8 Gorgeous Bedroom Color Schemes Designers Adore

bedroom color schemes - pink + blue + white + gold

Design: Ashley Clark/sKout, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

Selecting a color scheme for the bedroom can be tricky—it should be soothing and calming, to promote restful sleep and weekend relaxation, but it ought to be a reflection of the occupant's style and personality as well. Because it's not a public space or one that gets shown off when hosting, it's all too easy to let it languish in a state of half-done-ness. But choosing a color palette is a smart starting point to turning it around. Whether you're drawn to subdued neutrals that make it easy to switch up your color scheme from season to season with a few accent pillows and trinkets, or you're more of a maximalist, opting for bold prints and dramatic colors, narrowing your design choices down to a color palette can help guide the decorating process—and even set you up for success when it's time to sleep.

These color palettes are some that designers return to again and again, client after client—and it's easy to see why. From versatile less-is-more looks to over-the-top options that are just too tempting to turn down, there's something for everyone in these professionally vetted picks. Scroll on to see our favorite designer-approved color schemes for the bedroom—and let them guide your next decorating project.

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Black + White + Brass

bedroom color schemes - black and white and brass

Design: Erica Bryen, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

This isn't your average neutral palette. Designer Erica Bryen turned a classic color scheme of black, white and brass into something truly dazzling, using unabashedly bold patterns and distinctive geometric designs. "We wanted this primary bedroom to look elegant and inviting—and to let the homeowners feel like they were living at a five-star hotel in one of their favorite cities," explains Bryen.

The term "Primary Bedroom" is now widely used to describe the largest bedroom in the home, as it better reflects the space’s purpose. Many realtors, architects, interior designers, and the Real Estate Standards Association have recognized the potentially discriminatory connotations in the term "Master." Read more about our Diversity and Inclusion Pledge.

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Bright Blue + Gray

bedroom color schemes - bright blue + gray

Design: Claudia Afshar, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

Opposites attract. Designer Claudia Afshar struck a youthful-yet-masculine balance in this room, anchoring seaside-inspired blues with a bold charcoal contrast wall that adds just the right element of maturity to the space. "In this beachy boy’s bedroom, multiple shades of blue complement the natural wood details," Afshar explains. "The dark gray accent wall creates depth and dimension in the room—With so much natural light flowing in through the windows from two directions, we could afford to go for a moody color without darkening the space," she says.

We love how this uncommon color combination allows for the space to be adapted in the years to come as its inhabitant moves toward other interests and aesthetics.

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Charcoal + Gold

bedroom color schemes - charcoal and gold

Design: Kathy Kuo, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

Choosing a dark and dramatic color palette is one of our favorite ideas for achieving a glamorous inner sanctum, but it can sometimes be intimidating to get started. "I have a deep love for a moody primary bedroom," explains Kathy Kuo. "There’s something so stunning about thick, velvety drapes and Belgian linen in a contrast color."

When decorating in this palette, Kuo advises leaning on strategic lighting to ensure it doesn't come across as too dark. "If you have lots of windows in the room, you’re able to work with a darker space. Make sure you have ample lighting—good nightstand lamps, floor lamps, a fireplace...In the evening, you want the place to feel like it has a warm glow, not look like a cave," she suggests. Gold accents (like the artwork here) and lighter-colored flooring help brighten the space and add a touch of luxury and glamour.

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Navy + White + Yellow

bedroom color schemes - navy white yellow

Design: Ashley Clark/sKout, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

"A blue statement wall in a boy's room is a great way to add a bold color without overwhelming the space," explains sKout designer Ashley Clark. "Just one wall was enough!" Light wood and white walls elsewhere provide a clean and fresh backdrop to let the dark hue really pop—but it's really the finishing touches that make the space.

"The black and white photo against that solid dark wall provides a great contrast," says Clark—and we're partial to the unexpected punch of lemon yellow from the throw blanket, too.

ben moore blue note
Benjamin Moore Blue Note $110.00
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Blue + White + Wood

bedroom color schemes - blue white wood

Design: Kathy Kuo, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

"Bedrooms should be relaxing—an oasis from the craziness of our lives—and nature-inspired color schemes are an easy way to add a sense of serenity in the space," Kuo says. This light and airy scheme makes use of varied shades of whites and blues to achieve a blissful beachside feel. To get the look, Kuo suggests using "a variation of tones and color intensities to create some depth and drama in the space."

Peppering in a variety of textures and fabric weights is essential: "Natural textures are important to keep the space from being too flat, which can happen when working with a lighter palette." From there, Kuo begins to add color to the neutral base layers. "There’s always a way to seamlessly incorporate pops of color into a space, whether it be through the details such as a textured accent wall or mixed metal finishes. Though these may seem like minor enhancements, they can be so impactful when trying to create understated elegance," she says.

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Pink + White + Wood

bedroom color schemes - pink + blue + white + wood

Design: Ashley Clark/sKout, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

Think you can't achieve a pink bedroom without it looking childish? Think again. As a mom of three boys, Ashley Clark says "You know we love a pink room!" Creating an ombré effect on the walls that's just a whisper of peach at the top is a great way to mellow (and mature) the look. "It's pink but not too pink—feminine and girly, but not over the top!" she explains.

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Emerald + Mint + White

bedroom color schemes — emerald + mint + white

Design: Maureen Stevens, Photo: Lauren Logan, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

Bright green is undoubtedly a bold color, but when it's mixed with a complementary shade of mint, it takes on a more soothing vibe. Designer Maureen Stevens opted to break up instances of the super-saturated hue by using a wallpaper with a white field in addition to green paint on smaller swaths of wall.

"In this bedroom, using 'Lucky Green' and cactus wallpaper makes the space feel fun, yet still cohesive," she explains. Naturally, gold accents pair perfectly with this palette—think of it as the pot of gold to the walls' clover-like hue.

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Aqua + Orange + Sand

bedroom color palettes - aqua, sand and orange

Design: Tiffany Leigh, Photo: Lauren Miller, Graphics: Sabrina Jiang for MyDomaine

It's no surprise that this coastal color palette was inspired by the home's lakeside location. "This beach house bedroom drew inspiration from nearby Lake Huron," explains designer Tiffany Leigh. "We kept the walls crisp with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, and designed a custom aqua velvet channeled headboard, reminiscent of the waves of the lake. A textured wall hanging and light wood nightstands bring in sandy tones to complete the soothing look!"

We love the hint of orange ombré in the wall hanging—peeking out like a sunset over the water.