Ribbed for thickness and texture, the Ribbed Cashmere Throw feels more like a chunky knit blanket than a classic cashmere throw. But since it’s made entirely from cashmere, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—the chunky weight of a knit blanket, plus the cloud-like comfort of a cashmere throw.

Sleek details—like a straight-edged, fringe-free border—finish off the throw, making it feel both modern and timeless. And since the blanket is available in four versatile neutrals, it should make an easy addition to any room in your home.

Final Verdict

There’s a lot to love about Frontgate's Cashmere Fringe Throw (view at Frontgate). Crafted from 100 percent cashmere, this blanket feels soft and luxurious. And since it’s designed to resist pilling, it should hold up over time—even after regular snuggle sessions. For something more budget-friendly, we recommend Garnet Hill's Wool & Cashmere Throw (view at Garnet Hill), which is made from a blend of cozy cashmere with super-soft wool.

What to Look for in a Cashmere Blanket


If quality it what you're after, be sure the cashmere you're buying is sourced from Mongolia or China. Also, take note that some cashmere blankets aren’t actually entirely from cashmere. Instead, they’re made from a wool-cashmere blend, which helps bring down the price. So before committing to a cashmere blanket, be sure to double-check its fabric blend.


Cashmere is an expensive material, and if you want a 100 percent cashmere throw you should expect to pay at least around $300, if not more. The higher price means cashmere throws make excellent wedding or housewarming gifts, as they're luxury items you might not plan to buy for yourself. You can, however, save money by buying a throw made from a cashmere blend, which should be just as soft as pure cashmere but cost closer to $100.


When your cashmere blanket isn’t warming you up on a cold day, it’ll probably end up draped over your couch on full display. So try to score a cashmere throw that’s pretty enough to double as dècor. Since cashmere blankets tend to be elegant and luxurious, this shouldn’t be tough to accomplish. Just snag a throw in a color that suits your home’s palette, and you should be good to go.


How do you wash a cashmere blanket?

Many cashmere blankets are dry clean only, so washing your cashmere blanket could be as easy as taking a trip to your local dry cleaner. That said, some cashmere blankets can hold up to hand washing if needed. “When I do need to wash [my cashmere blankets], I wash by hand and lay flat to air dry,” Ray says. Be sure to check your cashmere blanket’s care instructions to find out exactly how it needs to be washed and dried.

Are cashmere blankets warm?

Though cashmere tends to feel thinner and more lightweight than traditional sheep’s wool, cashmere blankets are often incredibly warm. “Cashmere ... has the quality of being warmer than sheep’s wool, but [it’s] also thinner and less bulky,” Ray says. So while it won't have the heft you might associate with a cozy blanket, it'll definitely do a good job at warming you up.

How durable are cashmere blankets?

Despite their delicate feel, cashmere blankets can be incredibly durable. Ray says hers have lasted her nearly a decade. “I think [cashmere blankets are] just like any other luxury,” she says. “If you take care of [them], [they] will last a really long time.”

To keep your cashmere blankets in tip-top shape, be sure to store them properly. “When you do want to put away your favorite blanket, don't forget to store it properly,” Nash says. “Folded neatly with a sachet of cedar wood chips and a few drops of lavender essential oils works for me.” Ray adds that you should make sure to keep your blankets away from heat and moisture, too.

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