10 Bedroom Shelving Ideas Sure to Add Storage and Style

bedroom shelving ideas

jc design

Shelving is an easy win in nearly any home: not only does it provide a little bit of storage, but it also allows you to show off some of your favorite books, décor, or other household items. But shelving shouldn't be limited to the kitchen or living room—it should have a home in the bedroom too.

Whether it's a set of narrow picture ledges that hold your favorite vacation photos or rows of book-filled shelves in an empty corner, bedroom shelving could be just what your space needs. Keep reading to see 10 of our favorite ways to style it.

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Make a Wall

bedroom shelving ideas wall

Pure Salt Interiors

If you want your bedroom shelving to be the main event, try installing a wall full of shelves, like Pure Salt Interiors did here. A wall of shelving can be perfectly customized to what you need too—whether it's rows of shelves for all your books or a few carefully spaced ones for some of your favorite décor.

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Add a Single Shelf

bedroom shelving ideas single shelf

afro bohemian living

As any avid reader knows, sometimes there's just no place left for your books to go. When this happens, bedroom shelving helps. However, you may not need a wall full of shelves—a single shelf near your bed can hold all your current reads while keeping your bedroom looking neat and tidy.

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Install a Picture Ledge

bedroom shelving ideas picture ledge

JC Design

The popular picture ledge is a more compact shelf that's perfect for décor. Picture ledges provide a home for frames and small decorative items like bud vases and mirrors. They're a good way to get the effect of a gallery wall without nearly as much arranging, nailing, and hanging.

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Use the Space Above Your Bed

bedroom shelving ideas above the bed

rush me home

Often, the wall space above your bed is already the focus of your bedroom, so it's a natural fit for some shelving. But a few tips before you start installing: first, make sure you hang a narrow shelf or picture ledge—you don't want to bump your head. Second, keep the contents of the shelf minimal and clutter-free to keep that part of your room from feeling too busy.

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Use Alternate Shelving

bedroom shelving ideas alternate shelves

calimia home

Don't be afraid to find shelving where you can. In this bedroom, Calimia Home uses the shelf space on the mantel to create a home for some greenery and picture frames. They also use a blanket ladder to make space for storing soft goods like cozy throws and robes. Other places you may find unexpected shelving: window ledges, wide footboards, or oversized headboards.

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Add Built-ins

bedroom shelving ideas built in

katie martinez design

Built-ins are a beautiful addition to any part of the home, especially bedrooms. But don't stop at adding built-in cabinetry—add built-in shelving too. Built-in shelving provides all the storage of regular bedroom shelving. It adds so much more style to a space thanks to the character and historic look built-ins can add.

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Try Narrow Shelving

bedroom shelving ideas narrow

tyler karu

Fact: some bedrooms just have weird nooks and crannies. (Does anyone really know why?) But rather than letting these nooks stay empty, make them into shelving. This works really well with narrow spaces that are too small for a piece of furniture, as shelving can fit in just about anywhere.

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Make Your Shelves Nightstands

bedroom shelving ideas floating nightstand

tyler karu

Ready for your bedroom shelving to become dual-purpose? Install floating nightstands. These modern bedroom additions provide shelving and storage to a part of the bedroom that needs it the most.

For even more storage, find shelves that are made from the same material (or from the same line) as your floating nightstands and install the shelves elsewhere in the bedroom. You'll be left with a custom, put-together storage look.

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Create a Shelving Nook

bedroom shelving ideas corner nook

mstarr design

Looking to create a cozy space in your bedroom for reading and relaxing? Use shelving to define the space. Install a few shelves in an empty corner of your room, some seating, and a side table, like what mStarr Design did here. You'll be left with a welcoming little nook that's ready to be filled with books, art, or whatever your heart desires.

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Add a Plant

bedroom shelving ideas plants

jc design

Long, trailing plants are an excellent addition to bedroom shelving. They work well alongside shelving near a window or above a bed. The lush green that a houseplant provides is a great contrast to the neutral coloring of books or picture frames.