24 Beautiful Art Deco Bedroom Ideas for Instant Glam

Art Deco inspired twin beds

Charlotte Harris Lucas

If the minimalist movement has you wanting for more, it may be time to embrace Art Deco design. This maximalist style is anything but subtle, but it's all about embracing high-end embellishments, glamorous details and luxury. Known for being just a little "over the top," if you will, the Art Deco movement occurred around the 1920s, but is definitely back in style now. It's bold and loud, but incredibly elegant at the same time.

From rich, textured fabrics to deep colors and eye-catching designs, Art Deco design is perfect for a bedroom if you love eclectic glam. To inspire your makeover, we've rounded up some stunning Art Deco-inspired bedrooms.

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Embrace the Arch

Art deco bedroom

Jaimie Baird

While Art Deco design incorporates a variety of shapes and sizes, the rounded-top or arch shape is one that is iconic in this movement. This mushroom-shaped nightstand lamp is a great way to add a touch of Deco-inspired style while avoiding that "theme" feel a room can take on when you go overboard.

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Opt for Moody Colors

Art Deco vanity

Kelley Delany / Funky Vintage

A moody color palette is a great choice for a bedroom because it's soothing and calming. The Art Deco movement often featured rich jewel tones like navy or deep purple. Head to your local vintage reseller to find chunky pieces like this vanity with strong lines and brass elements to complete the look.

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Look for Sunburst Motifs

Art Deco bedroom

1930 Home

You can instantly recognize an Art Deco piece by its sunburst or starburst motif. Consisting of rays coming out of a central circle, this pattern is perfect for adding a Gatsby-inspired feel to your bedroom. Look for original pieces or simply add wallpaper to DIY the look yourself.

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Embrace Eclecticism

Art Deco bedroom with pink bed

Baliol House

Mixing bold and bright colors and various patterns is a signature Art Deco move. In an Art Deco space, more is definitely more so don't be afraid to pull in a variety of textures and patterns to give it a bold look.

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DIY the Look

Art Deco wall paint

Katrina Carroll

Embracing Art Deco in your bedroom doesn't have to mean splurging for historically accurate pieces. Consider spending an afternoon and DIY-ing wall art to give your space the same look and feel by incorporating Deco motifs.

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Stick With Geometric Shapes

Art Deco bedroom with two twin beds

Charlotte Harris Lucas

This inspiring guest room is the perfect example of an Art Deco space that's packed with personality. Focus on arches, triangles, rectangles — basically any bold geometric shape can instantly become the center focus and give your room a clear cohesive feel.

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Stay Elegant

Art Deco style gray bedroom

Number 4 on the Park

Art Deco decor should make you feel important and special when you walk into your bedroom. Look for statement-worthy, striking pieces in luxurious fabrics that feel high-end and elevated.

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Throw in Color

bedroom with green headboard

Reena Sotropa

This design style can work well in both rooms filled with bold color or those that are a bit more understated. But a great way to get the best of both worlds is to keep your palette simple, but weave in a few jewel tones like this hunter green.

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Focus on the Lighting

Bedroom with large Art Deco light

Reena Sotropa

A statement-worth light fixture is another way to incorporate that Deco feel in even a more modern bedroom. Look for fixtures with heavy geometric influences that can act as a focal point in the room.

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Pick Rich Textures

Bed with purple accents

Reena Sotropa

This isn't the time to skimp away from heavy fabrics and bold textures. Skip the thin fabrics and opt for velvet, brocade or other heavyweight fabrics that feel luxurious and special.

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Add Gold Elements

Pink bedroom with overhead light

Gold a la Mode

Whether you pick a light fixture with gold or you pull in a few picture frames, brass and gold are wonderful Deco elements to elevate your space. The color instantly makes a space feel more luxurious and curated, even if it's just in one fixture.

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Swap the Headboard

Bed with round headboard

Gold a la Mode

Not only do arched headboards just feel a little more whimsical and fun than a standard rectangle, but they are perfect for embracing that early 20th century vibe in your bedroom. When an arched headboard is covered in a simple fabric, as seen here, it will never go out of style.

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Think Embellishments

Art Deco bedroom

Proem Studio

From tassels to metallics, find ways to pull in a bit of the unexpected in your decor. Eye-catching elements don't have to be overwhelming and even a little goes a long way. A mix of textured wallpaper, jewel tones, luxe fabrics, and a statement sconce creates a more understated version of Art Deco style.

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Consider Textured Wallpaper

tan bedroom

Brexton Cole Interiors

For a hotel-like bedroom that also lends that old Hollywood vibe, consider putting up textured wallpaper. It feels rich, inviting and incredibly elegant, plus adds more interest to the room than paint.

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Fill a Corner

gold mirror

Brexton Cole Interiors

The Art Deco motifs are perfect for filling up an unused corner of your bedroom and giving it a delineated feel. We love the pairing of the the animal print and starburst motif here for a glamorous look.

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Sprawl Out

Art Deco bedroom

Brophy Interiors

If you have the room, embrace luxury and add a chaise lounge so you can live your actual best life every evening. The curved lines and elongated shape of the sofa are perfect for enjoying a glass of wine or a book before bed.

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Mix in Vintage Elements

Elegant bedroom decor

Nina Watson

While you can definitely get that Art Deco look using DIY-ed and store-bought elements, consider throwing in some vintage pieces to give your bedroom a rich, dramatic look. You'll curate a one-of-a-kind space that nails the Deco style.

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Keep the Theme

Art Deco hotel room

Burgh Island Hotel

While just a few Deco-inspired pieces can go a long way, consider going all in and using the theme throughout the whole bedroom for a cohesive design that feels intentional and well-planned. This bedroom employs a fan motif wallpaper, sculptural headboard, and plenty of jewel tones for an Art Deco-inspired room that feels just right.

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Embrace Glam

Art Deco bedroom with gold accents

Patricia Brito

There is no mistaking that Art Deco feels incredibly glamorous. Don't be shy when it comes to picking fabrics and furniture in your room. Go for bold, oversized and embellished choices for an unapologetic space.

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Mix Patterns

Art Deco inspired bedroom with glam features

Samantha Griffiths

From animal print to geometric designs, now is the time to mix and match patterns. You can keep it simple by puling in a few various designs throughout accent pillows and artwork, or go bold and continue the look through the floor, bedding and more.

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Pick a Focal Point

Bedroom with gold details

Charlie Ferrer

This design style plays well with a lot of other decor elements so it's a great way to mix and match styles in the same space. Create a focal point with a single embellished element such as a headboard or oversized piece of art.

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Stay Simple

Bedroom with deco details

Dan Rak

If you're drawn to more natural elements and neutral colors, you can still bring Deco-type motifs into your bedroom. Look for pieces with small details that give it a bit more interest without taking over the room.

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Be Bold

Maximalist bedroom

Forbes + Masters

This bedroom is anything but subtle. If you have the space, consider an oversized bed with built-ins that feel incredibly fancy and a little over the top (in a good way),

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Go for Drapes

Bedroom with tan accents

Dan Rak

Any bedroom can feel instantly updated and fancier by swapping out blinds or curtains with heavier drapes in rich, thick textures. This gives your room a much more high-end look, similar to a fancy hotel.