27 Classic Bedroom Styles to Consider When Decorating Your Space

A traditional farmhouse bedroom with mauve gingham curtains, knit blankets, and floral pillows

mStarr Design

There are so many ways to decorate a bedroom, and whether you plan on mixing motifs or committing to just one aesthetic, the first step is simple: peruse a bunch of different bedroom styles. If your goal is to pull pieces from different design movements and effortlessly blend them together, looking at bedroom styles will help you understand your options. And if your aim is to go all-in on one aesthetic, you’ll find the blueprint for pulling it off. 

Of course, reading up on bedroom styles is one thing—and actually seeing those aesthetics executed is another. So we’ve rounded up some of the most striking mono-style bedrooms we could find. Each of these bedrooms nods to an era, a design movement, or a visual motif, and demonstrates exactly how to pull off that bedroom style in your space.

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A Scandinavian-style bedroom with cozy neutral bedding and sleek black decor

Coco Lapine Design

Scandinavian design is known for its sleek shapes, cozy feel, and minimalist approach to décor—three features that make for a truly lovely bedroom. Since the aesthetic is so pared-down, it’s pretty easy to pull off.

Start by stocking up on cozy bedding and plush throw pillows. Then, layer in a few sleek accents like small ceramics and striking lamps.

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A coastal bedroom with white walls, white and blue bedding, and light brown accents

Design: Mindy Gayer Design, Photo: Lane Dittoe

Bright and breezy, coastal décor makes you feel like you’re by the beach even when there’s no ocean in sight. The relaxed aesthetic is known for its emphasis on natural light, textured materials, and beachy colors.

To achieve this look in your bedroom, pair pale hardwood floors with crisp white walls. And bring your space together with classic coastal accents, like sky blue throw pillows and rattan shades.

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Midcentury Modern

A midcentury modern bedroom with a black bed, brown furniture, and green and gold accents

Amy Bartlam

Midcentury modern design has become a fan-favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. The design movement—which dates back to the mid-1900s—was all about marrying function with form. So stock up on sleek versions of the furniture you need, keep décor to a minimum, and favor materials that own what they are.

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A traditional farmhouse bedroom with mauve gingham curtains, knit blankets, and floral pillows

mStarr Design

Farmhouse style is everyone’s favorite way to make a space feel homey, and it’s sure to leave you with a cozy bedroom. Keep your colors soft, your prints simple, and your materials natural.

Remember, farmhouse style can get as modern or as shabby-chic as you want it to. You can keep your walls white and your furniture sleek, or fill your room with the most rustic antiques you can find.

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An eclectic bedroom with mismatched pillows, blue bedding, a striped rug, and star-lined drapes

Katie Hodges Design

Can’t settle on just one style, palette, or print? Eclectic décor may be right up your alley. The design style celebrates the art of mixing and matching, so pair contrasting colors, stock up on prints, and pull pieces from different eras. The approach is sure to leave you with a bedroom that looks dynamic, textured, and delightfully fun.

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A Southwestern bedroom with wood-lined walls and a minimalist bed

Arbor & Co.

Filled with eye-catching prints, warm wood accents, and desert-friendly plants, Southwestern décor offers a modern take on rustic style. Set the scene with some sleek wood furniture, layer in some printed pillows and rugs, and finish off your space with some classically “Wild West” accents—like a cowhide rug, a longhorn skull, or a cactus.

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An industrial bedroom with concrete ceilings, hardwood floors, and contemporary gray furniture and decor

Devon Grace Interiors

If your bedroom is lined with cement ceilings, wall-to-wall windows, and exposed pipes, you’re already well on your way to an industrial space. The industrial aesthetic is simultaneously sleek and rugged—taking cues from warehouses, factories, and other industrial buildings.

Keep your furniture sleek and your décor pared-down, and look for places to add classically industrial materials, like concrete and metal.

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Art Deco

A contemporary Art Deco bedroom with orange wallpaper, orange pillows, and a starburst chandelier

Michelle Boudreau Design

The Art Deco period (of the early 1900s) was bold, playful, and luxurious. So if you’re looking for a bedroom that makes a statement, the Art Deco movement has you covered.

Favor rich colors, bold prints, shiny metals, and luxurious finishing touches. Could you put up some playful wallpaper, hang a grandiose light fixture, and invest in some hotel-worthy bedding?

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A minimalist bedroom with white walls, white bedding, and two sleek beige lamps

Post Company

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. And since the minimalist design movement is all about intentionality, it should leave you with a space that feels as good as it looks.

Focus on scoring the pieces you need like a sturdy bed, some cozy bedding, a nightstand, and a bedside lamp. Keep your aesthetic clean by favoring sleek lines and neutral colors wherever you can.

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A traditional bedroom with a large wooden bed and classic white bedding

The Grit and Polish

Traditional style is exactly as it sounds: simple, classic, and probably something you saw a lot of growing up. The key to pulling off the style is to invest in genuinely traditional pieces. Pair a sturdy wooden bed with a simple white quilt, and if you have the space, bring some antique furniture into your bedroom, too.

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A rustic bedroom with wood-lined walls, white bedding, and fraying olive green curtains

Ashley Montgomery Design

If you want your bedroom to feel as cozy as a mountainside cabin, rustic décor should help you get there. Stock up on homespun linens, distressed wood furniture, and rugged metal fixtures. And remember that items that are scratched, chipped, or rusty are welcome in rustic décor—so long as they’re still functional.

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A Moroccan-inspired bedroom with bone inlay furniture, patterned walls, and bold blue and yellow accents

Maite Granda

Many interior designers have taken inspiration from Moroccan design, weaving traditional elements with motifs you’d find in contemporary Western interiors. Hallmarks of Moroccan design—like intricate tile mosaics and colorful bone inlay furniture—can make striking additions to any home. But we recommend doing a little research so you can nod to the style with respect and understanding.

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A monochromatic bedroom decorated with colors along the almond-to-white spectrum

Becca Interiors

The word “monochromatic” describes a color scheme—not an aesthetic. But since monochromatic bedrooms are so eye-catching, they’re worth considering as you decorate your space. To pull off the look, simply pick a color and stick with it. And remember that you can add contrast by exploring different shades of that color.

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A contemporary bedroom with a gray bed, large abstract art, and a contemporary chandelier

Sire Design

Sleek and streamlined, contemporary design will make you feel like the present and future have collided. Whereas “modern style” refers to a specific design movement from the mid-1900s, “contemporary style” refers to the cutting edge of design today. So fill your palette with cool neutrals, snag some experimental furniture, and decorate with a few works of abstract art.

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Desert Modern

A desert modern bedroom with wood furniture, Southwestern pillows, and modern accents

Julian Porcino

The desert-modern style boasts the clean lines of modern design and the cozy warmth of Southwestern décor. And the result is an aesthetic that’s both sleek and welcoming.

Set the scene with warm hardwood floors, and stock up on sleek modern furniture. Then, top things off with classic Southwestern accents—like printed throw pillows, textured rugs, and a couple of potted cacti.

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A country-style bedroom with antique wooden furniture, floral throw pillows, and macrame curtains

Katie Martinez Design

Country style is all about keeping things traditional. In the style, sturdy antique pieces live side-by-side with classically homey accents, like frills, pastel colors, and dainty floral prints. So top an iron bed frame with a few homespun linens, keep your palette soft and subdued, and pair your favorite distressed furniture with some pretty floral accents.

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A bohemian bedroom decorated with colorful bedding, plenty of plants, and a hanging woven chair

Julia Robbs

Textured, earthy, and breezy, boho décor will make you feel like you’ve stepped foot in paradise. The aesthetic is all about layering different colors, prints, and textures. And it makes the most of natural accents—like plants, woven rugs, and rattan furniture. Since boho décor is so popular, there are tons of ways to pull off the look. Focus on grounding your space with a palette you love. Then, layer in textured pieces, natural accents, and other cozy touches.

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A Victorian-style bedroom with an ornate bed frame, a gold chandelier, and printed curtains

Tyler Karu

Craving a bedroom fit for royalty? The Victorian era has you covered. The period was known for its decorative approach to design, which involved ornamental molding, dramatic drapes, printed wallpaper, and a whole lot of other statement-making accents.

Since the movement involved so much décor, your Victorian bedroom options abound. You could hang a pretty chandelier, decorate with ornate mirrors, or snag a classically Victorian headboard—that’s ornately shaped and luxuriously tufted.

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Ski Lodge

A cozy ski lodge bedroom with wood-lined walls and a fireplace

Kendall Wilkinson Design

Ski lodges are known for being incredibly luxurious places. And with a little effort, you can capture some of that luxury in your own bedroom. Pair rustic wood accents with plush blankets and pillows. And if you can, sneak in a winter-friendly fixture—like a cozy bedside fireplace (or at least a cozy bedside candle).

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A maximalist bedroom with wallpaper-lined walls, a bold printed rug, a green bed frame, and printed throw pillows

Maite Granda

If you believe that more is more, go all out on a maximalist bedroom. And that doesn’t necessarily mean pairing every print in sight. Maximalism isn’t about throwing everything in one room—it’s about combining colors, patterns, and textures in unexpected ways. So start by scoring a few pieces you love, then layer in some surprising complements.

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A transitional bedroom with a classic headboard, sleek tan bedding, and a modern side table

Amy Bartlam

Feeling torn between past and present? There’s an aesthetic for that. Transitional design bridges the gap between traditional design and contemporary design, leaving you with an interior that feels classic but fresh. Consider pairing a heavy traditional bed frame with some lower-profile pieces, and stick to a palette that’s warm but subdued.

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A California Cool bedroom with white walls, beach-inspired prints, and a woven headboard

Julian Porcino

The “California cool” look is sunny, vibrant, and textured—blending elements from coastal décor, modern design, and bohemian style. Keep your décor scheme pared-down, your bedding crisp, and your furniture textured. Then, sprinkle in some playful nods to California with woven blankets, colorful beach prints, and potted cacti.

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A Bauhaus-style bedroom with midcentury modern furniture, abstract art, and bold blue bedding

Erin Williamson Design

The Bauhaus movement in Germany influenced the midcentury modern movement in America. So if you’re a fan of one, you’ll probably find something to love about the other. Like the midcentury modern movement, the Bauhaus movement appreciated accessibility and function. But it placed more emphasis on bright colors and geometric shapes. So crank up the color in your midcentury modern bedroom, and snag some striking geometric art.

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A Regency-style bedroom with an upholstered headboard, a canopy, and tassel-lined pillows

Studio Peake

Take a trip back in time, and outfit your bedroom Regency-style. The Regency period took place in England in the early 1800s, and was known for being ornamental and luxurious. (Note: We’re not referring to the Hollywood Regency style, which is also lovely and glamorous.)

To capture some classic Regency style, favor antique wood furniture, metallic accents, and ornamental details. And of course, pair your upholstered headboard with a canopy fit for a queen. 

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French Country

A French country-style bedroom with a canopy bed, minimalist bedding, and antique furniture

Post Company

French country style puts a minimal twist on farmhouse design—favoring light colors, antique pieces, and pared-down décor. Since the aesthetic nods to the French countryside, décor fit for an idyllic cottage is probably fit for your French country bedroom, too. Embrace antique furniture and simple linens, and keep your palette soft and subdued.

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New Traditional

A New Traditional bedroom with a traditional headboard, classic white bedding, some antique decor, and bold tongue-in-cheek art

Erin Williamson Design

New traditional style is a lot like transitional style, but it’s not quite the same thing. Both design styles combine the past with the present. But transitional design tries to blend the two together to create a middle-ground, whereas new traditional design simply snags pieces from both eras and throws them in the same room.

This high-contrast design style may seem intimidating, but if you focus on pairing every modern piece you own with a stunning antique, you’ll pull it off in no time.

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A grandmillennial bedroom with playful wallpaper, retro bedding, and gold antique accents

Erin Williamson Design

If you want a home that feels like an updated version of your grandmother’s, consider taking cues from the grandmillennial movement. The aesthetic puts a modern spin on traditional accents—like printed wallpaper, pleated lamps, and ruffled linens—creating a space that feels classic but fun. So set the scene with playful wallpaper, layer in a few antiques, and balance things out with modern colors and prints.

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