Exclusive: Step Inside the California-Cool Meets Scandi-Style Bedroom of Parachute Founder, Ariel Kaye

Photo of Ariel Kaye leaning on her bed.

Jessica Schramm for Parachute

When two luxurious home good brands collaborate, magic is bound to happen—and the new collection from Parachute for Crate & Barrel is a perfect example of such delightful design. Ariel Kaye, the founder and CEO of Parachute, was a longtime fan of Crate & Barrel and was thrilled to collaborate on a collection that pulls from key styles of each company. 

In fact, Kaye loved the feel of the collection so much that it inspired the redesign of her own bedroom—and we spoke with her to get all the details, from which products she loves most to what design styles inspired her space. 

Ariel Kaye in living room on beige couch.

Jessica Schramm for Parachute

Kaye and her family recently relocated to their new home in Santa Monica, California. “We moved into this house last September knowing that we were going to be spending the majority of our time at home for the foreseeable future,” Kaye says. “It was important to create a space that would be energizing and functional during the day as an office as well as super relaxing and restorative in the evening.”

It was important to create a space that would be energizing and functional during the day as an office as well as super relaxing and restorative in the evening.

Originally built in 1933 and last renovated in 2018, Kaye’s home boasts 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, coming in at 2000 square feet. The traditional Spanish style of the home caught Kaye’s eye, as she loved its unique architecture. 

“Large windows throughout the home mean lots of natural light,” Kaye tells MyDomaine.

When it came to decorating the home, Kaye aimed to transform the design and make it her own without making any major structural changes. 

Neutral dresser with Crate and Barrel decor.

Jessica Schramm for Parachute

“I focused on simple updates that really make a major impact—for example, adding Parachute window treatments and hardware to every room throughout the home, using rugs to warm up and divide spaces, and in the kids rooms adding wallpaper to add just enough whimsy and fun,” Kaye notes.

As renters, Kaye and her family wanted to make their mark on this home while effectively making use of its current space. She was tasked with creating ample storage space throughout the home, which resulted in converting the garage into a place to store extra belongings—and house a home gym. 

“We maximized space throughout the house by adding extra shelving in closets and labeling baskets and bins so that everything has a designated place,” Kaye says. “We also went with the Cortez Dresser and floating nightstands from Crate & Barrel for extra storage in the bedroom.”

In terms of style, Kaye tends to gravitate towards neutral colors, natural woods, and a mix of textures to add dimension and create warmth in a space. This is largely the directive for Parachute as well, which embraces California-cool style mixed with Scandinavian influence and high-quality textiles. 

“I love earthy, nature-inspired hues and soft textiles that can be layered, mixed, and matched,” Kaye says. “I’m into soft lines and mixed textural elements to add depth and visual intrigue.” 

Ocean blue bedding on neutral bed frame.

Jessica Schramm for Parachute

Kaye pulls inspiration from fellow designers as well, including Amber Lewis, Martha Mulholland, and more. She also loves exploring the #myparachutehome Instagram thread to see real-life testimonials of Parachute products on display.

“It’s amazing to see how people get creative with their spaces and how they use Parachute essentials in new and interesting ways,” she says. 

Each room in Kaye’s home received her personal design touch, including her bedroom, which was thoughtfully designed to complement any style of bedding she chooses to swap out in the future. And as the CEO of an impeccable bedding company, this feature was key.

The bed is the focal point of the room thanks to the Lotus King Bed Frame from Crate and Barrel. The all-white bed feels fresh and clean, which keeps the room feeling light and bright. 

“You spend a third of your life in bed, so this room and its furniture are of utmost importance,” Kaye says. “After seven years in the business of sleep, I love nothing more than relaxing in bed after a busy day. I was drawn to the clean lines of the cushioned headboard and its neutral colors—knowing it would pair back with any style of bedding that we use.”

After seven years in the business of sleep, I love nothing more than relaxing in bed after a busy day.

Kaye’s bed naturally includes the plush Parachute Mattress as well. “I also sleep on the Parachute Mattress, which I swear has improved my sleep tremendously,” she says. “The mattress has the ideal mix of softness and support, while also being eco-friendly and breathable.” 

Close-up of Ariel Kaye's bed linens.

Jessica Schramm for Parachute

Topping off the bed are the Parachute for Crate and Barrel Brushed Cotton Sheets and the Cloud Cotton Quilt in the exclusive Ocean colorway. The sheets remain a perfect weight for year-round use, and the standout color of the room is the dusty teal quilt, which provides a welcome pop of color without overpowering the space. 

“The Cloud Cotton Quilt adds the ultimate softness—hence the cloud cotton name,” Kaye says. “I love this fabric so much we made it into quilts, shams and even robes. Overall, I wanted to create a calming vibe that would help me unwind and relax,” Kaye says. 

Cloud Cotton Ocean+Grey Quilts and Pillow Shams
Parachute for Crate and Barrel Cloud Cotton Ocean+Grey Quilts and Pillow Shams $59,269.00

Beyond the bed, Kaye has several other favorite finds of the room, including the Mimi Vegan Lambskin Chair and Vernet Travertine Cane End Table from Crate and Barrel, which she explains make for the perfect reading, working, and nursing nook. 

“I just had my second baby and have been spending a lot of time camped out in my bedroom with my son,” Kaye explains. “I set out to design a space that felt very calming and it has exceeded my expectations. From the natural light throughout the day, to the soft textiles on my bed, to the rounded edges on all the furniture and the boucle on my chair, it all just flows together so nicely. This bedroom checks all the boxes.” 

Kaye’s word of wisdom when it comes to decorating is to be unafraid to mix styles—whether that means fabrics, materials, or new pieces alongside vintage. Rules are meant to be broken, and that’s what makes a space perfectly your own.

All bedding, including the Brushed Cotton Sheets and Cloud Cotton Quilt, will be available on Crate and Barrel.

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