30 Ways to Achieve the Aesthetic Bedroom of Your Dreams

Craft an oasis that's fun and oh-so-aesthetically pleasing.

A disco-ball-lit room full of colorful and playful decor

Kaitlin Spring

It may seem strange to call a room aesthetic. After all, isn’t any room that’s aesthetically appealing an aesthetic room? 

But the term aesthetic room has come to mean something different. Aesthetic rooms are full of striking colors and disco balls. Their walls are lined with unframed prints, and their ceilings are covered in vines. Thanks to its photogenicity and accessibility, this decor scheme has become oh-so-trendy on Instagram and TikTok. And people have adapted it, pulling elements from cottagecore, postmodern design, indie style, and more to create interiors that can really only be described with one word: aesthetic.

Meet the Expert

Kaitlin Spring is a nurse anesthetist, an interior design expert, and the owner of Yin and Yang Vintage.

Of course, decoding the style is one thing—and drawing inspiration from it is another. So we’ve rounded up 30 aesthetic rooms worth taking cues from, and we spoke to an interior design expert who has mastered the look.

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Paint Your Walls a Pretty Color

A pale yellow room decorated with books, taped-up photographs, and a disco ball

Sandy Sanchez

The quickest way to update your space? Paint your walls a brand new color.

“Paint is often underutilized, especially when renting,” Kaitlin Spring, interior design expert and owner of Yin and Yang Vintage, says. “Most landlords will allow you to paint as long as you paint it back when you move out.” So, set the scene with a pretty shade, like pale yellow, soft pink, or light blue.

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Stock Up on Objects You Love

A disco-ball-lit room full of colorful and playful decor

Kaitlin Spring

One of the things that makes aesthetic rooms so lovely is that they’re filled with delightful stuff. So instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to décor, focus on scoring items you love.

“I believe in following your gut when it comes to style and surrounding yourself with items that make you happy,” Spring says. “If you see something at a thrift store or online shop that makes you smile, pick it up and find other pretty items to go along with it.”

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Fill Your Space With Faux Vines

A bedroom decorated with taped-up prints and hanging faux vines

Amelia Grace

If you want your room to feel like it belongs in a fairytale, consider hanging faux vines everywhere you can. This romantic accent is a staple of many aesthetic rooms.

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Set the Mood With a Sunset Lamp

A plant-filled bedroom lit with an orange sunset lamp

Elisa S.

Sunset lamps make any room look more photogenic, so it’s little surprise that they’ve become incredibly trendy. Each lamp projects a sunburst of light onto your wall, casting rings of orange, yellow, pink, or blue over your decor scheme.

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Turn Mementos Into Art

A room decorated with a vanity and tons of taped-up photos

Sandy Sanchez

Aesthetic décor is great at making budget-friendly choices look good. So if your walls are in need of a little art, skip the expensive paintings. Turn your favorite mementos into an art installation, instead.

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Let Your Plants Grow Long

A bedroom shelf lined with long trailing vine plants

Sophia Foubert

Faux vines may be a popular pick for aesthetic rooms, but you can get a similar look with live plants. How? Snag a trailing plant—like a pothos, a string of pearls, or even a spider plant—and let it grow incredibly long. Then, show off its length by displaying it on a high shelf or tall cabinet.

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Hang a Disco Ball Where You’d Least Expect It

A room decorated with Polaroid prints and a disco-ball-adorned floor lamp

Victoria Trannguyen

Disco balls have become a fan favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. The retro accents look great on their own, and they look even better when casting reflections across a room. So snag your very own disco ball, and display it somewhere surprising—like on top of a stack of books or draped from a floor lamp.

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Mix and Match Different Lamps

A room lit with a table lamp, a Himalayan salt lamp, and a purple sunset lamp

Sophia Foubert

Layered lighting makes a classic addition to any space, allowing you to switch up your ambiance on the fly. “Ambient lighting is so important,” Spring says.

She recommends stocking up on fun table lamps and floor lamps. And remember that you can liven things up by adding sunset lamps, lava lamps, and salt lamps, too.

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Leave Your Prints Unframed

A room decorated with taped-up prints, a round mirror, and a hanging plant

Sophia Foubert

Frames may be a classic way to display art. But in an aesthetic room, you can mount your favorite prints directly onto your wall. This may be a budget-friendly choice, but it’s also an incredibly striking one: Instead of making your room feel like a formal gallery space, you can turn your walls into a canvas for custom collages.

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Push Your Bed Into a Corner

A bedroom decorated with vines, taped-up prints, and a pastel bed that's been pushed into a corner

Anna H.

There’s no one-size-fits-all layout for an aesthetic bedroom. But there is one particularly popular option: pushing the bed into the corner of the room. By positioning your bed against two walls—and lining those walls with faux vines, pretty prints, and other décor—you can cozy up your space, while making it feel thoroughly decorated.

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Invest in Reflective Pieces

A wall decorated with a wooden console table, colorful objects, and a mirror made up of sculptural metallic tiles

Kaitlin Spring

One no-fail way to make your space more magical? Stock up on reflective accents.

“I love to add disco balls and crystal prisms to play with light,” Spring says. “I have several that I move around, and they make the sunset so beautiful.”

These shiny finds will reflect light and color around the room, leaving your space looking almost sparkly.

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Make Your Gallery Wall About More Than Art

A sunset-lamp-lit room with a gallery wall made from vinyl records and book-lined shelves

Erin Cher

Most gallery walls are made up of photos, paintings, and prints. But yours can feature other items you love, too. Instead of covering your walls in images, line them with your favorite records. Or mount a couple shelves fit for showcasing accessories, décor, and more.

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Trim Your Walls With LED Strips

A bedroom lined with Harry Styles posters and trimmed with LED strips

Isla Forsyth

LED strips are a popular pick for under-cabinet lighting and other tucked-away spaces. But they can also be a great way to bring your aesthetic room together. By lining your corners with LED strips, you can brighten up your space and make it feel more cohesive.

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DIY a Collage Headboard

A bed placed in front of a wall lined with collaged posters and prints

Lois Lemmen

Craving an unconventional way to display your favorite images? Piece together a collage headboard. By forgoing the traditional headboard and lining the wall behind your bed with images instead, you can craft a DIY headboard that you can switch up at any time.

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Use String Lights in Surprising Ways

A sculptural display shelf filled with colorful objects and lined with string lights

Samantha Klein

Budget-friendly, easy to install, and absolutely delightful, string lights are a popular way to dress up a space. And your string light options extend well beyond your ceiling. Instead of draping your string lights over your bed, use them to spotlight those fun items that make your space truly special.

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Make the Most of Your Corners

A gallery corner made up of taped-up prints

Ainsley Lumsden

Your gallery wall doesn’t have to live on a single wall. By trading your gallery wall for a gallery corner, you can decorate two different walls in a decidedly eye-catching way.

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Cluster Vines in Your Entryway

An entryway decorated with a wooden bench, an ornate mirror, and a drapey pothos plant

Highboy LA

When decorating your home, be sure to dress up focal points—like your entryway or the wall just above your bed. These are the spots your eyes will immediately jump to when you step into your space. So they’re perfect candidates for statement-making aesthetic accents, like clusters of pretty vines.

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Commit to a Few Favorite Colors

A gallery wall with a streamlined palette full of whites, pinks, and lavenders

Emma Angeloni

Aesthetic rooms can get pretty maximalist, but they certainly don’t have to be. By sticking with a few core colors, you can diversify your accents while keeping your decor scheme clean.

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Snag Shelves to Showcase Your Loveliest Finds

Mint green shelves topped with pastel decorative objects

Francesca Ward

If you’ve decided to fill your space with delightful decorative objects, you need a place to show off your finds. Sure, just about any shelf will get the job done. But why not enhance your decor scheme with a particularly pretty set?

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Give Your Gallery Wall a Theme

A gallery wall filled with botanical prints, 3D butterfly stickers, and faux vines

Leyla Nguyen

Piecing together a gallery wall can be a tall order. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, simplify things by picking a theme and sticking with it. If you love botany, dedicate your gallery wall to the subject. You can even sneak in some sculptural pieces, like 3D butterfly stickers or thoughtfully placed faux vines.

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Score a Cute Neon Sign

A living room lit with candles, string lights, a sunset lamp, and a neon sign that says "Cocktails"

Francesca Ward

Retro accents—like neon signs—are very at home in aesthetic décor. So snag an option that will fill your room with color. Then, pair it with an equally retro disco ball or some oh-so classic taper candles.

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Mount a Shelf Above Your Bed

A room decorated with colorful bedding, prints, and decorative objects—many of which are displayed on an above-the-bed shelf

Kaitlin Spring

An above-the-bed shelf goes a long way in any bedroom. And since it’ll give you a go-to place to display your favorite pieces, it should make a perfect addition to your aesthetic décor scheme.

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Snag a Pack of Pretty Prints

A yellow wall adorned with a collection of purple, pink, and green taped-up prints

Victoria Trannguyen

Amassing art takes time. And if you don’t currently own enough prints to fill out a gallery wall, you’re not out of luck. Spend some time browsing Pinterest or Etsy, and you’ll find bulk packs full of pretty prints. These packs are typically the perfect size for a gallery wall—and since the prints are designed to go together, you shouldn’t have to do too much coordinating.

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Dress Up Your Vines With String Lights

A desk decorated with taped-up prints and a trailing vine plant lined with string lights

Lois Lemmen

Vines and string lights are one of the most romantic combinations around. And since both accents play well with aesthetic decor, you can layer them to add a pop of style to any wall, corner, or piece of furniture.

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Invest in Playful Tape

A pale yellow wall lined with postcards taped up with graphic tape

Sandy Sanchez

If you’re mounting unframed prints directly onto your walls, you’re going to need some kind of adhesive. So why not invest in some striking tape? If your tape is pretty enough to display, you can make it part of your décor scheme.

If you're leaving tape exposed, just make sure it is wall-friendly enough to stick all over the room.

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Fill Your Space With Greenery

A bedroom decorated with taped-up prints and tons of potted plants

Zuzia Zaborowska

Not sold on the whole faux vine thing? Fill your space with live plants, instead. These pops of greenery will nod to the trend without mimicking it outright, helping you capture aesthetic style in a way that still feels true to you.

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Hunt for Pieces With History

A retro console table topped with colorful decorative objects

Kaitlin Spring

Stocking up on items from big box stores can be tempting—and not to mention, convenient. But try to resist the urge. By favoring vintage stores, thrift shops, and small businesses, you can find items that are truly special and that you’ll be excited to display.

“I really try to find unique pieces,” Spring says. “Not trying to diss those that love major brands, but finding furniture gems at thrift stores and vintage shops is just so much more fun and exciting for me. I love how all the items in my home have a story—either from their age or just from how I found them!

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Add Some Cozy Finishing Touches

A shelf lined with colorful books and a vase full of fresh flowers

Erin Cher

No space is complete without a few finishing touches. So once you’ve filled your home with fun furniture, playful décor, and eye-catching art, top things off with some cozier items—like a vase of fresh flowers, or a plush throw you’ll love to snuggle up with. These items can make your space feel homier and more personal, which is key when you’re drawing so much inspiration from one style.

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Make the Room Your Own

A minimalist bedroom lit with a pink and yellow sunset lamp

Francesca Ward

Aesthetic rooms have a clearly defined look. (You know an aesthetic room when you see one). But at the end of the day, you still want your room to feel like yours. So take what you want from the style, and leave what you don’t want behind.

“Design yourself a home that you really want to come back to,” Spring says. That means drawing inspiration from the style—not copying and pasting it onto your space.

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Take Your Time

A pink room filled with colorful decorative objects

Sarah Duriani

Remember that it takes time to craft a space that looks incredible. And there’s no shame in outfitting your home, piece by piece. In fact, Spring recommends it.

“Take your time,” she says. “If you fill your home with items that have a story—that you took time to find—you really won’t regret it!”