41 Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas We're Currently Coveting

Twin beds with wallpaper

Calimia Home

Wallpaper can be a lot of things, but there is no denying that it packs a punch in any room it's in. From bold and modern to traditional and neutral, wallpaper can take on so many different forms, and it always adds endless texture and depth to your space. And when it comes to the bedroom, wallpaper is such a simple and elegant way to elevate your sanctuary.

Installing wallpaper used to be a pain, but nowadays there are so many places you can purchase wallpaper and many are simple for even a novice DIYer.

Before you pick up that can of paint, take a look at these bedroom wallpaper ideas that truly transform these rooms.

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Go Graphic

Wallpaper with geographic design

Britt Design Studio

Throw away every rule you've ever lived by when it comes to patterns. Don't be afraid to mix and match, even when they are graphic and eye-catching. The best way to pair two different patterns together is to try to vary up the scale of each one and pull in complimentary colors that don't compete.

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Think About the 5th Wall

Bedroom with bird wallpaper on the ceiling

Reena Sotropa

You probably don't think much about how to decorate your ceiling, but this bird wallpaper will make you think again. Add a fun pop of color and pattern to your ceiling to give your room more depth and make it appear larger and higher.

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Go for Monochrome

Bedroom with modern wallpaper

Victoria Larson Textiles

When decorating with a bold wallpaper, you can tone down the rest of the space by sticking to one or two key colors. Pick a simple palette and pull the color or colors through the accessories and furniture so your wallpaper takes center stage.

Renters don't have to be afraid of wallpaper, but do research before you hang temporary wallpaper and be prepared to patch up the paint a bit when removing it.

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Give Metallic a Try

Metallic wallpaper

Lime Lace

A splash of gold or silver can truly make your small bedroom shine. Look for a wallpaper with flecks of gold or go all in on the metallic look with a bold, graphic pattern that also acts as artwork.

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Wallpaper the Top Half

Floral wallpaper

Staying in Studio

Wainscoting or paneling is a great way to add texture to your space, but you can expand that look by wallpapering the top half of the wall. A lovely floral wallpaper that pulls in colors from the headboard or other accessories in your room is a great way to unify the whole space.

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Keep It Vintage

Vintage floral wallpaper

S.E.W. At Home

A vintage-inspired wallpaper can give a modern space a more traditional feel. Look for patterns with intricate details and muted colors.

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Create Faux Paneling

Blue wallpaper panel look

Our Inglefield

Wood paneling is back in style because it can add visual interest to a space without cluttering it up. But if hanging paneling isn't on your DIY list, consider a wallpaper with vertical lines to create the same effect.

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Pick a Large Pattern

Nursery with floral wallpaper

Reena Sotropa

If you have a small room, opting for a wallpaper with a large print can actually help your room appear larger and more open. However, avoid hanging artwork over the wallpaper which can make a small space look cluttered.

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Go Retro

Retro inspired wallpaper

Design: Blessed Little BungalowPhotography: Brandon Grate

There's a myth that wallpaper is a little "vintage", but the truth is it can feel incredibly modern and hip. But if you want to find that happy medium, consider a pattern with retro-inspired colors paired with Art Deco accessories.

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Give It a Hotel Vibe

Midcentury bedroom with wallpaper

Ashley Webb

Can't go on vacation all the time? Make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel with a modern, subtle wallpaper that elevates the whole space.

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Opt for Neutral Colors

Bedroom with slanted ceilings

Britt Design Studio

If you're concerned about wallpaper feeling overwhelming in your space, stick to neutral colors and let the pattern be the focus instead.

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Pick a Theme Color

blue and white themed room

Britt Design Studio

You don't need to stick to a monochromatic color scheme, but it's a good idea to pick a dominating color to set your palette for the rest of the room.

Scared of commitment? Look for temporary wallpaper or self-stick options that aren't as permanent as stronger adhesive options.

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Go Gray

Modern penthouse bedroom

Brexton Cole Interiors

A calming gray is a good choice for a bedroom because it creates a soothing, tranquil vibe in the space. If you want to keep it modern, add a few pops of bold color alongside it.

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Try a Muted Green

Green and white wallpaper

Calimia Home

We love unexpected neutrals. These are colors that can feel like a neutral but still offer a touch of color in the space. Consider a soft green wallpaper to give off a simple, neutral vibe without feeling devoid of color.

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Transform a Kid's Room

Gold floral wallpaper

Reena Sotropa

Give your child's bedroom a makeover with wallpaper that feels a little sophisticated but also playful and fun at the same time.

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Think Outside the Box

Bedroom with popcorn wallpaper

Charlie Interior Design

Though wallpaper can be classic and traditional, it can also be fun and surprising. This whimsical popcorn themed wallpaper is perfect for updating a kid's room, but we also love it in a small den or movie room.

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Create a Statement Wall

Wallpaper bedroom

Charlie Interior Design

A large, empty wall can be difficult to decorate so wallpaper can be a great option. Pick a wallpaper with a bold pattern, but consider keeping the color subtle so it doesn't completely overwhelm the rest of the room.

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Focus on the Details

Bird wallpaper

Katie Martinez

Wallpaper instantly adds visual interest to your space, but when you find a design that features fun, unexpected details, it becomes even more eye-catching. Look for a wallpaper with small details that keeps the eye engaged and keep the rest of the space paired down.

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Embrace Art Deco

Bird wallpaper

Nude and the Novice

Art Deco bedrooms are definitely having a moment right now, This pink cloud and bird wallpaper is perfect for giving your bedroom a Deco feel and paired wonderfully with the cane headboard.

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Create a Mural

Pink tree wallpaper

Nude and the Novice

A mural is a great way to fill a large empty wall, but if you're not artistically inclined, consider a wallpaper option that does it for you. This pink tree accent wall looks hand painted, but even a beginner DIYer can recreate this look.

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Go Black and White

Black and white wallpaper

Nude and the Novice

Black and white is a classic theme for the bedroom, but consider giving it a modern twist with a graphic, eye-catching black and white wallpaper. Pair it with bold, primary colors as seen here or keep it traditional with white furniture and accents.

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Look for Subtle Patterns

Blue and white wallpaper

Morse Design

Wallpaper doesn't have to be bold and fierce. For a minimalist look that still gives maximum impact, go for a wallpaper with thin lines and light colors to add just a little texture.

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Keep It Classic

Neutral wallpaper

Chelius House of Design

If your style is classic and traditional, look for a subtle wallpaper with muted colors and a simple pattern that plays well with the rest of your furniture and color palette. A soft color will also feel timeless for years to come.

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Make It Touchy

Gray wallpaper

Dan Rak

While wallpaper can add visual interest, it can also add texture to a space that you can touch. Look for a textured wallpaper made from a material such as grasscloth to give your space a warm, cozy feel.

This wallpaper look is also a great way to create a room that can feel both feminine and masculine at the same time.

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Consider a Rustic Botanical Wallpaper

Traditional wallpaper

Dan Rak

Whether you have a green thumb or not, a subtle floral wallpaper can be a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Look for subtle colors to create a rustic, calming vibe.

A vertical-based pattern will instantly draw the eye up to the ceiling and can create the illusion of taller rooms.

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Look for Repeating Patterns

Lux bedroom look

Dan Rak

An eye-catching pattern is a great way to pack a big punch in a small space. A repeating graphic design will draw the eye in and add an instant depth to your room. Try to avoid too many small prints throughout the room, and be sure to mix up the scale of each pattern.

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Wallpaper a Panel

Bedroom with white bed

Dan Rak

If you have a uniquely shaped wall or an alcove, consider delineating the space by hanging wallpaper. This is a great way to add an accent in the room without worrying about large pieces of art.

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Look for Artsy Designs

Bunk bed with wallpaper

Cathie Hong

From watercolors to line-drawn artwork, wallpaper can feel incredibly personal and artistic. Consider options with intricate details that make your room feel like a work of art.

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Embrace Boho

Rattan bed in bedroom

D Burns Interiors

You can get that boho look that is super trendy while still playing with patterns and colors. This medallion patterned wallpaper gives this room a playful, boho vibe that pairs well with the rattan bed.

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Go All Out With Wallpaper

Bedroom with green wallpaper

Erin Williamson Design

While it is often cheaper and easier to focus on a wallpapered accent wall, don't be afraid to go all in and wallpaper the entire room. Pick either a subtle, neutral pattern or a bolder color with a repeating pattern for symmetry and cohesiveness.

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Add Soft Texture

Blue and white bedroom

JLA Designs

A pattern with a sharp, defined line will draw the eye in and instantly pop, but a pattern with softer shapes and blurred lines is a great way to add color without an overpowering feel in the space.

Be mindful before you hang artwork over even subtle wallpaper, so it doesn't clash. We love sticking to black and white images or picking a theme color throughout the artwork.

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Go for Beige

Beige wallpaper in a bedroom

Studio KT

Beige is one of those colors that gets a bad rep, but when used correctly it can totally transform a room. Pick a cooler beige that feels light and airy with a subtle pattern to keep your room modern and airy.

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Go Blue

Blue themed bedroom

Studio Peake

Blue is such a soothing and inviting color in the bedroom. We love this monochromatic bedroom with blue accents and a subtle blue and white patterned wallpaper. Blue is a great color for a small space because it packs a punch. It also comes in so many shades that it can also feel subtle and calming.

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Make It Modern

Yellow wallpaper in bedroom

Reena Sotropa

Embrace a contemporary art house feel in your bedroom with a bold pattern wallpaper that feels like a work of art. Keep the rest of the room fairly neutral, so the bold wallpaper becomes the focal point.

Changed your mind about old wallpaper? The good news is you can paint right over it as long as you take a few steps to prep the space first.

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Fill the Space Behind Your Bed

Mid century bedroom with mirror

Cathie Hong

Decorating behind your bed can be a difficult task, but hanging wallpaper on the entire wall is a great way to fill the space, Be careful about hanging a contrasting piece of art, but a mirror or handwoven textile can be a great pairing with a patterned wallpaper.

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Go Wild With Color

Colorful wallpaper in bedroom

Reena Sotropa

Decorating with color isn't something that should be shied away from. This bright, whimsical wallpaper is artsy and filled with color. It's the perfect way to transform a neutral bedroom that needs a big dose of personality.

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Look for a "Barely There" Wallpaper

Girl bedroom

Reena Sotropa

Wallpaper doesn't have to be bold or eye-catching. It can still pack a punch when it's subtle and a little unexpected. Look for very slight patterns that almost disappear from far away but add a surprising texture when you're up close.

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Look for Watercolors

Gray bedroom

Reena Sotropa

There's something incredibly soothing and calming about a watercolor, so we love the idea of using it in a wallpaper. This gray and white wallpaper feels incredibly soft and tranquil, and it is a perfect choice for creating that spa-like bedroom feel.

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Look to Nature

Gold and white wallpaper

Reena Sotropa

Some of the best home décor inspiration comes directly from the great outdoors. Consider wallpaper patterns with nature-inspired designs such as leaves or florals. You can mix things up by picking natural patterns in surprising colors such as yellow or blue.

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Old School Florals

Floral wallpaper in bedroom

Reena Sotropa

A floral wallpaper can be a great homage to a vintage, classic feel but it doesn't have to look outdated or stuffy. Pick a traditional-inspired pattern with muted, modern colors such as orange or green to keep things fresh and updated.

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Add a Gradient

Purple gradient wallpaper

Whittney Parkinson

If you've shied away from color in the past, it's time to get more comfortable with it. But that doesn't mean you have to go from zero to 100 overnight. This fun purple wallpaper features a gradient that adds just enough color to the room.