15 Striking Bedroom Ceiling Ideas That Make an Elevated Statement

wood beams ceiling


Even the most seasoned design lovers will admit to passing over their ceilings while crafting and decorating their homes. Out of reach might mean out of mind—at least, at first glance—when it comes to your bedroom ceiling. But, this major area of your home is a blank canvas for creativity and a chance to show off your personality. 

There’s no ceiling to the number of opportunities here to transform a space, and you aren’t resigned to reaching for the paint can, although more on our love of painted ceilings below. Turn your attention upwards and get ready to try clever tricks—without breaking the bank, we promise.

Below, browse our 15 bedroom ceiling ideas to inspire your next project. They’ll give you something to dream about next time you hit your mattress.

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Install a Tin Ceiling

tin bedroom ceiling

Bespoke Only

Nothing awes a guest quite like a tin ceiling. Tin ceilings were the design statement of choice in the early 1900s, and they add drama and moodiness to even the most minimal of rooms. You can custom your ceiling with various finishes, sophisticated stamped patterns, and framing elements.

Authentic tin plates are lightweight, low maintenance, and can last forever, which is why so many historic homes and barrooms still boast original tin ceilings today. 

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Add Crown Molding

crown molding bedroom ceiling

Bespoke Only

Beautiful crown molding is one of the most seductive arguments for buying old homes, but we too often forget that we can add such timeless charm and detail to our new spaces.

Think outside the frame and add a center medallion to create a real "wow" moment in your space. While the intricate detail looks expensive, you can fake it with an attachable mold around your current light fixture for under $40.

crown molding
Astoria Grand Gailey Ceiling Medallion $26.00
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Paint Over Vaulted Ceilings

vaulted bedroom ceiling


Into the sophisticated, classic look but still looking to make your room more moody and modern? Take it to the finish line with baseboard-to-ceiling, top-to-bottom navy paint and a vaulted ceiling for a high-impact finish. It’s cozy while still a touch formal, and it creates the perfect inky backdrop for art pieces. 

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Go Wild With Hanging Plants

plant bedroom ceiling

JC Designs

Pothos plants are nature's chandeliers, and why waste good light by never straying outside your shelves? Hanging plants at various lengths from your ceiling gives you an easy, affordable bohemian look that will also help clean your air and lift your mood. 

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Blur the Lines

black bedroom ceiling


With a short, sloping ceiling, the last thing you want to do is cut the wall in half and make the room seem smaller than it is. Draw the eye up by using a dark paint to shadow and blur the border between the wall and ceiling—it’ll make the room feel more cozy than cramped.

A long hanging light over your side table will help the eye travel upward and make your ceilings look higher.

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Think Pink

pink bedroom ceiling


No one ever said your crown molding must be white–and if they did, this sweet and simple room proves them wrong. Pink trim and a high canopy bed make the room look impressive, not cavernous, and set the tone for a more modern ceramic chandelier amidst traditional art.

entler studio chandelier
ENTLER Studio 3-Globe Chandelier A $1,850.00
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Install a Wood Accent Ceiling

wood bedroom ceiling


Soft green walls and a wood-panelled ceiling with exposed beams evoke the feeling of a forest. This room has a minimalist, Scandi design that's still warm—and we'd love to wake up to the light pouring in from wraparound windows. 

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Go the Opposite Way

hanging light bedroom ceiling


While "keep it white" hardly seems like groundbreaking advice when it comes to ceiling, if you are going bold with multiple statement wall colors, the contrast of a bright, white ceiling can amplify their impact.

Look for a cool white shade with no yellow or cream undertones. A grey or blue-based white will look crisp and clean next to your accent walls.

benjamin moore super white
Benjamin Moore Super White $40.00
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Try Recessed Ceiling Lights

green bedroom ceiling


Pulling off a painted ceiling isn't as hard as it looks, and just because you've never done it before doesn't mean you should be intimidated. But if you are truly worried about your bedroom looking busy or crowded, forgo hanging fixtures and pair your painted ceiling with recessed lights for a seamless finish. 

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Go Black-And-White

black and white bedroom ceiling


All you need is a can of paint to make a graphic, dramatic statement with a black ceiling in a white room. Black paint will make the ceiling look lower for a more intimate feeling and adds architectural interest—so it's the perfect fix for a boring, boxy room.

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Get Creative With Statement-Making Curtains

curtains bedroom ceiling


Curtains aren't just for windows. If you live in a studio apartment, sectioning off your bed with drapes that hang from the ceiling will help you take control over the layout. Thick velvet curtains will add texture, and they'll also block out sound if your partner loves the morning more than you. 

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Layer Your Ceiling Lights

layered bedroom ceiling


Not one for colorful bedrooms? There are still bedroom ceiling ideas that will compliment your home—like this layered light look, which mixes thin with bold and straight lines with swooping curves for a clean and romantic impact.

Don't be afraid to mix hanging pendants with a statement chandelier. Keep it all in the family with shades made out of natural fibers to create a subtly dramatic canopy over the bed. 

anthropologie pendant lamp
Anthropologie Rosalita Pendant $398.00
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Cover Your Ceiling In Wallpaper

wallpaper bedroom ceiling


Don't get pigeonholed by the name. It'll take a bit longer to install, but wallpaper works just as wonderfully on a ceiling as it does a wall. Fake a fresco with an artful print or play off the base of the room by choosing the same pattern in an alternating color.

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Add Character With a Shiplap Ceiling

shiplap bedroom ceiling


The shiplap trend isn't pulling out of harbor any time soon. To elevate a space without flipping the entire room, install a shiplap ceiling. You can do it yourself, and the shiplap panelling adds a ton more character and warmth to the room than drywall. 

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Add Interest With Exposed Wood Beams

exposed wood beams


Punctuate a creamy and light palette with dark exposed beam for a curated lodge moment. Mix natural textures by pairing dark wood with layers of woven light fixtures and thick corded pillows in shades of tan and oatmeal.