21 Bedrooms with Canopy Beds That Elevate the Childhood Classic

A light bedroom with a thin black canopy bed

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

There are infinite ways to transform a bedroom, but one of the easiest is to add a canopy. Bed canopies—lightweight linens that cascade around a bed—have a magical way of turning any bedroom into a paradise. And canopy beds can be just as statement-making, even if they’re left totally bare.

Many of us had canopies as children. We surrounded ourselves with frilly linens that made us feel like royalty in our caste dormitory. Of course, as adults, we hope to have a more sophisticated takes on this décor trend by draping our beds in thick linens that feel sleek and luxurious. Or, we can leave our canopy beds completely bare, exposing their sturdy beams and creating a new kind of design element.

These thoughtful approaches have taken bed canopies from childish to chic, turning them into a must-have for all age groups. Bed canopy ideas are so abundant that whether you’re looking for something sleek and minimalist or textured and maximalist, you’re sure to find it. 

We've compiled 19 of our favorite canopy bedrooms to get you started. Keep track of your favorites, and work to transform your own bedroom into a cozy, statement-making paradise.

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Choose a Dark Frame as the Centerpiece of Your Room

A white bedroom with a black canopy bed

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Canopy beds are bold even when they’re not covered in drapey linens, so put a little thought into the bed frame you’re choosing. A thick, black frame will make a striking addition to any space—especially if you pair it with matching pillows and accent pieces.

A curved black canopy bed frame
Crate & Barrel Canyon King Arched Canopy Bed $1,999.00
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Drape Curtains Behind Your Bed to Create a Makeshift Canopy

A dark bedroom with a canopy draped behind the headboard

Studio Peake

Not looking to invest in a new bed frame? Don’t worry—you can still have a canopy without a canopy bed. Simply hang some plush linens from your ceiling and drape them behind your headboard.

If you’d prefer a canopy that lays flat against your wall, you can use curtains or any other linens you have lying around. But if you want something that looks more traditional, you’ll probably need to buy a proper canopy. Thankfully, these tend to be much more affordable than new bed frames.

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Let Your Canopy Bed Establish Your Palette

A beachy bedroom with a light brown canopy bed

Katherine Carter

Canopy beds are bold, eye-catching, and just about impossible to ignore. So choose the color of your bed frame wisely. It’s bound to become the base of your bedroom palette, so you’ll want to select a shade you love looking at—and ideally, one that plays well with the furniture and linens you already own.

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Use a Headboard to Add Texture to Your Space

A canopy bed with a textured headboard and linens

House Nine

Some canopy beds come with built-in headboards, but many don’t—which means you can throw one into the mix if you wanted. If you’re looking to add a little texture to your space, opt for a plush, printed option. It will complement the textiles and patterns that are already covering your bed while creating contrast with your walls and lighting fixtures.

A curved rattan headboard
The Citizenry Java Rattan Headboard $465.00
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Keep Your Room Minimalist and Neutral

A minimalist bedroom filled with light colors

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Canopy beds are bold, but that doesn’t mean they have to be maximalist. By opting for a light bed frame and matching linens, you can keep your room feeling crisp, clean, and minimalist.

There are plenty of beige canopy beds out there—and we suspect they’d look stunning next to your favorite nightstand and your prettiest printed rug.

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Remember That Simple Can Be Statement-Making

A colorful room with a red printed rug and black canopy bed

Lindsey Brooke Design

When you go shopping for a normal bed frame, you may be tempted to invest in a vibrant color or a bold pattern. These will push your bed into anything-but-average territory, keeping your room looking chic and statement-making. But canopy beds are striking, even when they’re rendered in solid black.

Direct your focus toward choosing an option that’s versatile—and yes, maybe even a little simple. This will enable you to get a little more playful with the rest of your room.

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Layer Textures to Create a Seriously Cozy Space

A bedroom with textured wallpaper, a textured canopy bed frame, and printed linens

Laura Brophy Interiors

Layering colors and prints can be a fun way to make your space feel dynamic, but it can also get overwhelming. An easy way around this? Layer textures instead. Pair a wooden canopy bed with a woven headboard, and top things off with a plush quilt.

If you feel like piling on even more texture, you should design to your heart's content. Just be sure to keep your palette restrained to keep your room feeling cohesive.

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Choose a Bed With a Built-in Headboard

A white bedroom with a thin black canopy bed frame

Julian Porcino

If the thought of pairing a canopy bed with a separate headboard sounds intimidating, don’t worry—you can simply opt for a canopy bed that has a headboard built-in. And since options abound, you can easily find one that looks exactly the way you want it to.

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Don’t Shy Away from Color

A canopy bed with vibrant pillows and blankets

Erin Williamson Design

When many of us decorate with a piece of furniture as bold as a canopy bed, we keep the rest of the room incredibly simple. But, a bold canopy bed can hold its own against vibrant colors, dynamic textures, and artful prints. Put a few statement-makers in the same room without leaving your space feeling messy or disjointed.

Two colorful printed pillows
West Elm Avant Garde Pillow Covers $45.00
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Invert Expectations With a Bed Bolder Than Your Canopy

A canopy bed with blue linens on it

Anne Sage

Add a canopy bed to your room and it’s sure to steal the show—unless you opt for a lighter bed frame and darker linens. Your eye will automatically gravitate to the darkest or boldest color in a room, and a light canopy bed can add structure to your room without pulling focus away from your prettiest linens.

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Use Accent Pieces to Bring the Room Together

A bedroom with a black canopy bed frame and a matching light fixture

Leclair Decor

Since most canopy beds come in neutral colors, it shouldn’t be hard to find accent pieces that complement or match it. Put thought into your nightstand, your throw pillows, and even your lighting fixtures. By keeping your colors consistent, you can create a space that feels equal parts cozy and cohesive.

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Opt for a Textured Bed Frame

A minimalist bedroom with a woven canopy bed frame

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Many bed frames are crafted from sleek metal, but there are plenty of other options on offer. If you’re looking for something different, consider choosing a bed frame that’s as textured and cozy as your favorite linens.

A bed frame that’s crafted from wood or covered in rope can make a warmer alternative to a wire-frame option.

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Add a Poster or Artwork

A light bedroom with a thin black canopy bed

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Take advantage of the fact that your canopy bed is basically a massive frame and use it as an excuse to display your favorite art. Opt for a poster that matches your canopy bed perfectly, and hang it in the center of your bed frame.

Or, feel free to play around with a few smaller pieces. You’ll probably keep your canopy bed around for a while, so you’ll have plenty of time to experiment with different options.

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Load Up on Pillows and Blankets

A maximalist bedroom with a white linen canopy

Rikki Snyder

A canopy can turn any bed into a cozy paradise. But, if you want yours to feel seriously luxe, pile on the pillows and blankets. Opt for plush pieces that feel as good as they look. And remember, your room can be as minimalist or as maximalist as you want it to be.

Play with colors and prints for a more vibrant interior, or keep your palette pared-down for a subtler space.

A charcoal throw blanket
Jungalow Charcoal Lightweight Throw Blanket $69.00
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Keep Things Simple With a Neutral Palette

A neutral-filled bedroom with a black canopy bed

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of adding such a bold bed to your space? Take some pressure off by keeping everything else really simple. Opt for a palette full of neutrals you love, and stick to it.

By keeping things consistent, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll end up with a stunning, balanced space—and you won’t have to exert very much effort to pull it off.

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Or Don’t Be Afraid to Go Dark

A black bedroom with a black canopy bed

Devon Grace Interiors

When decorating, many of us shy away from dark colors like black and navy. But, they can really be a welcome addition to any bedroom and make a moody statement. So cozy up your space with dark walls and an even darker bed frame. The result will be an incredibly bold room that you’ll love falling asleep in.

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Create Contrast With Contemporary Fixtures

A bedroom white a wood canopy bed and an industrial fan

Rebecca Rollins Interiors

Canopy beds could feel classic and sometimes traditional. Pairing them with thoughtfully chosen contemporary accents can be a great way to create contrast. Opt for a metal nightstand or a modern lamp, as even something as simple as a sleek fan can go a long way.

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Use Pops of Color to Brighten Up Your Room

An all-white bedroom with an orange leather basket

Rikki Snyder

Canopy beds often come in neutral shades like black, beige, or brown. Plus, if your bedding is just as neutral, you may find your room in need of a little color.

Of course, you can always swap out your pillows and blankets, but throwing a few vibrant accents into the mix can be an effective way to add some personality to your space.

A light blue vase with several flowers in it
Yowie Los Objetos Decorativos Blue Waves Vase $230.00
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Keep Things Cozy from Floor to Ceiling

A muted bedroom with a beige canopy bed and many light blue linens

Design: Pure Salt Interiors, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Whereas a normal bed frame might meet you at eye level, a canopy bed will draw your gaze up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Cozy up your space from top to bottom by utilizing curtains and tall plants to dress up your ceiling and a plush rug to warm up your floors.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Have a Little Fun

A colorful bedroom with a canopy bed in it

Devon Grace Interiors

Canopy beds are inherently playful—we usually find them in childrens’ rooms, after all. Some may see this as a bad thing, but there are plenty of ways to have fun without making a space feel childish.

Invite yourself to experiment with cheeky wallpaper, textured drapes, and brightly colored linens. Embrace the amount of fun that suits your aesthetic and challenge yourself to take a risk or two.

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Reference a Canopy Without Committing to One

A bedroom with a wooden bed frame

Julian Porcino

Don’t want to commit to a full-blown canopy bed? Opt for a bed that’s canopy-inspired, instead. Look for an option with a tall, frame-like headboard and a matching footboard for a modern look.

The bed is only a canopy bed if those two pieces are connected by an overhead frame, so choosing a slightly lower-profile option can be a great way to save space while alluding to the canopy bed-look.