21 Bedroom Storage Solutions to Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

A bedroom with many storage solutions, including a nightstand, a basket, and two luggage racks (which have been placed at the foot of the bed)

Katie Hodges Design

Storage is a necessity in any space, and it comes more naturally to some spaces than others. Our kitchens are lined with shelves and cabinets, our bathrooms come equipped with vanities and medicine cabinets, and our living rooms are full of opportunities for storage furniture like ottomans or lift-top coffee tables. But our bedrooms? They’re typically pretty low on furniture, and as a result, they’re often low on storage solutions, too. 

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of ways to sneak storage into your bedroom—no matter how big or small it is. And since we live in a world full of chic storage solutions, these efficient additions don’t have to cramp your style. Instead, they can simply complement it.

Not sure where to start? The following 21 bedrooms will show you exactly how to upgrade your bedroom storage set-up to keep your space feeling neat, tidy, and totally chic.

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Use a Dresser as a Nightstand

A bedroom with a canopy bed and an antique dresser as a nightstand

Becca Interiors

No bedroom is complete without a nightstand, so why not use yours to maximize your storage set-up? By using a small dresser as your nightstand, you can give yourself more storage space while also cutting down on the amount of furniture you need for your room.

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Invest in an End-of-Bed Bench

A green bedroom with a woven bench placed at the foot of the bed

Erin Williamson Design

Placing a bench at the end of your bed has long been a classic décor choice, and it’s also a great way to give yourself more storage space. For starters, you can place things on top of the bench, but since you can also slide things under it, the bench should give you a discreet place to tuck away shoes and other small must-haves.

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Use a Basket to Store Loose Pillows

A bedroom corner decorated with a woven basket filled with pillows

Cathie Hong Interiors

Throw pillows and blankets are great to have on hand, but they can take up a ton of space. If you’re a fan of extra linens, snag a basket you can store them in. This basket will keep your linens tidy—and off the floor—when they’re not in use, keeping your space—and your linens—clean.

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Snag a Nesting Nightstand

A black-and-white bedroom with two nesting nighstands

Jenn Pablo Studio

Nesting tables are a clever way to add more storage without taking up much space. But, did you know you can score nesting nightstands, too? You can expand the nightstands when you need a place to put something, and you can slide them back together when you want to free up space in your bedroom.

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Hang Your Necessities on Your Wall

A small bedroom gallery wall, made up of two prints and a vintage badminton racquet

Ashley Montgomery Design

If you don’t have room for a bunch of shelves and cabinets, you might have to get creative. One space you’re probably underutilizing? Your walls. That doesn’t mean hanging your dirtiest sneakers on the wall like art. But, it does mean making the most of prettier necessities—like a vintage badminton racquet, which can quickly become the focal point of your bedroom gallery wall.

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Opt for a Storage Bed

A small shelf that retracts into a bed frame

Amy Bartlam

If you’re really pressed for storage space, consider picking a bed that makes storing and organizing your stuff a little easier. Plenty of beds come equipped with pull-out drawers and shelves, and some storage beds even hinge near the headboard, allowing you to lift up the bulk of the bed and revealing tucked-away storage space underneath it.

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Turn Your Dresser Into a Décor Moment

A white dresser adorned with art, plants, and other decor

Ashley Montgomery Design

Storage solutions don’t have to be ugly, so make yours feel like a natural part of your space. With a little art, a couple of plants, and a handful of decorative accessories, you can turn a must-have, like a dresser, into a veritable décor moment.

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Add Flexibility With Luggage Racks

A bedroom with many storage solutions, including a nightstand, a basket, and two luggage racks (which have been placed at the foot of the bed)

Katie Hodges Design

Luggage racks are the kind of thing many of us expect to find in a hotel closet—not in someone’s bedroom. But, the foldable racks will do wonders for your storage set-up.

Since they’re lightweight, you can nimbly move them around whenever you need more storage, and since they’re foldable, you can tuck them away when they’re not in use.

Or, you could integrate luggage racks into your décor scheme by snagging a matching set and crafting a makeshift end-of-bed bench out of them.

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Prioritize Pieces With Drawers

A bedroom with a small navy nightstand equipped with two small drawers

House Nine

When you’re in desperate need of storage, drawers are your friend, so keep an eye out for them. Even a small piece—like a tiny nightstand—can become more useful if it’s lined with a couple of drawers.

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Combine Your Headboard and Your Nightstand

A bedroom with a large wall-to-wall headboard that boasts a built-in nighstand

Katie Martinez Design

When decorating a bedroom, most of us buy both a headboard and a nightstand. But, why not save space by combining the two? There are plenty of storage headboards that come with built-in drawers, cabinets, and shelves, helping you expand your storage set-up without requiring you to buy more than one piece of furniture.

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Build Shelves Into Your Wall

A bedroom with a small nightstand and several shelves that have been built-in to the wall

Tyler Karu

Shelves make an obvious addition to any bedroom. The only downside? They jut out. Even though they’ll give you more storage options, they’ll demand a fair amount of space in your room.

To get around this, you can opt for lower-profile shelves or you can build shelves directly into one of your walls. Depending on your space, this may not be feasible, but if there’s a nook or cranny in your room that’s not being used, consider turning it into a set of shelves.

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Free Up Space by Mounting Your Lights

A bedroom with swing-arm sconces mounted on the wall

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Wall-mounted lights may not be a storage solution in and of themselves, but they will help you maximize the storage space you already have. Bedside lamps hog much-needed space on your nightstand, and if you opt for wall-mounted sconces instead, you can free up that precious nightstand space and use it to store something else.

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Make a Desk Your Bedside Table

A bedroom with a small desk used as a nighstand

Margaret Wright

Desks are rarely used as bedside tables, and this makes sense—after all, desks tend to be pretty wide. But, if you stumble upon a particularly narrow desk, consider using it as your nightstand. No, it doesn’t have to double as a home office. But, it should give you plenty of storage space, and you can expand your set-up further by storing a basket underneath it.

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Turn Your Accessories Into Décor

A bedroom wall decorated with a console table and nine hats mounted on the wall

Amy Bartlam

If you’re short on closet space, consider turning your room into a visual tour of your closet—or at least, using a few of your prettiest items as home décor. A handful of hats can become an art installation over a console table, and a garment rack holding your favorite pieces can become a surprisingly sleek décor piece.

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Surround Your Bed With Custom Shelving

A bed that is surrounded by custom cabinets and shelves

Studio Peake

Custom shelving requires a fair amount of time and effort. But if you have the energy (and the budget) for it, it’s well worth the final result. Consider flanking your bed with enough cabinets and drawers to hold all your stuff. Not only will these give you all the storage space you could ask for, but they’ll also frame your bed, giving you a cozy nook to snuggle up in.

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Build a Floating Nightstand

A bedroom with a floating nightstand that's been built-in to the wall

Tyler Karu

If you’re not thrilled with the idea of your nightstand taking up a ton of space, consider building or buying a floating bedside table. A hovering nightstand can give you all the shelf and drawer space you need. And since it’s elevated off the ground, it’ll give you under-nightstand storage space to take advantage of, too.

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Sneak in Storage Where You Can

A bedroom with a bed and a storage ottoman

Devon Grace Interiors

Storage options abound, especially if you’re keeping an eye out for them. So, think about the furniture you need in your bedroom, and consider whether any of it could double as a storage solution. Beds, nightstands, and dressers are all obvious candidates. But, what about that end-of-bed bench? Couldn’t you make it even more functional by swapping it with a storage ottoman?

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Keep the Height of Your Bed in Mind

A low-profile bed next to a small nightstand

Bespoke Only

Giving yourself more storage space is great, but that doesn’t mean big items are always better. Odds are, you don’t want a nightstand that’s way taller than your bed, so keep the limitations of your space in mind as you shop.

Snag the most spacious items you can find that fit the constraints of your space.

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Mix and Match Your Bedside Tables

A bedroom with two nightstands that don't match

Becca Interiors

When most of us pair bedside tables, our instinct is to pick two that match. But from a storage perspective, that’s not the most efficient thing to do, and from a décor perspective, it’s not even necessary.

If you could use one nightstand that’s loaded with storage space and another that’s smaller and sleeker, buy those two and pair them. You wouldn’t think twice about mixing and matching other kinds of furniture, so why get hung up on this?

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Tuck a Desk Into a Corner

A bedroom with a desk tucked into the corner

Katie Hodges Design

A desk can be a great way to make your space more functional. For one thing, a desk will help your bedroom double as a workspace. And for another, it will give you more drawer and counter space to take advantage of. If you have room to tuck even a small desk into a bedroom corner, consider doing it.

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Load Up on Options

A bedroom with two nightstands and a woven basket

Julian Porcino

Remember that you don’t have to stop at just one storage solution. Snag a couple of storage nightstands and pair them with a woven basket, or treat yourself to a pretty dresser and a storage bed. Consider what items you need to store, and consider how those items would best be stored. Then, mix and match the storage solutions you need to get there.


How can I maximize my bedroom storage?

You can create bedroom storage solutions in every corner of your bedroom, from nightstands and drawers to hanging handy organizers in your closet. The possibilities are endless, but a few ideas we love are...

  1. Add decorative shelves that double as a home for your treasured objects and décor.
  2. Make use of a clothing rack—this not only looks chic, but can hold bulkier pieces, like jackets, or frequently worn jeans.
  3. Opt for under-bed storage for shoes or seasonal items.
  4. Utilize baskets throughout the room to hold pillows or laundry.

How do I add storage to a small room?

Small spaces can pose a challenge for storage solutions. But, with a little bit of innovation, you can find plenty of places for storage, even in a small room. Opt for furniture that has drawers, giving you plenty of space to stash your stuff, and organize wherever you can—the less clutter in a small space, the more room you have to play.